Kitchen Appliance Advice & Design

At LWK kitchens London, we combine technical knowledge with honest, expert advice to help you choose the perfect appliances for your kitchen. We take the time to understand your unique requirements, considering not only individual budget and aesthetic tastes but also functionality and how you will use your kitchen appliances.

Perhaps you enjoy entertaining and hosting dinner parties? Or perhaps you have little time to prepare meals from scratch? Maybe you are looking for appliances with the features and durability necessary to cater for a large family? We will tailor our recommendations accordingly and advise on the best choices to suit you from our extensive range of kitchen appliances that combine style, functionality, cutting edge design and optimum quality.

Kitchen Appliance Pricing

LWK Kitchens understand the technical specifications of the kitchen appliances in our range and can advise on electrical, gas, ducting and plumbing requirements to guarantee compatibility with your new kitchen. Our technical knowledge, experience and skill ensure that your chosen appliances will fit seamlessly into your home. The kitchen unit manufacturer we supply from in Germany utilise a database of appliance dimensions to ensure that the kitchen units will suit the appliances precisely, and this accuracy dramatically reduces any need for fillers, or for a fitter to have to modify a kitchen unit once on site.

Understanding the technical specifications of appliances is key to a successful design
Understanding the technical specifications of appliances

Kitchen Furniture and Appliance Aesthetics

Open plan is prevalent in homes and the kitchen has become as much our social hangout as our cooking hangout…this means that long gone are the days when kitchen appliances could be described as "white goods"; instead they must prove visually impressive. To this end, appliance manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure their designs epitomise the upmost height of modernity, yet still offer compatibility across the range so that an oven, hob, extractor and microwave all coordinate in look, colour and control systems. And in recent years these appliances and their control systems have become increasingly minimal in look; buttons and switches are smaller and fewer, appliances and their handles are slimmer and more streamlined, and colours are available as an exact match with furniture. An example of this is our black and brilliant white matt kitchen doors which perfectly match Miele’s PureLine range. Similarly, the stainless steel channel handles of our handleless range are a perfect match for the darker steel shades now favoured by the top appliance brands.

Miele's Brilliant White appliance range with LWK's Brilliant White glass furniture
Miele's Brilliant White appliance range with LWK's Brilliant White glass furniture

Current kitchen appliance trends

Speaking of dark shades, it is appliances with a matt black finish which are now increasingly popular compared with the stainless-steel edges that have dominated for decades. In particular, black stainless-steel appliances are highly sought after. Like regular stainless steel it is scratch and smudge-proof, but creates a warmer feel than the former. This is ideal for open plan spaces where the boundaries between kitchen and living room become blurred, allowing appliances to encroach further into our everyday routines. What’s more, and especially for open plan living, a benefit of black matt and stainless-steel finishes is that they are a wonderful complement for just about all other tones and textures, as well as for both light or dark colour schemes.

On trend matt black appliances
On trend matt black appliances