Black Kitchens

Browse the various black kitchen styles and tones that LWK have to offer, or scroll for further information on each of our black finish materials:

Designing Black Kitchens

At LWK London we often find clients who are interested in a black kitchen but worry it may appear too dark, overwhelming, make a room appear smaller, or even worse, depressing! In reality these factors need not be of concern. In fact, black kitchen furniture has proved the foundation for some of our most beautiful kitchen designs to date, and we have welcomed 2019’s on trend shift towards black kitchens, as well as other moody tones.

Black kitchens simply need designed with due thought, care and an awareness that the furniture is just one element of a kitchen design; you must also consider the floor tiles, worktop, splashback, wall colour and accessories. It is the combination of these items that will determine whether your black kitchen design works, yet rest assured black is a classic tone that works with just about every other colour and style. To assist you further in your pursuit of the perfect black kitchen, our designers at LWK London use software that can adjust luminescence to match the lighting in your room. When producing your designs we can also match the floor and wall coverings in the software to those you actually intend to use.

Black Matt Kitchens (OPEN GALLERY)

Our black matt kitchen offerings extend to black matt glass, black matt lacquer, black lacquer laminates, as well as the exquisite black satin lacquer kitchen door. Each of these finishes are manufactured to an extremely high standard. As a result, the black matt kitchen door’s smooth surface translates to a solid yet ultra-stylish kitchen look. Well-placed lighting and a pale décor will balance the appearance, ensuring a matt black kitchen won’t appear dark or gloomy. On the contrary, light tones should create the perfect backdrop for highlighting the dark furniture’s beauty and ensuring it draws the eye! Alternatively, the black matt door’s agreeable nature allows for striking contrasts in both texture and colour. Whether a timeless black and white kitchen, black matt doors framed in a warm wood, or else a black tone with thrilling red accents, a black matt kitchen design is sure to make a beautiful impact on the home.

Black Wood Kitchens (OPEN GALLERY)

We offer a number of highly appreciable black kitchen options within our extensive wood kitchen range, available both in matt wood laminates or real wood kitchen veneers. A delight for the eyes, the dark colour tone beautifully accentuates the textured grain of a wood kitchen door. Whether real or wood-effect, as a kitchen’s sole finish, or in combination with other styles, our selection of black wood kitchen doors can’t fail to impress.

Black Stone & Concrete Kitchens (OPEN GALLERY)

With the popularity of the urban industrial kitchen theme came a leaning towards a darker kitchen colour palette, alongside materials with raw and rough surfaces. Stone and concrete became popular choices for worktops, but more recently we have seen the introduction of dark real stone kitchen doors, later followed by the new real concrete kitchen doors. Practical, durable and with a richly textured surface, the Black Star real stone kitchen finish is ideal for creating a show stopping kitchen feature such as a statement island or bank of appliances. The real concrete kitchen finish is new and exclusive to our manufacturer, and available for doors, worktops and side panels. Like the dark stone kitchen doors, its richly pored surface and dark tone reflects the popular urban kitchen theme. As well as real concrete we also have an impressive selection of concrete effect laminates. All of our concrete options work very nicely with contrasting materials such as wood, steel, or metal. And if you have any concerns a blended colour palette might appear one-dimensional, then a touch of greenery or pop of colour is all that’s required to easily bring life to the setting.

Black Ceramic Kitchens (OPEN GALLERY)

Dark colours and natural raw materials are very much on trend for modern kitchen design, and a perfect embodiment of this is our black ceramic kitchen door. The ‘Graphite Stone’ ceramic kitchen finish has an easy care nature, offset by a dark, dramatic and ultra sophisticated look. Exclusive to our manufacturer, our exquisite ceramic kitchen doors are sure to make a lasting and impressive statement within your home!

Black Gloss Kitchens  (OPEN GALLERY)

More so than with any other kitchen colour it is imperative to use high quality materials within a black high gloss kitchen. There are several different types of gloss materials used in the manufacture of black kitchens but not all of which are offered by LWK London. Our black gloss kitchen finishes are available in glass and lacquer, but we do not supply black gloss laminate kitchens. This is because in dark colour tones gloss laminate materials simply cannot achieve the reflective quality we know our clients are looking for. Instead, the depth of reflection means any slight surface imperfections are amplified, and this can result in an unsightly ‘orange peel’ effect. To prevent this from occurring, LWK London use only the highest quality materials for our black kitchens. Our black gloss glass kitchen doors are particularly spectacular, whilst the black gloss lacquered doors exude a magnificent shine as a result of the five coats of lacquering they undergo during manufacture.

Black Handleless Kitchens

Black Handleless Kitchens  (OPEN GALLERY)

From the rich Black Oak Wood to the luxurious gloss or matt black glass, all of our black kitchen finishes are available in the popular handleless kitchen style. This includes the stainless steel recessed channel option which is fitted to the furniture carcass. Alternatively, we offer the sophisticated ‘touch to open’ or ‘soft close’ kitchen door mechanisms. These require only the gentlest of touches to trigger the door’s motion, and can be either electronically assisted or spring assisted. We also supply Hacker Kitchens unique and impressive kitchen ‘climber’ units.