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German Kitchen Cabinet Construction

German kitchens have a global reputation for quality, durability and robustness, a combination of renowned German engineering excellence, and the unique nature of the domestic German kitchen market; where every kitchen must be built to move with a family, not left in the previous home.

  • Every individual kitchen cabinet, rigidly glued and dowelled, manufactured in Germany
  • Soft close doors and drawers, with load bearings amongst the highest in the industry
  • Industry leading quality, precision engineered to last
  • Bespoke; every unit manufactured to the dimensions you specify
  • Kitchen units manufactured to suit the appliance you chose - not altered on site

German Kitchens cabinets rigidly manufactured

All leading Kitchens are rigidly manufactured, it is the core of the industry's success; and yet there are many customers who don't understand what this means. We are all familiar with the alternative method of assembling a piece of furniture, a successful Swedish manufacturer has ensured so. Flat pack kitchen furniture is normally assembled using 'cam locks' where each corner of the furniture is "locked" together by rotating the cam in to the bolt (a ala' said Swedish furniture company). In this instance there is normally one mechanical fixing in each corner of the unit.

LWK Kitchen cabinets, are precision rigidly manufactured, utilising glued dowels. This process is a far stronger assembly method than the cams used by flat pack manufacturers. However that is not the end of the story, utilising one of the most sophisticated automated manufacturing capabilities within the industry, every critical element of a cabinet is manufactured and quality controlled to exacting standards. Material quality, draw box loading capacity, draw box alignment, door fitment... in fact every element of kitchen cabinet quality is considered in a manufacturing process designed to produce a quality product that will exceed the expectations of our clients.

German kitchen cabinet ideas
German kitchen cabinet ideas

Kitchen furniture featuring soft close doors and drawers/drawer box construction

Even the DIY end of the kitchen market now offers "soft close" fittings on drawers and doors. However not all of these systems are the same; some are specifically designed to work in conjunction with the drawer box; an integral part of the system; others are aftermarket fitments- even when supplied from the original manufacturer. Our drawer box sides are manufactured from steel, with 20mm bases, and designed to accept 40kg of weight in small drawers and 70kg in the larger drawers. The soft close mechanism on the hinge is designed as part of the hinge, and the damping resistance can be varied. This means more damping can be used for large doors and less for smaller ones. Some of our clients select accessories for their kitchens that fit on the inside of doors such as spice racks; in such circumstance being able to vary the resistance of the soft close mechanism is ideal.

In Germany, renting of property is far more prevalent than in the UK, in fact 43% of families rent in Germany. As a result of this, many German families take their kitchen with them when they move. This presents a unique challenge for German kitchen manufacturers, the kitchen furniture must be engineered to be installed, taken apart and re-installed on a few occasions. The need to meet this requirement ensures that the kitchens are designed and manufactured to be extremely durable.