Ceramic, Stone & Concrete Kitchens

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Chic Beauty with Urban Style

The increasing popularity of the Urban Industrial Kitchen Theme in 2019, has sparked the interest of incorporating textured kitchen finishes, and combining it with other materials within the same space. Adding depth and tonal contrast is exactly what Ceramic, Stone and Concrete Kitchens strive to do when implemented within any space, whether alone or in conjunction with glass, wood, and even metallic features. LWK London have successfully transformed ordinary designs into functional and sought after spaces, indicative of chic beauty with urban style. Browse through our collections to find out more.

Ceramic Kitchens (OPEN GALLERY)

Incorporating a modernistic and prestigious look within the kitchen, our Ceramic kitchen surfaces offer both aesthetic appeal and optimal functionality. Advanced production processes ensure a low-maintenance product that is resistant to bacteria, heat, scratches, and discolouration. Ceramic kitchen units are as beautiful as they are innovative. Offering durability and quality, the attractive Ceramic surface has proven a popular choice for many.

Ceramic Kitchens
Real Stone Kitchens by LWK Kitchens London

Real Stone Kitchens (OPEN GALLERY)

Stone kitchens form part of expansion to our current range of kitchen finishes. Every door within this range is luxuriously finished, radiating a textured and grainy surface quality. The new real stone kitchen finish works incredibly well alone, as well as combined with other kitchen tones, surfaces and materials. The textured style guarantees a stunning yet profoundly unique kitchen look.

Real Concrete Kitchens (OPEN GALLERY)

For a classic, industrial and sleek kitchen look, real concrete kitchens have proven to be the perfect solution. Our real concrete doors have been remodelled and incorporated within many designs, completing and improving on every aesthetic and operational requirement. Adding texture and depth within kitchen design, real concrete kitchens are sure to impress with its colours of doors.

Real Concrete Kitchens by LWK Kitchens London
Stone and Concrete Effect Kitchens by LWK Kitchens London

Stone & Concrete Effect Kitchens (OPEN GALLERY)

Skilful production of Stone and Concrete effect kitchen doors ensures a dynamic visual, and optimal functionality within kitchen design. High grade laminates, these luxurious finishes combine beautiful quality with affordability – and can be hard to tell apart from some of our real stone and concrete doors! Increasing in popularity, rich textures contribute to this sought-after door’s impressive exterior, ensuring it will captivate for many years to come.