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Design, Installation & Project Management

Stunning kitchen designs that work for you

  • Detailed, hassle-free consultations at a time to suit you
  • Complete complimentary service with no-obligation
  • Detailed CAD designs with 3D virtual reality graphics and floor plans released to you within 72 hours
  • Every item individually priced in quotation

The key to any successful new kitchen is achieving a design that presents an optimum solution in terms of aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality and price. It is straightforward to design a kitchen that meets one or two of these requirements, but it is an art to balance all of these factors, and produce a stunning design that works for you as an individual.

Kitchen Planning and Design Aesthetics

We work with you to interpret your tastes, translating them into materials and concepts; matching, complimenting or contrasting shades, textures and finishes, before drawing them together to achieve a style that is yours. Some of our clients know exactly what they are looking for, whereas others require guidance from experts with hundreds of designs to their name.

When we meet we want to understand your 'sense of space.’ Whether you desire a minimalistic ultra-modern design featuring strong geometric shapes, or a more refined contemporary design with softer tones and curves, we can transform your ideas into a reality.

Kitchen Ergonomics & Functionality

How you will use your kitchen will influence the layout and specification of the kitchen we design. We will consider who will use your kitchen and how they will use it. Some of our clients are keen cooks, needing space for a range of kitchen gadgets, pots and pans. For these clients we may specify magic corner units and pan drawers for ease of access to such items. Others clients have larger families, where a pullout larder is great for stocking up on provisions to feed everyone. Taking the time to understand your specific requirements allows us to design a kitchen in which your working areas exude style whilst fully enhancing functionality.

Kitchen CAD images
Kitchen CAD images

Kitchen Design Prices

The way we design and specify your kitchen can have a tremendous impact on the price. Kitchens that look very similar can vary greatly in cost. For example, high gloss laminates are much less expensive than lacquered doors and similarly, pullout larders cost more than standard opening cupboards. When designing your kitchen we will work with you to identify your "value drivers"- those elements of your kitchen where you place the greatest value. As such, you can be sure that your budget is predisposed towards the elements that really matter to you, delivered within a design that meets both your expectations and your budget.

Free Kitchen Design Service- how does it work?

  1. Design consultation

    To get the best from your initial meeting we recommend visiting one of our London showrooms with floor plans or room dimensions. Here we can discuss your personal requirements and preferences in detail, as well as the general purpose for the intended space. The most important aspect is the kitchen layout. If the layout isn’t right then no matter your choice of finish, colour, or style, your kitchen simply will not work for you. During this meeting we cover details such as appliance types, including gas versus induction hobs, or integrated versus freestanding fridges. By the end of the initial consultation we will likely have firmed up some ideas for your kitchen layout.

  2. Kitchen Design and Review

    Based on your specification we will produce 3-D designs of your kitchen including detailed floor plans. We will share these with you for initial review and welcome all feedback, thoughts and ideas in relation to your design. This is key, as our main objective is to create a kitchen that works for you.

  3. Fully developed and priced kitchen proposal

    Following your feedback and design review we will then produce a detailed proposal inclusive of pricing for furniture, appliances, worktops, installation and splash backs.

  4. Showroom Revisit

    We recommend a second visit to the showroom to run through your detailed proposal and reacquaint you with the materials already chosen, or else to explore other samples, appliances, storage and lighting options.

  5. Commission LWK Kitchens to undertake your project...

    We would love to be the ones to undertake your kitchen installation project from initial design though to your newly finished kitchen.

Kitchen Installation & Project Management

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Detailed installation drawings
  • We can liaise with your builders directly
  • Flexible installation service, from installing your kitchen to undertaking all plumbing and electrical works

Upon choosing LWK Kitchens to supply your new kitchen, what follows is the beginning of a well-structured and carefully managed process.

Island kitchen floor plans
Island kitchen floor plans

Your Dedicated Kitchen Project Manager

Following your commission, you will be allocated a dedicated Project Manager, someone with years of experience working with clients who are buying premium kitchens. During the week of your kitchen installation, you can be assured that your Personal Project Manager will be dealing with only a small number of other projects at the same time as yours. For many of our clients this aspect of our service proves to be the one they value most highly.

Ahead of your installation, we undertake a detailed site visit, re-checking dimensions, plumbing and electrical requirements, access routes etc. We can also meet with your builders or architects to ensure that everyone understands exactly who is undertaking what roles, as well as how and when.

Following the site visit, detailed minutes and shop drawings are sent to all concerned parties. The shop drawings show exactly where your new plumbing and electrical points need locating, as well as all other information required to ensure a successful and problem-free installation. The week prior to your installation your Project Manager will visit the site again. The purpose of this visit is to discuss any further details necessary to ensure a smooth operation, and check that all services have been conducted correctly where your own builders have prepared the site.

Kitchen CAD images
Kitchen CAD images

During the course of your kitchen installation, your Project Manager will visit the site on several occasions and speak with you on a regular basis, as our objective is the same as yours: a high quality installation, completed in a timely fashion with diligence, care and attention to detail. We never forget that we are working in your home and aim to minimise disruption as much as possible.

Following practical completion, your Project Manager will again meet with you on site to ensure you are happy with every aspect of your kitchen and where necessary, ensure any final snagging items are promptly resolved.

Choose Your Kitchen Installation Service

At LWK Kitchens we are able to offer different options for the installation of your new kitchen. We recognise that everyone's homes and personal circumstances are different and that one size definitely does not fit all! With this in mind, we are very flexible and try our very best to cater for all of your individual requirements.

Most common types of project undertaken

Supply only – This takes place when you already have a builder working in your house and want us to supply (but not fit) the furniture, worktop, appliances and splashbacks, or any combination of the four. With such an arrangement, we will agree on a date that you require the delivery but ensure we visit ahead of this time to check that all is prepared and ready. In any case, we are only a phone call away if any assistance is needed throughout the preparation and installation process.

Kitchen Installation – In this situation, the room will have been fully prepared, ready for us to install the kitchen. We will visit whilst the preparation is in progress to check if your builders require any assistance and once this is complete, the team will start the installation on a pre-agreed date. We will install your kitchen, all as smoothly and quickly as possible so that we can keep any necessary disruption to your home-life to the barest minimum.

When LWK Kitchens are installing your kitchen, you can enjoy the peace-of-mind that the people installing your kitchen are experts in what they do, with years of experience and an attention to detail that we demand from all of our installers. Our trades' people are covered by our comprehensive insurance, and are expected to go the extra mile to ensure our clients' satisfaction.