LWK Kitchens Design Tool

What do you need before you use the Design Tool?

The LWK Kitchens Design Tool will require you to input your room dimensions for it to create a reconstruction of your kitchen space, so it is helpful to have these in advance of starting. The measurements you will need include the height from floor to ceiling, the distance between all walls, and where all doors, windows, radiators, electrics and plumbing are.

Instructions for Use. To begin using, Click on ‘Try the Design Tool.’
  • Choose you room shape from the menu on the left. (NB. Please note this is your room shape, and not the shape of your existing kitchen!)
  • If you cannot see a room shape that matches yours then click on the ‘Custom’ icon. This will create a blank canvas on which you can use the cursor to draw an outline of your room and then alter to suit your dimensions.
  • In turn, click and hold each of the walls on your plan, and drag them until you reach your confirmed room dimensions. NB. The cursor can be quite sensitive so if needs be, double click on the wall you are measuring for the option to manually enter the dimensions.
  • Click on the ‘Windows, Doors or Archways’ tab and you will see a number of options for these features which can be added to your design. Click on any icon that is appropriate for you and this will automatically appear in your plan. Eg for a window.
  • Click on the Window icon and this will appear in your plan. To move it into the correct position, select and drag it. Double click on each feature for a dialogue box to appear from which you can delete your item, or else adjust your dimensions. These may be required as follows:
    • Width (Width of your window)
    • Height (Height of your window)
    • HOG (Height off the ground)
    • Start position (Window’s starting distance from wall)
  • Click ‘Next Step’ when happy to proceed.
  • If you would you like to insert some connections such as pipework, electric points, light switches:-
  • Select ‘Your Features’ for the option to add Electrical, Connections and Room Features to your plan. Each of these tabs has a drop down menu of image icons. You can click on any image to add it to your plan and then select and drag to move around as required.
  • Electrical items include sockets and switches.
  • Connections include options for sink, wall boiler, stop cock, radiator, waste point, floor boiler
  • Room Features include options for sloped ceilings, soil pipe or pillars.
  • Click on the ‘Your Furniture’ tab and you will access a drop down menu of furniture options to add to your design. For example, click on ‘Base Cupboards’ and you will be able to view all of the options and sizes for base cupboards to choose from. Any of these options can be added by clicking and dragging the icon into the plan, and then clicking to resize as required.
  • Click Go Back’ to return to the Main Furniture menu at any time.
  • When you have finished your room layout, click on the Finish button at the top right of the screen and complete your details for your Room Layout to be returned to you in a PDF format.
  • Your new room layout be emailed to you as well as to an LWK Kitchens representative, who will be more than happy to give their professional opinion and assist in making any further changes to your design as per requirement.