Basalt Grey Gloss Laminate Kitchens

When introducing grey tones to the home it is important to decide what kind of mood or ambience you want to create and then find the right combination of furniture, colours and textures to achieve this. Tasteful and stylish, the Basalt Grey laminate kitchen makes for a very reliable and practical choice. It is darker in colour than our Cashmere laminate finish and exudes a more muted reflection than the gloss lacquer finish of the same tone, but the basalt grey laminate’s versatile quality enables the earthy grey/brown hue to incline more in the direction of either grey or brown depending on how it is combined with other finishes, and on the appearance which you would like to achieve. In keeping with this, whilst the Basalt Grey laminate finish works very well as a sole colour kitchen choice, it can just as successfully be combined with lighter tones such as the brilliant white glass kitchen finish for a sharp contrast and very stylish effect. Basalt grey kitchen tones are available to view in both of our London kitchen showrooms so please contact us if you would like to arrange a viewing.