Cashmere Gloss Laminate Kitchens

Warm and inviting, the Cashmere gloss laminate transpires to a beautiful kitchen colour and is ideal for anyone desiring a neutral and calming tone, but differentiated from the more customary white or grey colour choices. The gloss reflection of the cashmere laminate kitchen is softer and subtler than that of a high gloss lacquer kitchen finish but works beautifully against the different tones and textures of woods such as the Silver Oak, or Grey Oak, creating a two-tone kitchen that exudes both charm and finesse. Alternatively, the Cashmere laminate kitchen finish works well as the sole colour choice for a kitchen design, particularly against a white décor and complemented with accent lighting. The Cashmere laminate gloss kitchen is modern and stylish but at the same time very practical and easy to maintain. To appreciate the quality of this for yourself, please arrange a visit to either of our London Showrooms where we have Cashmere kitchens on display.