Handleless Kitchens

  • Unrivalled range of handleless kitchens
  • Handleless kitchens in many colours and materials
  • Options for stainless steel continuous channels
  • Options for handleless push open mechanism/ electro-servo driven handleless opening
  • Curved handleless kitchens
  • Handleless kitchen displays within both Marble Arch and Canary Wharf showrooms

Handleless Kitchens by LWK Kitchens

Once deemed a niche product, demand for handleless kitchens has rapidly grown over the last decade. In fact, as of March 2018, 72% of the last 500 kitchens we supplied have been handleless kitchen designs. With an unrivalled range of handleless kitchen products and depth of experience in designing and installing them, we feel we can justly call ourselves experts within this field. Our high quality product is available in a choice of handleless kitchen styles, catering for budgets ranging from £12,000 to over £50,000. Our handleless kitchen designs come in an array of colours and the handleless style is possible within almost every door in our range. This includes all of our gloss doors, all of our glass doors, all of the matt doors, our stone and concrete doors, and the majority of our wood doors.

Handleless two-tone kitchen design
Handleless two-tone kitchen design

High gloss handleless kitchens

High gloss kitchen doors have a light reflecting quality that produces a polished and luxurious finish. This effect is entirely harmonious with the modern, clean appearance of the handleless kitchen style and consequently is a much-in-demand combination. Our high gloss handleless kitchens are available in most colours and within all finishes, including our gloss glass kitchens, gloss lacquer kitchens, gloss lacquer laminate kitchens acrylics and gloss laminate kitchens.

Matt Handleless Kitchens

Just like the handleless style itself, the matt kitchen door exemplifies a minimalist approach to design, appearing clean and uncluttered. Matt door finishes don’t reflect light so their surface is different in appearance to their glossy counterparts but the smooth matt doors exude a sleek and refined quality. Whether a matt glass handleless kitchen, satin lacquer handleless kitchen, or matt laminate handleless kitchen, the appeal of the matt handleless kitchen lies in its understated elegance. All our matt kitchen finishes are of high quality and available in a wide range of colours, ensuring a highly appreciable and luxurious handleless kitchen design.

Why are handleless kitchens so popular?

Simply put, the handleless kitchen style is popular because of its streamlined, sleek and elegant appearance. ‘Streamline’ refers to a kitchen view where the flow of the units is uninterrupted and efficient. The lack of handles reflects a minimalist design approach toward achieving purity and simplicity within design, ensuring that which is not needed, is not present…such as handles! In accordance with this concept, kitchen design has evolved so that handles are now a kitchen choice rather than necessity.

The emergent handleless kitchen style is pleasing to the eye but also makes for a kitchen that is clean, uncluttered and timeless. Herein lies its appeal. Furthermore, the many and varied options available within the handleless style enable increasingly creative ideas and greater kitchen design possibilities. Whether a bold statement, neutral scheme or soft setting with flowing curves, the range of handleless kitchen products now available means that any desired kitchen ‘look’ is achievable.

Handleless two-tone kitchen design
Our wide range of handleless doors allow endless design possibilities

Benefits of a handleless kitchen

The handleless kitchen’s elegant, clean appearance is its main draw but there are other benefits of a handleless kitchen too. One is they take up less space than a handled kitchen. This is particularly significant for small kitchen designs where a lack of handles enables more space, increases usability and eliminates the possibility of clothes catching on the handles. Handleless kitchens are easier to clean and maintain, requiring only a simple wipe down of the surfaces rather than having to clean in and round the handles. This also makes them more hygienic as dirt cannot accumulate in these hard-to-clean areas. Their timeless appearance is also a benefit as the popularity of the handleless kitchen style is only set to increase rather than wan over time, a fact worth remembering if you think you might sell your home in the future.

Handleless kichens have many benefits
Handleless kichens have many benefits

Handleless kitchen units

Increased demand for handleless kitchens has brought new variations of this style, making them more affordable. For example, a J-Groove or J-Pull has an integrated J-shaped recess at the top edge of the door, for the fingers to curved around and pull the door outwards. But this style is not a ‘true handleless kitchen!’ It is important to recognise the difference and note that manufacture processes and the resulting product vary greatly in quality. A true handleless kitchen will always contains a handleless kitchen channel system.

Gloss lacquer laminate white kitchen island
Gloss lacquer laminate white kitchen island

Handleless kitchen cabinets: A true handleless kitchen

The sleekest possible look for a handleless kitchen requires a specialist manufacturing process, entirely different from the manufacture of standard kitchen cabinets. For this, each cabinet carcass in the run of units has a sophisticated rebate machined into it, and into this, a stainless steel c-shaped channel is inserted. Via this mechanism the door is opened by placing your hand behind the top edge of the door or drawer and pulling it forwards and outwards. This is an immeasurable improvement in aesthetics and ergonomics from machining a groove into the door, (the J-Pull) or worse still, a metal plate screwed into the back of the door.

Handleless kitchens with a vertical channel system

Our handleless kitchen channels are also available for vertical applications. This is something few companies can do, and fewer still to the same standard of quality. But what does this mean for a kitchen design? Vertical kitchen channels mean you can have integrated fridge/freezers, side opening tall larders etc., all of which are available in the handleless style, enabling a complete and consistent look throughout the kitchen.

The vertical handleless channel system
The vertical handleless channel system

Handleless kitchen doors with push open mechanism

Push open handleless kitchens work by gently pushing the surface of the door, drawer or stay-lift to open it. The Touch-push system works through spring-loaded magnetic catches, requiring only a light pressure to open the door. The Touch-push handleless system enables easy access to cupboards and a wide door opening angle allows a smooth, free motion as well as clear visibility of the contents within. The Push open mechanism can work for non-standard cabinet sizes, and in all cases the door or drawer is closed by applying light pressure on the surface to push shut. For their safe, reliable and durable quality LWK Kitchens use Blum TIP-ON catches within all of our Touch-push handleless kitchen systems.

Servo driven handleless kitchen opening

LWK Kitchen Company are able to offer Blum Servo-Drive drawer and wall unit openings on many of our units. These are an electro-mechanically opening system for handleless kitchens wherein a gentle touch is enough for a unit to glide fully open or closed in a fluid, effortless motion. (In the event of a power cut the fittings are still fully functional, particularly handy if your candles or torches are located within!)

Curved Handleless Kitchens

We specialise in Curved kitchens and appreciate that the sweeping flow of curved units introduces a softness, for an extremely elegant and inviting kitchen finish. This is particularly so within curved handleless kitchens. Our curved kitchen base and wall units can be assimilated within our handleless kitchen systems using our Push to open, high quality spring-loaded dampers. The resulting handleless curved kitchen option increases design possibilities, with more scope for a personal style statement.

Curved kitchen in black satin lacquer
Curved kitchen in black satin lacquer

Floating Handleless Kitchens

LWK Kitchens specialise in producing handleless kitchen islands with a floating effect, a much desired and popular style. The floating gable effect is produced through the continuation of the stainless steel channel from the front of the island or around the side of it and connecting into the back, creating the appearance of a floating worktop on top of the island. These gables can also be used to return the channel to a wall along base unit runs.

Handleless kitchen colours

An entirely bespoke option at an extremely affordable price, LWK Kitchen Company can offer you any colour you desire for your handleless kitchen channels. This means you can match your door, contrast it, or alternatively choose our standard finish of high grade stainless steel.

Floating handleless kitchen island design
Floating handleless kitchen island design

Handleless Kitchen Furniture for Comfortable Living (AV)

A popular trend within kitchen design, and a style we are seeing more and more often is the seamless continuation of kitchen furniture into other areas of the home. Particularly within open plan kitchen and living room arrangements, people are seeking a graceful flow of elegance from kitchen to living room. Our handleless AV furniture is specifically designed for this purpose whilst looking chic, elegant and maximising on space.

Handleless Kitchen Showrooms

BBoth of our London showrooms include Handleless kitchen displays where you can see, touch and feel the quality of our handleless kitchens. Please book an appointment to come and experience for yourself.

Natural pine handleless kitchen doors for living rooms
Natural pine handleless kitchen doors for living rooms