High Gloss Glass Kitchens

For a finish that introduces both light and stylish elegance into your home LWK London can supply glass kitchens in one of nine different colours, black, brilliant white, white, cream, blackberry, silver, gold bronze metallic, lava grey and wine red. Whether you opt for handleless chic or prefer one of the many stylish handles we have on offer, glass kitchen doors make the perfect choice for a contemporary and sophisticated glass kitchen design, or can be nicely integrated with other door finishes for a truly unique solution for your home.

Specifically designed for use within a domestic kitchen environment the design glass doors are produced from 3mm thick laminated safety glass adhered onto 16mm support panels. Manufacturing our German Kitchens from toughened glass ensures a scratch resistant surface for the glass kitchen door and the quality is such that it has as a smooth and highly reflective gloss glass finish, very similar to that of a mirror. This enables the glass to reflect the maximum amount of light back across the kitchen, emphasising the doors’ lustrous shine and creating a bright and inviting setting.