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Kitchen Appliance Brands

LWK Kitchens London are a specialist dealer for Miele, Siemens, Neff, De Dietrich and Kompact, with examples of all of these brands on display in our London Kitchen Showrooms. In addition to this we can source appliances from almost every other manufacturer, so you can be sure that no matter how exacting your requirements LWK Kitchens London will be able to advise you and supply you with the kitchen appliances you require. Through buying directly from the appliance manufacturers LWK Kitchens have fully invested in their prescribed staff training programmes and commitment to their service level guarantees; We are part of their approved dealer networks, and the combination of these factors means we can offer a wide range of appliances, expertly advised, at competitive prices.

Kitchen Appliance Advice

At LWK kitchens London, we combine technical knowledge with honest, expert advice to help you choose the perfect appliances for your kitchen. We take the time to understand your unique requirements, considering not only individual budget and aesthetic tastes but also functionality and how you will use your kitchen appliances.

Perhaps you enjoy entertaining and hosting dinner parties? Or perhaps you have little time to prepare meals from scratch? Maybe you are looking for appliances with the features and durability necessary to cater for a large family? We will tailor our recommendations accordingly and advise on the best choices to suit you from our extensive range of kitchen appliances that combine style, functionality, cutting edge design and optimum quality.


LWK Kitchens fully understand the technical specifications of all the kitchen appliances in our range and can advise on electrical, gas, ducting and plumbing requirements to guarantee compatibility with your new kitchen. Our technical knowledge, experience and skill ensure that your chosen appliances will fit seamlessly into your home. The kitchen unit manufacturer who we supply from in Germany utilise a database of appliance dimensions to ensure that the kitchen units will suit the appliances precisely, and this accuracy dramatically reduces any need for fillers, or for a fitter to have to modify a kitchen unit once on site.


Long gone are the days when kitchen appliances could be described as "white goods". (One look at an Elica design cooker hood should demonstrate this point quite clearly!) Appliance manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure that many of their designs epitomise the upmost height of modernity, yet still offer compatibility across the range so that an oven, hob, extractor and microwave all coordinate in look, colour and control systems. Similarly, our modern kitchen collections are designed to complement the latest appliance innovations, such as the stainless steel channel handles on our handleless kitchen range, a perfect match for the darker steel shades now favoured by the top appliance brands.

Kitchen Appliance Pricing

Think the internet is the cheapest place to buy kitchen appliances? Think again...

Many of the leading brands of appliance manufacturers recognise that the combination of advice, expertise, installation know-how and the means to show clients a product they can physically touch and feel, is of paramount importance to their brand's long term success. They understand that the service of a Specialist kitchen dealer can never be matched by an internet seller and so in recognition of this a Specialist kitchen dealer displaying their product is rewarded with better buying prices than those offered to their internet-only distributors. As a result we are often able to match or even beat the prices you can find on the internet whilst providing a far higher level of service, as well as the opportunity to 'touch and feel' the appliances rather than just look at a photo. If you would like a price for a particular Neff, Siemens, De Dietrich, Miele or Kompact appliance please give us a call on 020 7536 9266.

Just because internet appliance suppliers are unable compete with us on service, this does not mean we cannot, and will not, compete with them on price.

Full after-sales service

Should you experience any difficulty with any of your appliances LWK Kitchens will work with the manufacturer to resolve the problem promptly and to your complete satisfaction. Furthermore we are often able to use our existing contacts within each manufacturer to obtain a faster service than may otherwise be possible.

Kitchen Appliances: Ovens

An oven is integral to any kitchen and our range extends from minimal and simplistic models, through to those at the very forefront in cutting edge technology, but all of which exude quality and style. At LWK Kitchens we can talk you through the different types of oven available, from conventional fan-cooking and microwaves, to combination and steam ovens. Perhaps energy efficiency is your top priority? Or else you are unsure whether a pyrolytic or catalytic oven would be best for you? Better still, why not come and visit us at one of our London Kitchen Showrooms and we can carry out a steam cooking demonstration for you? Whatever your circumstances might be, our specialist knowledge means we can cut through the maze of modern technology to support you in making an informed and suitable decision.

In 2010 Miele launched their new Brilliant White Plus and ICE colour ranges for ovens, microwaves and steam ovens. The brilliant white plus and ICE finishes match superbly with our high gloss kitchen ranges.

Basic and Advanced Features

For some of our clients, simplicity is paramount, whilst others may be looking for an oven that incorporates the latest of technologies, bringing a wealth of new possibilities to the way that they cook. We have ovens of varying capacities and available in a multitude of dimensions, offering much flexibility in your choices and especially useful if your kitchen is quite small. (Please visit our page, Appliances for Compact Kitchens for more details on appliances designed specifically for smaller kitchens). Our carefully selected range of ovens includes conventional fan, double, multi-functional cooking, and steam ovens, all of which provide essential functionality. However if you are looking for added extras, we have options such as Catalytic and Pyrolytic/ self-cleaning ovens, or contemporary features such as recipe functions. At LWK kitchens, we make recommendations which combine both innovation and practicality.

Kitchen Appliances: Hobs

LWK Kitchens can offer specialist advice on all available types of hobs and heat sources, and we display a wide range of hobs at our London Kitchen Showrooms.

Hobs are available in a range of sizes and styles with varying functionality and we can ensure compatibility with your other appliances, your current fuel source and your cookware.

If you are looking for a gas hob we can talk you though important considerations such as the possible size or number of burners, ease of cleaning and also safety features such as flame failure shut-off. For those with an electric fuel supply we will discuss functions such as halogen zones which heat up and cool down quicker than standard methods. We can also explain the safety, energy saving and increased speed benefits offered by induction hobs. For greater flexibility, the domino hob allows you to tailor your cooking area to combine anything from a wok burner to a barbeque grill function, offering a truly bespoke solution.

Types of hob and hob Jargon

Gas Hob: Gas is the fuel source and must be directly supplied to the appliance. The installation requires certification provided by a Gas Safe competent installer (Successor to the CORGI register).

Halogen Hob: Halogen hobs utilise a red halogen lamp that operates at very high temperature to heat a glass ceramic plate. The cooking surface, (the glass ceramic plate) heats far faster than a conventional electric hob.

Induction Hob: The main difference between an induction hob and other types of hob is that the heat is produced from within the cooking pot or pan, and not transmitted to the pot or pan through the cooking surface. This is achieved using a magnetic field, and as such only works with ferrous pots and pans- not aluminium ones. Induction hobs are more energy efficient, heat faster, allow direct heat control and have the added benefit of a much cooler cooking surface once the pot has been removed, which is an extremely effective safety feature.

Domino hobs: Domino hobs are typically slimmer appliances that carry out one specific task but when joined in series allow a more flexible cooking solution. For example, 1 x 300 mm tepenyaki plate, 1 x 300 mm induction hob and 1 x 300 mm bbq grill can be combined to form a 900mm hob, which is an extremely versatile hob surface solution.

Kitchen Appliances: Cooling

Refrigerators and freezers play an important role in ensuring optimum food hygiene, but at LWK Kitchens London, our cooling appliances offer more than simple chilling/freezing capability.

Clients can choose from a selection of integrated appliances which will blend in beautifully with the kitchen design whilst offering desirable functions such as ice making, chilled water, and frost free cooling. Why not come and see these appliances in action at one of our London Kitchen Showrooms.

Our freestanding appliances also offer much sought-after design features. From large capacity American style fridge/freezers to temperature and humidity controlled wine cabinets, LWK kitchens supply an appealing collection of stylish cooling appliances that reflect the latest kitchen trends and technological developments. All of our kitchen units are constructed in Germany and working directly with the manufacturer gives us the flexibility to design kitchen furniture solutions to house free-standing fridge freezers. Many suppliers of handleless kitchen furniture cannot design solutions that incorporate a fridge freezer as the handle-less channel is fitted horizontally and this is incompatible with fridge freezers. However LWK Kitchens' handleless kitchen design features both vertical and horizontal handle channels, enabling the handleless kitchen designs to work with all fridge and freezer models.

LWK Kitchens London can advise on the practical elements of cooling appliances, such as size and capacity, energy efficiency, as well as the frost-free features of our fridges, freezers and combined cooling appliances. Perhaps you need optimum storage for the fresh food in your fridge? Or maybe you feel tired of defrosting your existing freezer and are looking for a lower maintenance option? Our consultation process ensures we take all considerations into account when matching appliance products to your individual needs.

Kitchen Appliances: Washing

When looking to buy a new washing or drying appliance, load type, capacity, style, effectiveness, and energy efficiency are all important factors that need taking into account. At LWK Kitchens, our carefully chosen product range means that clients will not have to compromise on any of these factors. Perhaps you have a big family, but are concerned about energy saving? We can advise on the perfect large capacity appliance with efficient spin speed, high class energy rating and minimal water consumption.

LWK Kitchens can also ensure your chosen washing machine, dryer, or washer/dryer can be easily installed in your home regardless of whether you choose an integrated, freestanding, top loading or semi integrated machine. Even if you have very limited space or a complicated design problem, our team will work with you to find the most appropriate and convenient solution.

Kitchen Appliances: Dishwashers

If washing-up is your least favourite chore, dishwashers are an essential, and their cleaning capability is of primary importance. But do you need a full sized machine or a sleek slim-line model? Would you prefer an integrated dishwasher, or would a freestanding model work best within your kitchen. If you are unsure of which appliance would best suit your kitchen and your needs, why not visit one of our London Kitchen Showrooms so you can see the sizes and options available. This includes the new eye-level integrated dishwashers that offer easy access for loading/ unloading and which integrate seamlessly with other eye-level multi appliance installations common to modern kitchens design.

The range of dishwashers available at LWK Kitchens includes models with optimum cleaning capability and efficiency in a range of shapes and sizes. There are also added design features such as moveable racks and baskets, additional safety devices, and a choice of intuitive washing programmes that automatically select the optimum programme according to the size of load.

Kitchen Appliances: Extractors

A machine solely to extract cooking odours? Or a chance to make a bold design statement?

At LWK Kitchens London, we have chosen a selection of slim line, integrated, telescopic, chimney hood and down draft extractor models that are both highly functional, yet very sleek. To see these different types of extractor why not visit one of our London Kitchen Showrooms and judge first-hand the extraction power, style and quality of the different brands and methods of extraction available to you.

Externally vented or Recirculation?

Through the course of your design consultation, we will determine which type of extractor is right for your home, based on where it will be situated. Extraction systems remove moisture and odours via ducting to an outside wall, whereas re-circulation systems can be fitted anywhere. Our technical expertise enables us to fully explain the pros and cons of the different systems as well as the design choices available for each.

For an extraction system, we can offer advice on ducting kits and extraction rates. If you opt for a re-circulation system we can talk you through the filtration options and maintenance of your cooker hood. We also recognise that noise can be a nuisance so we have selected a choice of models which are as quiet as possible, even when operating on high extraction rates.

Kitchen Appliances: Sinks and taps

At LWK Kitchens, we have selected a range of sinks and taps that work in harmony with each other. Perhaps you are looking for a rinse spray tap? Or maybe you would like freshly-filtered or instant hot water? Visit one of our London Kitchen Showrooms and you will see a choice of taps ranging from the practical to the innovative, as well as a selection of sinks that work to complete the perfect partnership.

When advising on the most suitable sink for you, our technical experts will also take into consideration your work surface material, kitchen layout and design, and style preferences. Our range includes both under and over-mounted units, stainless steel or ceramic, and space saving solutions such as corner and inset sinks. We pride ourselves on working with clients to find the perfect product combination and package. We can even supply flush mounted sinks in to laminate worktops, a very stylish and yet cost effective design solution, with the machining of the work surface carried out by our German kitchen manufacturer to ensure the best possible water proof seal between the sink and the laminate.