LWK Kitchens’ Afternoon with Chef Jean Christophe Novelli

London Design Festival 2013 coincided with the recent completion of LWK Kitchen’s new showroom extension!  As a result we decided to join in the celebration of London’s aptitude for design and creativity by showcasing some of our latest kitchen design trends.

Guests included a number of industry experts within architecture and interior design and all visitors were treated to a pleasant afternoon of champagne, cocktails and canapés whilst enjoying a cookery demonstration by the Michelin Star chef Jean Christophe Novelli.  This was later followed by Will Taylor of the Bright Bazaar Interiors blog who presented a fascinating insight into his passion for colours and how this led to his design blog becoming one of the most successful in the industry!

The LWK Kitchens team would like to thank all those who attended *; The company was fantastic and it was wonderful to see people exploring our kitchen ranges and enjoying all that our London kitchen showroom has to offer.

Thank you so much, and we hope to see you again soon. 

Jen and all at the LWK Kitchens team.  

  • Guests enjoy champagne and canapes
  • Checking out the extensive range of available kitchen doors
  • Delicious and masterfully created cocktails, courtesy of Diageo
  • Checking out the quality and finish of LWK's cabinets and doors
  • Jean Christophe Novelli chats to guests ahead of his cooking demonstration
  • Exploring LWK Kitchens' showroom
  • The LWK Kitchens team were on hand to answer any questions
  • A cocktail mini masterclass courtesy of Diageo
  • The LWK Kitchens team were delighted to meet our guests and show them around
  • Jean Christophe happily poses with LWK Kitchens guests
  • Graeme and Jen with the deputy editor of House Beautiful Magazine
  • An introduction to LWK Kitchens by Managing Director, Graeme Wilson
  • Guests hear an introduction to LWK Kitchens by Managing Director, Graeme Wilson
  • An exciting moment waiting for Jean Christophe's cookery demonstration
  • Jean Christophe delights his audience with his passion for food!
  • Jean Christophe Novelli prepares to start his cookery demonstration
  • LWK Kitchens' guests enjoy cooking tips and advice by Chef Jean Christophe Novelli
  • Jean Christophe Novelli cooks in LWK Kitchens London showroom
  • Jean Christophe Novelli gives a step-by-step explanaiton of his cookery demonstration
  • Engaging and charismatic, Jean Christophe engages with his audience
  • Tanqueray Cocktails by Diageo were an absolute treat!
  • Interior Designers and Architects alike listen carefully to Jean Christophe Novelli
  • LWK Kitchens London showroom is enjoyed by industry experts
  • A burst of colour guarantees food that is easy on the eye as well as on tastebuds
  • LWK Kitchens Managing Director ensures everyones' glasses are topped up!
  • Culinary delights by Jean Christophe Novelli
  • A celebration of food, cooking and kitchens!
  • LWK Kitchens guests enjoy food cooked by Jean Christophe Novelli
  • LWK Kitchens Managing Director with Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar
  • LWK Kitchens were delighted to welcome such nice people to our London showroom
  • Me (Jen) with Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar
  • Jean Christophe's passion for cooking was clear to see
  • A kitchen showroom in action, demonstrating form and function
  • Cooking up a treat on one of the showroom's gas hobs.
  • Well deserved applause for Jean Christophe Novelli
  • Enjoying good kitchens, good food and good company!
  • LWK Kitchens guests were invited to taste Jean Christophe's cooking...such as treat!
  • Tucking in for a taste....
  • LWK_Novelli_mareksikora
  • LWK_Novelli_mareksikora
  • Jean Christophe Novelli invites guests to have a go!
  • LWK Kitchens thank Diageo for their expertly made and easy-to-drink cocktails!
  • Happy guests make for a happy showroom
  • Interior Designers appreciated the kitchen showroom's colour, style and form
  • Beautiful kitchens in turn create Beautiful cooking!
  • Elegant and delicious
  • Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar joins LWK Kitchens
  • LWK Kitchens' showroom guests enjoy a presentation by Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar
  • Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar compliments LWK Kitchens showroom through his love of colour and hues
  • LWK Kitchens thank Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar for his enlightening presentation
  • LWK Kitchens' showroom guests give Bright Bazaar's Will Taylor well deserved applause
  • Will Taylor brightens the web, and LWK Kitchen's showroom!
  • Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar mixes with some of London's best interior designers
  • LWK Kitchens share impressive design and creations within our London showroom
  • Guests from across the country came to enjoy London Design Festival 2013
  • Exploring the showroom
  • Cooking advice from Jean Christophe Novelli
  • LWK_Novelli_mareksikora
  • LWK_Novelli_mareksikora
  • LWK_Novelli_mareksikora
  • Me (Jen Wilson) with Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar.  Thank you Will!
  • LWK Kitchens thank all for coming and hope everyone had fun!

 * May we say a very special thank you to Jean Christophe Novelli, Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar, Diageo for generously supplying and making delicious Tanqueray cocktails and last but not least Marek Sikora Photography.



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