White island handleless German kitchen design

White kitchens: Is an all-white kitchen alright?

In short, the answer is yes, absolutely!  In fact, all-white kitchens are much more than ‘alright’ and make for some of the most stunning and popular kitchen designs possible!

White textured kitchen finish

All-white kitchen finish with textured door fronts

Yet the very fact that I asked this question infers an existing realm of doubt, and this derives from concern that all-white kitchens might appear too white, too stark or even a bit bland.  After all, whilst ‘understated’ holds great appeal, no one wants a boring kitchen!  But this concern is unfounded; Explore your options and plan your design carefully, with the help of a professional kitchen planner and this simply won’t be a problem.  Furthermore, white kitchens themselves come in a range of colour tones, design and style options, ensuring you can inject variety into an all-white kitchen and that one size definitely does not fit all!

So what are an all-white kitchen’s properties that make it so desirable? 
The All-white kitchen Appearance

The first draw of the all-white kitchen is its appealing look. As its name suggests it consists (usually) of white units, white worktop and white splashback against a backdrop of white walls.  All-white kitchens tend to exude a fresh and clean kitchen appearance, which in turn forms a comfortable and enjoyable setting for cooking, dining or working in.  The white kitchen tone’s light reflecting qualities enhance the space by making it feel brighter and larger; White is the best possible colour for achieving this, and particularly so within a gloss white kitchen finish.

But not every all-white kitchen looks the same, and this is largely because of the white kitchen’s diverse range and versatility…

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  • High gloss white island kitchen design for extension
  • Small high gloss white kitchen design with peninsula
  • Small white handleless kitchen design
  • Small all white handleless kitchen design
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  • White gloss kitchen island design for home extension
  • Matt white handleless kitchen units
  • All white handleless kitchen design
  • Gloss white handleless kitchen units
  • Two tone kitchen design in white and grey
  • Modern gloss white kitchen design
  • Matt white satin lacquer kitchen design with kitchen island
  • All white gloss kitchen design with peninsula
  • Contemporary matt white kitchen design

The All-White kitchen range and versatility

…Contrary to the idea it could look bland, one of the all-white kitchen’s attractive qualities is its versatility.  Whether you want a sleek ultra-modern kitchen, or else a more homely and comfortable setting, both styles, although very different in look, are perfectly possible and highly appreciable within all-white furniture.  As the most popular colour choice for kitchens, it makes perfect sense that white kitchen furniture is available to choose from in the widest range of finishes!  Options include, white glass, white lacquer, laminate, white door finishes with round edges, square edges, curved edges, a structured door, or Shaker kitchen finish, patterned doors, different white colour tones, and of course, white is also available in the popular handleless kitchen door.

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  • White kitchen with colour splashes

Consequently, even within an all-white arrangement there is still room for expressing character and personalised style!  In addition, you may also consider introducing form and texture to some of your all-white finishes for a distinguishable kitchen feature.  This might include a gilded glass or textured glass splashback, timeless subway tiles, or 3D textured white worksurface.  (Click here for white kitchen worktop inspirations). 

Similarly, white’s versatile nature means it is very accommodating to other colour tones so contrasting your all-white décor with subtle or else bold splashes of colour can create a striking statement for the home.


Choosing a gloss or matt all-white kitchen?

As highlighted, there are many options for creativity and for introducing a personal touch, but of course one of the biggest decisions, and which greatly influences the look of the all-white kitchen is whether to choose a gloss or matt kitchen.

gloss or matt all-white kitchen

Matt white kitchen tall units (LHS) compared with gloss white kitchen units (RHS)


Lifestyle and family circumstances may influence this decision but it also depends upon personal preference of the different looks.  Generally speaking, matt white kitchens tend to look more contemporary and minimal, particularly in the handleless style and when combined with stainless steel appliances.  Conversely, gloss white kitchens usually appear modern, yet with a softer, warmer feel.  Of course, the effected kitchen look also depends on the white colour tone you choose, as these also range from crisp and brilliant white to more muted, warmer white tones.

  • All white kitchen design with kitchen island
  • Polar white lacquer kitchen design
  • High gloss white kitchen design with island
  • White kitchen design with grey accents
  • Curved gloss white kitchen design

 All-white kitchen mass appeal and longevity

Another draw of the all-white kitchen is its mass appeal and longevity, which go hand in hand. White is a neutral kitchen tone, so suits most tastes, and as a classic colour is unlikely to date or go out of style.  

matt lacquer all-white kitchen

An all-white kitchen has a timeless look with wide-appeal so suits the majority of tastes.

This means that as long as the kitchen is of high quality, an all-white kitchen will usually be kept longer, as well as appeal to new homeowners should you consider selling in the future.   If this is the case then for anyone looking to add value to their home, white is not as much a sensible but clever option!  As previously mentioned you can still add character and put your own stamp on your kitchen but in specific areas that would be affordable and easy for new owners to change, such as splashbacks, lighting and accessories.

All-white kitchen cleaning and practicality 

A perceived drawback of the white kitchen is that white will show up dirt marks. But where there is no risk of staining is this really such a bad thing?  As both gloss and matt kitchens have an easy-wipe, low-maintenance finish, many people prefer a surface that will show spillages so you can quickly and easily address them.  This is particularly key for families who want to maintain a hygienic environment for their loved ones, including young children who frequently explore their environment by way of touch and putting things in their mouths.  Gloss and matt kitchens can sometimes show up finger marks but this is less noticeable in white than other kitchen colours, and if you foresee it being a problem then the handleless kitchen option will greatly reduce the possibility of this happening.    

Ensure your all-white kitchen design works!

Whilst other colours and styles certainly hold their own appeal and benefits, the all-white kitchen is by far one of the most popular kitchen choices.  Ensure you seek help with your planning and you can easily effect an all-white kitchen design that is beautiful, practical, and comfortable for use…..in all respects they are certainly more than alright!



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