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Current kitchen trends: The Beach Chic kitchen look, Part 5

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Bright seaside kitchen trend

Pale colours and plentiful lighting will set the scene perfectly for a beach kitchen decor.

Natural formations and materials have had a big impact on kitchen design this year and we have time and again seen the infusion of many natural forms with post-modern industrial elements to create a seemingly balanced harmony of man and nature.   In keeping with this fusion of man and nature (but without the industrial aspect), an emerging interior design trend which is proving popular for all rooms of the home right now, and especially for kitchens is the pretty Beach chic kitchen or Seashore trend. A breath of fresh air for the home, the appeal of this look lies within coastal colour tones. These create a light and bright kitchen feel not just to be enjoyed within summer months or by those living near the sea; Instead it is an accessible décor for all, and one which works successfully for appreciation all year round. Here are a number of ways in which you might create your perfect Beach chic kitchen look:

Traditional beach chic kitchen furniture

Wood beach kitchen decor with open shelving

Wood beach kitchen decor with integrated open shelving.

Clean white tones effect sun-bleached simplicity and can be incorporated within both modern and traditional beach chic kitchen settings.  More traditional style kitchen cabinetry such as rough cut woods and structured panelled doors can create a weathered coastal look for a relaxed ‘beachy’ feel.  White walls are an effective backdrop and will make rich wood textures, tones and patterns stand out.  More traditional style kitchen cabinetry such as rough cut woods and structured panelled doors can create a weathered coastal look for a relaxed ‘beachy’ feel.  White walls are an effective backdrop and will make rich wood textures, tones and patterns stand out.

Modern beach chic kitchen furniture

Beach kitchen interior

Colours that reflect natural formations such as blue like the ocean and pale browns like sand are ideal for achieving this look.

Modern clean kitchen cabinetry styles are available in an extensive palette of colours that reflect naturally occurring substances. For example light or dark blue cabinetry can conjure memories or imagery of the sea and shoreline, such as the modern Ocean Blue metallic kitchen door.  This finish contains a subtle gloss shimmer, reminiscent of the ocean’s surface as it glistens under the rays of the sun.  Alternatively you might combine white cabinetry with a punchy coral, orange or umber accent, evocative of sunsets, or else a green seaweed tone. Pastel colours are typically used for the principal cabinetry within a modern beach chic kitchen but where white cabinetry is included, splashes of bold colour is highly effective as an accent.

Beach chic kitchen lighting

The beach chic kitchen look is popular for those lucky enough to live by the coast or often for owners who let properties by the sea and want to create an idyllic ‘summer feel’ for holidaying tenants.  Choice of colour is important for achieving this but so too is your choice of lighting effects.   A light and bright feel is important within any kitchen but especially if you are keen to reflect a sunny beach ambiance!

Beach kitchen lighting

Plentiful windows and glazing are key for allowing natural light to flood your kitchen and create a bright and light ambiance.

Let in as much natural light as possible through windows, glazed ceilings and skylights, and if fortunate enough to have outdoor space then incorporate access to this within your kitchen design.  For example, bi-fold doors will allow plentiful light into your kitchen as well as easy passage outside, perfect for BBQ’s, and al fresco dining! Where necessary, natural lighting should be reinforced with additional fixtures to compliment either your modern or traditional beach kitchen theme.  Pale colour tones and glass lighting will create a natural harmony, or else bold contrasting hues will draw attention, celebrating nature’s beauty.

Beach chic kitchen accessories

Beach chic kitchen, blue mosaic splashback

Accessories and accents such as this blue mosaic tiling will compliment a beach kitchen decor.

An obvious choice for Beach chic kitchen accessories would be accents with a nautical character.  This might be a blue and white striped rug, similar to the look of a beach deckchair; star fish, shell ornaments or other coastal motifs adorning the walls, or possibly cushions in a choice of beach inspired colour tones.  Such obvious nautical accents aren’t to everyone’s taste and if not, you can certainly still effect a seashore/coastal kitchen feel without them. As stated, accent colours that reflect naturally occurring colour tones are highly effective and can be introduced in a variety of ways. For example, a blue glass or blue mosaic tile kitchen splashback would flatter the theme, as well as other glass accents, especially given that glass itself is produced from silica (sand).  This might include mirrors, coloured glass-blown vases or jars, glass fronted cabinets and glass light fixtures.  Houseplants, whether home-grown or tropical, are an easy means for bringing life into a home, and coloured candles and plate sets are other examples of how you can introduce your favourite coastal colour choice.  Alternatively furniture made from natural materials such as wicker chairs, or stylish louvered doors are perfect for a beach cottage look.

Make your beach chic kitchen look your own

Modern beach chic kitchen decor

Personalise your beach chic kitchen look with textures, colours and decor that reflects your individual style.

An attractive kitchen theme such as this holds mass appeal as after all, who wouldn’t like feeling as if they’re on holiday whilst still within their own home?  But it is also a diverse theme, leaving plenty of room for personalisation within your beach kitchen décor; this means you can ensure a fully working kitchen that meets all of your needs, whilst reflecting your personal style and preferences at the same time.


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