High gloss pale blue kitchen

Beautiful Blues: How to Ensure Blue Kitchen Tones Work For Your Home

Whilst I have focused on the popularity of neutral and grey kitchen tones of late, an inclination towards bolder kitchen tones is also very apparent, very on trend, and should not be over-looked.

In our choice of home décor we have the means for conveying personality, so a variety of colours and styles suit different tastes and enable us to easily express our individuality.  After all, how boring would it be if everybody’s homes looked the same?

Dark blue kitchen cabinets

Dark blue Shaker kitchen door balanced by Maple worktop and light flooring

Stylish and vibrant, use of colour is increasingly popular, as evident through current trends for bright pops of bold colour, colour blocking, or else rich, dark and luxurious tones.
Blue tones are particularly favourable within interior design right now, ranging from light blue pastels to dark moody blues, petrol tones, and the blue-green Teal (my personal favourite), recently announced as Dulux’s 2014 Colour of the Year.  So that said, we are set to see more of these colourful tones, and people’s willingness toward bolder colours is a feat to be embraced.  But choosing your kitchen colour is a big (and often expensive) commitment so it is essential to get it right and ensure a colour that works.  Yet how do you do this?  Here, we take a look at blue kitchens and how you can successfully incorporate various blue colour tones within your kitchen…

Blue Kitchen Planning Advice 

High gloss blue kitchen

High gloss blue kitchen in a two-tone kitchen arrangement with dark matt accents

Blue is a stylish, appealing and versatile kitchen colour, available in different shades and finishes. But it is also a strong colour, particularly in darker tones, so will have a big impact on your kitchens look; as such it needs careful planning to ensure it works. Here are some general points for consideration when making your blue kitchen selection:-

  • Firstly, assess which direction your kitchen faces. Blue is from the ‘cold side’ of the colour wheel so works best for south-facing kitchens that naturally receive more outside light. Cool tones will work for kitchens that receive less light too, but a lighter blue kitchen tone may prove the best option.   You might also need to introduce extra warmth through lighting effects, or with accent tones from the warmer side of the colour spectrum.

    Two tone kitchen blue and wood

    Agate blue kitchen wall units contrasted with warm Walnut wood base units

  • What kind of kitchen mood do you want do to create?  Some blue kitchen tones are very serene and calming, yet others quite dramatic, so think through what feel you want to achieve.
  • Light blues are best for smaller kitchens as they will make it feel bigger and brighter.  If you want a dark blue tone within a smaller kitchen then consider it for base units only, and with light blue wall units.  Light toned shades at eye level will appear to recede from the eye and this gives us the impression that a room is bigger than it really is. 

    Pastel blue kitchen cabinets

    Pastel blue kitchen units in a high gloss finish

  • A large bright kitchen space benefits from bold colours, striking and fresh.  Particularly if you have neutral white walls and flooring, a darker blue kitchen tone will create a solid kitchen presence, grounding the kitchen and avoiding any risk of the kitchen looking bland. Muted shades can be striking but without overwhelming a kitchen space (which there is a risk of with dark tones throughout small kitchens). 
  • Blue gloss kitchen tones and more frequently light blue gloss finishes appear stylish and tend to exude a modern kitchen look.  Conversely, bold primary hues and darker blue kitchen tones tend to (though not always) exude more formality.   

Light blue kitchen cabinets

Light blue kitchen doors such as the Metallic Ocean Blue Lacquer contain ground aluminium particles, the effect of which is a metallic lustrous sparkle. 

Metallic kitchen finish, Blue gloss lacquer kitchen

The blue kitchen finish in Ocean Blue Gloss Lacquer contains a subtle surface shimmer.

This subtle surface shimmer is a stunning kitchen feature by itself, creating a luxurious modern kitchen look.  It is best complimented with a light-toned décor such as white, cream or beige, tailoring the look for balanced sophistication.  Alternatively, you might contrast this, or any other light blue kitchen door, with light greys or medium wood tones for a soft and harmonious look, or else with a dark Grey door and worktop for a more dramatic or masculine appearance.  

Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets

As already mentioned, dark blue kitchen colours will create a more formal kitchen appearance.

Blue Shaker Kitchen door

Blue Shaker Kitchen door in Midnight Satin lacquer kitchen finish

A rich bold blue, such as the Midnight satin lacquer will bring a balance of comfort with sophisticated elegance to the home.   A light neutral décor beautifully compliments dark blue kitchen tones, and pale flooring is advisable to prevent dark colours from overwhelming the kitchen. 

Traditional and Country Blue Kitchens

There is nothing quite like the charm and warm welcome of a traditional country kitchen so as expected they are as much in demand as ever….But increasingly popular are country kitchens in bolder colours than the traditional wood, cream or white.  More-so, green, grey, yellow, and of course blue country kitchens are desirable. Blue tones create a more modern look for this very traditional style of kitchen door. As mentioned earlier, blue is associated with calm and tranquillity, pre-existing qualities in the country kitchen so the combination produce an ultimate feel of kitchen serenity, ideal for an inviting family home.

  • Light wood and dark blue kitchen units
  • Pale blue kitchen with dark wood contrast
  • Gloss blue kitchen island with rustic feel
  • Light Blue Shaker Kitchen door
  • Blue Country Kitchen
  • Blue Shaker kitchen with le mans corner unit
  • Agate blue country kitchen with open shelving
  • Agate blue country kitchen extractor surround

Two Tone Blue Kitchens

Mixing and matching colour tones and different finishes is very popular within kitchen design.  The two-tone kitchen style works beautifully for blue kitchens, and especially for anyone keen on colour, but a little trepidatious over its introduction. 

There is an array of possibilities for combining blue kitchen tones, including subtle contrasts of similar blue hues, complimentary colours, or else combining blues with an entirely different colour and style, for a more pronounced distinction.     The blue country kitchen is a popular example of this wherein, the appreciable blue tone is accentuated by wood base units. These also act to solidify the kitchen for a rich and warm kitchen look.

  • Two-tone kitchen, Blue and White
  • Kitchen colour pops
  • Blue and grey kitchen island
  • Blue and white matt kitchen
  • Blue and white gloss kitchen finish
  • Two tone kitchen with Ocean blue gloss and grey matt finish
  • Pale gloss blue kitchen tone with contrasting decor.
  • Dark blue and wood two-tone kitchen

Colourblocking and Blue Kitchen Colour Zones 

Continuing from the two-tone kitchen look, colour blocking is a similar but bolder option for blue kitchens.  It refers to the practice of introducing two or three different solid colours within one design, for a striking colour statement.  For example, you might break up a plain run of units, interspersing one colour with another, or choose separate hues for base, wall units and an island. This practice can also be used to define separate zones within the kitchen, and is common to open plan kitchen spaces; either subtle or more pronounced colour contrasts distinguish separate kitchen areas for preparing food, cooking in or also to work at or relax.

Blue Kitchen Alternatives and Blue Kitchen Accents

I earlier established that blue kitchens come in an array of colours and styles but as a high impact colour it needs careful planning.   However, should you feel unsure about committing to blue kitchen furniture (including in a two-tone arrangement) then why not start by introducing blue accents for your kitchen instead?  Hints of blue are a less permanent solution but the strength of the blue colour tone means it will still favourably influence your kitchen’s look.  Consider implementing blue kitchen accents such as a blue splashback, lighting, a blue range cooker, blue paint for your wall, as well as blue accessories such as glassware, chairs, blinds, etc.

Accents allow you to try out the blue kitchen colour and are easily changeable if not to your liking. Otherwise they are a good warm up in preparation for a beautiful blue kitchen design!

  • Kitchen colour pops
  • Kitchen colour pops
  • Bespoke Fused Glass Art Kitchen Splashbacks
  • Blue kitchen LED shelf and plinth lighting
  • Pine Magnolia kitchne with turquoise paint wall
  • Blue kitchen accents
  • Glass door units with lighting
  • Cool blue kitchen lighting effects
  • Bold blue kitchen splashback
  • Blue kitchen splashback
  • Kitchen tiling
  • Blue gloss kitchen splashback


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