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Why Choose a Boiling Water tap for your kitchen and are they worthwhile?

Why choose a boiling water tap?

Being British I, along with the rest of the population, love a good cup of tea; whether on a cold winter’s day, after a bad day or following bad news (everyone knows tea is the best answer for a crisis!) to soothe a hangover, or just to get me going each morning when I first get up!   But along with the rest of the population one of the things I don’t have much patience for is waiting for the kettle to boil, and this is where a boiling water tap is a total wonder to behold!

Franke Minerva boiling water tap

Hot water taps are instant and therefore very convenient, making them perfect for the everyday modern busy lifestyle!  Aside from tea, hot water taps save time with cooking pasta or vegetables, for thawing frozen foods, washing up, and for sterilising babies bottles.   The latter is one I am not personally familiar with but my colleagues who have children (though they looked horrified at the memory!) advised that babies need feeding every 3 hours, so based on a kettle taking 10 minutes each time to boil, 8 feeds per day works out at 1 .5 hours each day waiting on a kettle boiling! (….And I am told this feels like a lifetime if you are the unfortunate one who’s turn it is to deal with a night-feed!)  Therefore, not just for me and my tea habit, but for new parents too, instant hot water taps are ideal, convenient and the perfect time-saver.

So how do boiling water taps work?

The boiling water tap usually sits on the worktop or counter next to the sink and has a thermally insulated tank hidden out of sight beneath the sink unit.

Boiling water tap

Insinkerator Hot & Cold Tap

There are many models and styles available but the boiling water tap typically looks like an ordinary tap except with more levers or buttons to assist its functionality depending on what options you want; there are taps that dispense only boiling water or some are temperature controllable from the tap head so can also produce hot, cool or chilled water, as well as sparkling or even carbonated water!

Most models have a boiler unit of approximately 2 litre capacity so cold water is first filtered and then enters the boiler for heating, (with a separate feed for the cold water directing it elsewhere after filtering).

Boiling water tap heating tank

Minerva water heating tank for 3-in-1 Kettle tap

The water is heated within the tank to between 98°C and 100°C and then dispensed through the tap on the worktop.

Are boiling water taps safe?

For anyone using a boiling water tap for the first time, whether it is yourself or a guest in your home it is essential to ensure their safety, and for this most taps come with safety options to prevent injury.  This is also significant if you have children of any age, keeping them safe from splashes or else preventing them from trying to use the tap themselves.  Most boiling water models also include a filter which means the quality of the water is likely to be better and safer.

Are boiling water taps cost effective?

Boiling water taps use up less water than when boiling a kettle as people generally always fill kettles with more water than they actually need.  Typically the tank would hold enough to make more than 25 instantly hot cups of tea per hour, (which is certainly more than most households could ever get through!) and for it to reheat would take approximately 10 minutes.

Boiling water tap

InSinkErator Instant Boiling Water tap (F-HC3300)

It doesn’t take much energy to keep the water in the boiler hot as once heated the tank is very well insulated but how eco-friendly they are varies between different manufacturers.   Our advice to people considering a boiling water tap is that it is not expensive to keep the water warm but it is to keep reheating it; this generally means that as long as you don’t use it for large quantities of water, such as if you’re boiling multiple pans of water simultaneously, then generally running costs are inexpensive.

If interested in the boiling water taps then the main manufacturers of these are Franke, Grohe or Quooker.

So….who’s for a cup of tea?!


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