Tall kitchen storage cupboard with internal drawers

Tall kitchen storage ideas

No matter the size of your kitchen, storage is an essential requirement, and tall storage options can offer an excellent use of kitchen space.  In small kitchens this might be floor to ceiling cabinets which make effective use of all available space.  Alternatively in large kitchen spaces this might be a neat row of recessed cabinets,Tall kitchen storage ideas [Read More]

Kitchen drawer cutlery insert

Kitchen storage accessories

Kitchen storage accessories are not essential items, but instead represent the little luxuries that make kitchen use so much easier and more enjoyable!  From cutlery inserts to integrated towel racks and plate holders, here are some of the popular kitchen storage accessories available from LWK Kitchens:  Related articles 5 Small Things You Can Do WhileKitchen storage accessories [Read More]

Kitchen storage ideas

Space maximising kitchen storage ideas

Whether a large or small kitchen space, all kitchens need storage solutions that are useful, efficient in maximising space, and which complement the kitchen’s look and style.  Integrated storage solutions are ideal as they avoid cluttering a kitchen space, and instead leave worktops, surfaces and the floor area clear for everyday use.  Here are aSpace maximising kitchen storage ideas [Read More]