Two tone kitchen ideas

Two Tone Kitchen Ideas

Blending different finishes within the same kitchen design can prove extremely effective.  This technique allows for stylish kitchen designs that are as beautiful as they are personal to the individual homeowner.  And in 2017 the trend for mixing and matching different textures and finishes is now more popular than ever, so whether soft and subtle or bold andTwo Tone Kitchen Ideas [Read More]

Black island kitchens

Black kitchen ideas

In conjunction with the right lighting, flooring, worktops and splashbacks, you can ensure your black kitchen ideas will give your kitchen space the ultimate wow factor!  Indeed, black kitchen furniture has been the foundation for some of our most beautiful kitchen designs to date!  Here are some of our favourite black kitchen ideas and inspirations for theBlack kitchen ideas [Read More]

Wine red kitchen doors

Red kitchen ideas

Whether bold and beautiful as the sole kitchen colour choice or else a vibrant accent for other tones and materials, red kitchen finishes make a striking impact on the home.  Here are some red kitchen ideas, helping you make this stylish tone work for you and your kitchen.  Click below to access: How to choose a kitchenRed kitchen ideas [Read More]

Blue kitchen ideas

Blue kitchen ideas

Blue is an attractive colour with a calming nature, making it ideal for use within a kitchen environment! Enjoy our collection of blue kitchen ideas and inspirations. Click below to access: Beautiful Blues: How to Ensure Blue Kitchen Tones Work For Your Home How to choose a kitchen colour scheme to create your desired kitchenBlue kitchen ideas [Read More]

Light grey gloss lacquer kitchen

Grey Kitchen ideas

Grey kitchens, whether modern, traditional, light, dark, metallic or textured, are extremely popular within interior design.  Please access our gallery for a selection of grey kitchen ideas, including a wide range of tones and finishes. Click below for: How to Choose Your Coloured Glass Splashback Why Choose Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets? Grey Kitchen Colour SchemesGrey Kitchen ideas [Read More]