How to choose a coloured glass splashback

How to Choose Your Coloured Glass Splashback

Glass splashbacks have a functional role within the kitchen, protecting your walls from spills and splashes during cooking.

Coloured glass splashback

A coloured glass splashback is both decorative and functional

But splashbacks also prove highly decorative and contribute greatly to your kitchen’s overall look.  For this reason, if you have decided on glass you need to choose a coloured glass splashback tone that works with the rest of your kitchen’s colour scheme. But sometimes this can prove quite daunting …Many clients worry that their splashback colour won’t go with their worktop and cabinets, that the colour will be overpowering, or else (if intended as a feature piece) the coloured glass splashback won’t stand out enough!


Decisions, Decisions!

Red coloured glass splashback

It may be that you already have a favourite colour in mind, such as this vivid red coloured glass splashback

Go with a Favourite- It might be that from the outset of your project you have a favourite colour you want to use for your coloured glass splashback.  This makes choosing a colour easier as it’s then just the tone you need to narrow down and decide on.

Natural progression- Alternatively, your choice of cabinets might naturally steer you in the direction of some colours over others.  For example; if you opt for a dark gloss grey kitchen finish, it is unlikely that you would layer grey-on-grey; Instead it is more likely you would choose a contrasting, or lighter coloured glass splashback tone.  Or if you have an all-white kitchen, this décor might sway you towards a vibrant injection of colour!

Choose happy neutrals- Other clients will decide to keep their kitchen look entirely neutral, with a soft harmony of complimenting colours. This is often the best way forward if you aren’t planning on staying in your home long-term, and in which case a neutral kitchen colour scheme with widespread appeal (rather than a niche taste) should be a priority from the outset.

See below for a varied range of LWK’s previous client’s coloured glass splashback choices:

  • Coloured glass splashback
  • Coloured glass splashback
  • Coloured glass splashback
  • Coloured glass splashback
  • Colour-matched kitchen splashback
  • Coloured glass splashback
  • Coloured glass splashback
  • Green glass kitchen splashback
  • Blue grey coloured glass splashback
  • Blue glass kitchen splashback
  • coloured glass splashback
  • Purple kitchen splashback
  • Orange glass backsplash
  • White kitchen with blue splashback
  • Coloured glass splashback
  • Green coloured glass splashback
  • Aqua coloured glass splashback


RAL Colour Choices

As you start to explore your coloured glass splashback options you can browse standard glass colours according to the Classic Ral System.

RAL colour

RAL colour chart displaying a variety of glass colours available

Your kitchen designer will likely have a colour chart to show you, or else you can browse the colours online. (Please note that any colours you look at on a computer screen can appear manipulated due to different screen resolutions).

‘RAL is used for information defining standard colors for paint and coatings. It is the most popular Central European Color Standard used today. The colors are used in architecture, construction, industry and road safety.’

It is good to have a look at the colour options available to you, and if you’re stuck for where to begin it is often much easier to discount the colours you don’t like first, leaving you with a narrower list of possibilities for the colours you do…But the best advice we can offer for choosing your coloured glass splashback is to Wait until your kitchen is in!


Decide on your coloured glass splashback once the kitchen is in

Simply put, whilst you might have an idea of what colour you want, it is far better – and easier – to make a definite decision on your coloured glass splashback once the kitchen has been installed.

We suggest to our clients that they wait until the furniture, worktop and all of the lights (in both the units and ceiling) are fitted and working.

Choosing a splashback colour.

You can use paint samples on your wall to help you decide your glass splashback colour

Following this (apart from borrowing glass samples from your kitchen supplier) you can search online, or else pay a visit to your nearest paint store, and buy some small paint samples in the colours you like from the RAL colour chart.

You can then test the paint samples on your walls, and live with the colours for a few days.  It is important to note that the paint colour often looks more muted than your finished glass because the paint is non-reflective.  But looking at the colour samples under different lighting, including natural light at different times of the day, should give you a good idea of the colours you like, as well as which tones work, or don’t work within your kitchen.


Ask for real glass samples

Once you have a favourite choice (or else a few contenders); its recommended to get your preferred colour options engineered into real glass samples.

Coloured Glass Sample

We can create real glass samples to match  your choice of colours

At LWK Kitchens we offer our clients 3 glass samples free of charge; after which further samples cost just £15 per sample.

It is also worth noting that your colour choice doesn’t have to come from a colour chart or paint swatch. You can match your glass to the exact colour of your choice; as long as you have a colour swatch to work from.  Samples from the RAL chart  take approximately 2-5 days, and colour-matched samples (including colours from Farrow & Ball and Dulux) can take between 5-10 days.


Try out the coloured glass splashback samples in your home

Choosing a coloured glass splashback

Once you have the glass samples, compare them against your furniture and worktop to help you narrow down your colour choice

You should always ask for real glass samples rather than fully rely on the tones upon a colour chart.

Once made up, be sure to take these samples home so you can compare the different tones against your chosen cabinetry and worktop. Again, look at the glass at different times of the day and under different lighting options, including your cabinetry lights. This will give you time to decide whether they work and which tone is best for you.


Make your decision

The colour application is the penultimate stage of the glass after it has been templated and cut to size.

Coloured glass splashback

The colour application is the final stage in engineering a coloured glass splashback

This gives you a little more time to decide on your glass colour ahead of the glass fitting date.  Saying that, it is your prerogative to take your time, so if you need longer to choose your coloured glass splashback you can, although bear in mind this will postpone completion of your new kitchen.  Once you have decided, you just need to inform your designer of your final colour choice, and let them take care of the rest!…

…All of our clients agree this is the best way to choose a glass splashback colour!


Want to know the most popular glass colours among LWK Kitchen’s clients?

In no particular order our client’s favourite coloured glass splashback choices are as follows:-

Kitchen back splash colours

Favourite choices among our clients include this light grey glass splashback colour


If you would like help choosing your glass splashback colour; please contact LWK Kitchens by email or on 020 7536 9266, and one of our design experts will gladly help.


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    I can see why you would want to choose neutral colors when having a glass splashback installed. My kitchen happens to be very old and outdated. I feel like a simple splashback could seriously add some personality to our home.

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