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Kitchen Design Trends 2014 Part 3: Dark Kitchen Colour Schemes

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Kitchen Colour Schemes: The Dark Side!

Dark colours make for very beautiful kitchen designs and over recent years dark kitchen colours have gained in popularity….

  • High gloss lacquer kitchen door Carbon
  • Bristol Ash Lacquer Kitchen door in Midnight Blue
  • Grey matt laminate kitchen
  • Silver Oak Real wood Kitchen
  • Natural Oak Rough cut finish
  • Laminate Kitchen door, Natural Concrete
  • Basalt Grey Kitchen
  • Movable kitchen worktop
  • Black Oak Kitchen island design
  • High gloss black lacquer/ Macassar Ebony Real wood veneered high gloss lacquer
  • Kitchen Design Glass, Silver Grey Metallic
  • Satin lacquer kitchen, Midnight blue
  • Black Oak Veneer Kitchen Furniture
  • Grey gloss lacquer kitchen & living room furniture

But many people are still wary of incorporating dark kitchen tones through concern they will enclose a room and make it feel smaller. In real terms, dark colours should be approached with caution to ensure a shade, tone and material quality that will work successfully for the space. However by enlisting the help of an experienced kitchen designer all of this is very much achievable; the proof of which is in the increased demand for dark coloured kitchens. Should you need further evidence of this then here it is…..there is an emergence of new dark colour kitchen tones and styles for 2014!

Dark kitchen colours and materials

Dark kitchen colour scheme in high gloss lacquer

Luxurious dark hues are set to be a big trend within kitchen design next year. Grey tones are available in an increased variety of shades ranging from dark to light grey tones and will appear in a more expansive range of materials. This includes high gloss lacquer, satin lacquer, or ash lacquer for a more traditional kitchen style. Metallic kitchen textures are increasingly emerging within dark tones, alongside the new Midnight Blue colour (which is fast becoming the favourite of the LWK team!). A rich and regal tone, the Midnight Blue kitchen door works beautifully on its own or in tandem with other colours and textures. The deep tone is luxurious, elegant and available in a range of door materials including gloss, matt, satin lacquer or Shaker style. This colour also transcends beautifully within living room furniture.

Dark textured kitchen doors

Satin lacquer kitchen furniture as living room furniture

Midnight Blue Satin lacquer kitchen furniture incorporated as living room furniture

As well as more colour choice for dark doors there is an increased option for texture within dark finishes. As explored in our recent post on ‘Textured Kitchen Doors’ they are set to be popular in 2014 and this is apparent within new styles such as the Natural concrete laminate door (see article gallery) or textured dark wood tones such as the silk grey oak laminate door with wood grain appearance.

The future’s bright for dark kitchen colours

Silver/Grey Kitchen Design Glass

Silver/Grey Kitchen Design Glass

Dark colours are becoming increasingly popular but is essential that dark coloured kitchens must also be of good quality. If not then a kitchen won’t look as it should and light sources will highlight any flaws within the surface of the finish.

That said, the emergence of dark colours in a wider variety, improved quality but also more affordable finishes, makes them more accessible and reaffirms the assertion that darks colours are gradually paving their way to affirm their place within the future of kitchen design.


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