Expert kitchen advice

Expert kitchen advice: Making the right kitchen choice for you

This week I asked one of LWK Kitchens specialist kitchen designers to share their personal thoughts on kitchen design and the importance of making a kitchen choice that’s right for the individual. Here is what he had to say…


Make a kitchen choice that suits all of the household

As a kitchen designer what often surprises me is how frequently a couple will visit the showroom where one has an idea of what they might want, yet their partner has an entirely different view for what is arguably the most important room in the house. After all, second to the bedroom, the kitchen is the room we spend most of our time in and often to share meals with friends & family.

Kitchen choice for families

Make a kitchen choice that will suit all of the family, or else anyone using it.

Long gone are the days where the kitchen was the solitary domain of a ‘homemaker,’ so it should meet the needs and uses of all who will be using it, including children.  So whilst many of your kitchen decisions on layout, colour, appliances etc can come later, it does help to have discussed and together agreed on your  ‘must haves.’  This makes an excellent starting point for further kitchen choices and decisions.


Make a kitchen choice that will let you have fun!

Once seen as a chore, modern society now leads us all to believe that cooking is brilliant fun, and I genuinely believe that it is, provided you have a well-designed and equipped kitchen space! With so many dedicated television programmes and an ever-changing roster of celebrity cooks there is a taste to suit us all.   I love to share my enthusiasm for the product of the kitchen, but frequently begin design meetings by talking about food rather than the nuts & bolts of the kitchen.  After all, whilst hard to describe, each of us has a unique sense of taste.  In the case of food, its appearance, colour, texture, smell and temperature all play an essential part in our like or dislike of any given flavour.  With this in mind, shouldn’t our kitchen choices not only reflect our personal kitchen style preferences but also our personal tastes, including what we love to cook and how we love to cook it?

Cooking in the kitchen

When planning your kitchen make choices that will ensure you enjoy being there and using your kitchen!

Personally, my wife and I love to experiment in the kitchen on the weekend, starting with a cocktail (or two!) and using a few key ingredients that are always as fresh as we can find, to either recreate, or else try our own take on whatever we liked the look of earlier in the week on television. Sometimes our attempts are a great success and other times we just laugh and agree we definitely need to try harder!  Not taking ourselves seriously makes it so much fun and often very adventurous!  I appreciate that not everyone actually likes cooking but a well-designed kitchen should still leave the opportunity to try!


Modern kitchen choices for modern lives

Most of us now lead extremely busy lives and so anything to save time with food preparation and general kitchen use is a great help.  To assist this, the advances in modern science and innovation are transferred seamlessly into the kitchen.

Kitchen appliance choices

Modern kitchen choices such as coffee machines (pictured), instant hot water taps and sophisticated cooking technology are designed to accommodate modern busy lives.

Everyday kitchen gadgets and appliances are purposely designed to save the valuable minutes of our days, allowing us more time for relaxing and spending with family.   From instant coffee makers and boiling water taps, to ultra-fast washing machines; everything we need is available and at the optimal pace we need and expect.  What’s more, the look and style of kitchen appliances is purposely designed to fit the aesthetic of our home, frequently sleek and compact in look, whilst functional in freeing up more space for use elsewhere.


Personal kitchen choice

There is an exceptional range of kitchen and appliance products available for meeting homeowner’s personal requirements.

Kitchen wine fridge

Kitchen choices exist to accommodate our lifestyle and personal preferences, bringing us pleasure and satisfaction.

I can guide people through these options in terms of price, look and functionality but key for me in helping my clients achieve an optimal kitchen design is to know what that individual requirement is. This lets me advise accordingly and to the best of my knowledge. For example, if I know a client values a healthy lifestyle then I can design a kitchen that reflects and facilitates this. This might be me offering a modern steam oven as a healthier option over a traditional combination oven and microwave. Or a larger fridge for storing all of their fresh but perishable produce.

Essentially, all kitchens are different, as are personal requirements.  So understanding what is truly indispensable for a client is key to including kitchen choices that work successfully for them.


The final word on kitchen choice?

My advice to anyone looking to change their kitchen is have some fun with it!  Keep an open mind to new colours, textures, exciting ideas for different layout options and some of the new devices designed to make your life easier.  As previously mentioned the kitchen is no longer a place for a sole person to slave over a laborious meal.  Instead it is increasingly a place to relax, socialise and have fun for many years ahead. So let your kitchen choice reflect this, and best of all….enjoy it!



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