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Luxury Kitchens: Why are German Kitchen manufacturers so specialised?

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The Germans’ manufacturing reputation precedes them as makers of high quality, luxurious products.  Well known for their electronic goods, machinery and cars, luxury German brands such as BMW and Mercedes are recognisable household names across the globe; and it is the same skilled engineering and appreciation of aesthetics that has helped German designers become the leading manufacturers of luxury kitchens in Europe.

But why are German kitchens so specialised?

There are two main reasons for the success of German kitchen engineering: 1) German kitchen manufacturers have the capacity to be the best. 2) They believe they can be the best, so are motivated as such:-

  • Textured kitchen door fronts
  • Satin lacquer kitchen island
  • Flying bridge worktop
  • German Wood kitchen
  • Curved German kitchen
  • Luxury German kitchen island, Terra Oak
  • Sliding kitchen worktop with hob
  • Curved luxury kitchen
  • Luxury kitchen design glass, blackberry
  • Cashmere country kitchen
  • Kitchen colour splashes
  • High gloss lacquer Basalt Grey kitchen
  • Luxury German Kitchen, two tone kitchen design
  • English Shaker German Maker
  • Dark wood rough cut kitchen design
  • Luxury german kitchen
  • Metallic Gloss Lacquer Kitchen, Carbon

1) German kitchen manufacturers understand both consumers and product

German kitchen manufacturers are experienced and skilled engineers with a true understanding of kitchen form, function and consumer ergonomics; the key ingredients for a successful kitchen design.

They achieve innovative kitchen furniture and products that are visually appealing whilst fulfilling their intended purpose, within the most efficient and highly optimal means.   German kitchen engineers understand that their products must be designed for ease of use and accommodate varying lifestyles and needs, so versatility and adaptability is also essential. 

One of the most recognisable and popular kitchen styles of today is the Handleless kitchen, a revolutionary German kitchen product that has truly cemented its place as the most popular kitchen style within the market.  Yet despite its widespread popularity, the handleless kitchen is still relatively new and only became commonplace shortly after the turn of this century.  The appeal of this popular kitchen style is its clean, sleek and modern kitchen look, with smooth opening and closing of doors and drawers.  But further enhancing its appeal, the handleless kitchen takes up less space so is very well suited for small kitchen spaces, and removes the possibility of bumping hips or catching clothing.  It is an example of purity within design, removing the unnecessary for a cleaner, uncluttered kitchen finish, a quality to suit all.

German Kitchen, Luxury Appliances Siemens Coffee Centre

Luxury Kitchen Appliances Siemens Coffee Centre

 This minimalist concept is apparent and influential within much of German kitchen engineering as it continues to evolve.    You only have to look at  Siemens kitchen appliances, which they describe as, ‘Oozing class and refinement, these machines unite first-class features with top-class technology.’  This German appliance brand focuses on sleek-look, smooth-functioning products that meet consumer needs.  For example, the Siemens HB84E56RB Compact microwave/oven is intentionally scaled down in size for small kitchens, taking up less space, yet still attractive and fully functioning to meet homeowners needs.   

German Kitchen, Luxury Kitchen Appliance Siemens Coffee-Centre

Luxury Kitchen Appliance Siemens Coffee-Centre

Alternatively, the luxury Siemens TK76K573GB coffee maker was invented for the coffee connoisseur’s kitchen, and is the end-result of rigorous research, design and testing into how to perfect a cup of coffee within the home!

 A further reason for German kitchen success is their capacity not just for design but manufacture.  With the best kitchen product design, comes the best of kitchen manufacturing processes and kitchens supplied by LWK Kitchens are an example of skilled German kitchen manufacturing. All furniture is machine-made and the manufacture process has been honed to the extent it leaves very little room for error.  Of course, errors can occur (and usually human error) but the beauty of the efficient, tried and tested German systems are that in nearly all cases errors or faults are picked up and rectified before the furniture has even left the factory.   It is because of such precise, thorough processes and attention to detail that you can be sure German kitchens reflect the quality of construction for which they are so well-reputed.

2) German kitchen manufacturers believe in what they do

The second reason for German kitchen success is their designers and engineers trust in their products and share the belief that their kitchens can be the best, combined with a drive to make them such.   As mentioned, German engineers possess a comprehensive understanding of what people want and need for a kitchen, but coupled with this, is the motivation to excel far beyond meeting basic kitchen needs, engineering furniture and products that are increasingly accommodating and easy to use.  This is why soft-close systems for door hinges are increasingly becoming smaller, stronger and more concealed, much improved since the first models of the late 1960’s.  Similarly, Siemens didn’t stop after producing their original coffee machine model. Despite it fulfilling its intended purpose of making coffee, it just wasn’t enough.  Once this was achieved, there was a passion and will for a better version, a machine that could pour more than one cup at once, remember personalised preferences for coffee and pour it in an even shorter space of time. 

There is a clear passion for design at play, a belief in their products but also of great significance is this drive for continuous improvement.  Consider the German brand Audi’s well known slogan, Vorsprung durch Technik, which roughly translates to ‘Advances in Technology’.  Well, technological advances will only ever take place if there are people with the drive and will to make them happen, a trait which perfectly characterises German kitchen designers!…They are the ones who make it happen.    

So what does this mean for your German kitchen?

Well for one thing it means options! Such drive for improvement combined with passion for design and engineering brings a multitude of kitchen furniture styles, colours, finishes, as well as the same within accessories and appliances.  German kitchen engineers strive to provide choice, enabling consumers to decide for themselves how to meet their kitchen needs.  So whether your preference is traditional or modern, gloss or matt, there is certain to be a product range that suits both your personal tastes, as well as needs.   This also means reliable, dependable kitchen products, appealing in looks but also tried and tested so sure to withstand the test of time, including daily use, knocks and bumps.  The high quality of construction is equal to the look of the kitchen, and it is this, that results in a luxury German kitchen product, ideal and desirable for the home.


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