Grey wood effect kitchen island

Grey Kitchen Colour Schemes

The Rise of the Grey Kitchen

Over recent years, grey kitchens have become an increasingly popular colour choice; stylish and sophisticated in appearance, yet intelligent in design and functionality. More often grey is selected as a chic alternative to white kitchens. This is a marked change from a time when consumers were cautious of grey kitchen colours, anxious their kitchen would appear dark, drab or depressing, which let’s face it, is not the environment anyone wants for their kitchen!

So what has changed to make grey kitchens more popular?

High gloss metallic lacquer kitchen

High gloss metallic lacquer grey kitchen, ‘Carbonite’

Stylish kitchen designs have always been perfectly possible and achievable through grey colour tones but careful planning is essential for getting this right. It is important to understand your room space to determine how best to implement kitchen furniture colours that will work within it.

Factors such as the size of your kitchen, and how much light it receives – often dependent on which direction the room faces- are important considerations. For example, lighter cabinet colours work best within small kitchen spaces.

Textured grey kitchen door

Textured matt kitchen door in Salento Beige Grey finish

Dark tones, including dark greys, will work too but require a plentiful light source, or else combination with a lighter colour tone at eye-level. Without this, a dark furniture hue can risk overwhelming the space.

Experienced kitchen designers who understand colour, light and space can advise on how to make grey kitchen colours work within individual rooms, but consumers have also benefitted from increased choice and diversity within grey kitchen colours, as chic new tones and styles have emerged. Grey kitchen door colours ranging from light greys through to dark greys, new grey gloss doors, grey matt doors and new grey textured surfaces (to name but a few) have paved their way into the foreground of kitchen design over recent years.

Structured lacquer grey kitchen

Matt structured lacquer ‘Mouse Grey’ kitchen

It is the high quality feel and chic desirable look of these doors that has encouraged belief in grey kitchen colour schemes, boosting people’s confidence that grey tones will not only work within their homes, but more so, transcend into stunningly beautiful kitchen designs……and quite rightly too!

Grey Kitchen Versatility

Basalt Grey Gloss kitchen design

Basalt Grey Gloss kitchen design

Grey colour tones can be used to develop specific moods or settings for a kitchen and an extensive range of grey hues makes it possible to satisfy varying personal tastes in this regard.

Light-toned grey kitchen colours are warm and well placed for an elegant kitchen with a relaxing feel. This is achievable with dark grey shades too, but dark tones are also fitting if you desire a more dramatic look, perhaps a masculine and broody kitchen space!

Dark grey wood kitchen

Grey kitchen colour tone in Silver Oak finish

This versatility is common to grey hues, making them adaptable for most settings and successful in combination with bold colours, such as vibrant yellow, red or green accent pieces and accessories. Conversely, grey tones also beautifully compliment more muted finishes such as textures and warm woods.

Grey kitchen Design Inspiration

Celebrating the continued rise of the Grey kitchen, here are some of our favourite designs and finishes, offering a range of exquisite grey kitchen colours and textures:-

Light grey kitchens

Light Grey Matt Kitchen Door

Light Grey Matt Kitchen Door

The Light grey tone is soft and pale in colour, not unlike a white kitchen hue. It shares the clean, modern look of white kitchens and benefits from the same light-reflecting qualities, but varies enough to effect a refreshing distinction from a white kitchen look.

Painting your walls a fresh white tone can highlight this subtle contrast, or alternatively add further definition to the Light Grey kitchen door by painting your kitchen walls in a darker contrasting tone such as Farrow & Ball Paint No. 229 Elephant’s Breath.

Cashmere Kitchen Finishes

Cashmere Satin Lacquer Kitchen

Cashmere Matt Lacquer Kitchen with Compac Smoke Quartz-breakfast bar

One of our most popular kitchen shades, the Cashmere kitchen colour is desirable for its muted warm kitchen tone, ideal for creating a warm and inviting kitchen setting.

Cashmere kitchens are available in an expansive range of kitchen finishes, all exuding tasteful refinement. Like the Light Grey kitchen tone, Cashmere kitchens share the same light reflecting qualities as a white kitchen, so work well in spaces of any size to create a light, bright and welcoming kitchen.

Anthracite kitchen- available in a range of finishes.

A mid-dark but highly versatile kitchen tone, the Anthracite grey kitchen colour can be implemented by itself or else in combination with other colours and textures. It is available within a range of finishes including acrylic and laminate kitchen doors, within both gloss and matt surfaces.

Matt grey handleless kitchen island

Matt grey kitchen island in Anthracite finish

Dark grey tones work best within larger or open plan spaces and for features such as kitchen islands, as dark coloured base units will ground a kitchen, but can also add a sophisticated drama to a room (if desired!) Dark colours will work in smaller kitchen spaces too but in this instance, a lighter colour would usually be introduced for upper wall units. This would balance the look, and draw the eye upon entering a room, making the space appear larger.

Carbonite metallic kitchen.

metallic grey kitchen

High gloss lacquer metallic grey kitchen

This gloss lacquer kitchen door shares the same rich depth of colour as the Anthracite kitchen tone, but incorporates a subtle surface shimmer, for an impressive kitchen finish.

In the handleless kitchen style there is nothing to detract from the door’s soft shimmer, but conversely, a streamlined run of handleless units will perfectly enhancing its elegant finesse. Metallic features are currently very popular within home décor and with lasting appeal, are long set to continue as such.

Basalt Grey kitchens

Imitating colours that appear within natural formations, the Basalt grey kitchen exudes a rich earthy grey-brown tone. This finish transcends to a warm and comfortable kitchen, with a calm, soothing feel.

High gloss lacquer grey kitchen

High gloss lacquer Basalt Grey kitchen with sweeping curved units.

However if neutrals aren’t to your taste but instead you strive for a more striking appearance, then why not team the Basalt grey kitchen with a black granite worktop and vivid red splashback? This colour tone works for both subtle or bold looks, or else creates a happy medium between the two. Whatever look you wish to achieve, the Basalt grey kitchen tone is very workable. Available in both gloss, matt and handleless finishes also means their is plenty of room for creativity within design when working with this tone.

Champagne kitchens and Cubanite kitchens

The Champagne or Cubanite kitchens can only loosely be placed in the ‘grey kitchen’ category as more so than grey, they both exude a rich golden colour.

Metallic gold kitchen

Metallic gold kitchen finish

The Champagne door mimics the alluring qualities of a delicious champagne cocktail, complete with golden sparkle, whilst the Cubanite kitchen door reflects the yellow-toned mineral after which it was named.
Both doors are metallic kitchen finishes, at their best within a well-lit kitchen where light will reflect off the door surface to show off its high quality lustre. The Cubanite signifies a very recent but impressive addition to LWK Kitchens’ gloss lacquer kitchen range.

Grey Acacia Kitchens

For a grey tone with texture and body, the Grey Acacia kitchen door makes a distinguished choice.

Wood effect kitchen with island

Grey Acacia Kitchen Wood effect kitchen with central island

It is available in laminate but aptly conveys a smooth, even and appreciable wood grain effect. The colour and texture of this finish introduces warmth and character. It works well within two-tone kitchen arrangements, and is usually incorporated for feature pieces, standing out against lighter neutral tones.

Beige Grey ‘Bristol’ Ash Lacquer Kitchens

Grey Ash lacquer county kitchenWith an earthy quality to it, the Beige-grey kitchen tone is solid and dependable, ideal for a traditional or country kitchen where the kitchen is firmly set as the heart of the home.

As with other grey kitchen shades the Beige grey is malleable and so responds well to other tones and textures, particularly warm and rich wood tones that will enhance a warm kitchen feel.

Natural Concrete Grey Kitchens

With such an unflattering title it may seem at odds to refer to the Natural Concrete grey kitchen tone as sophisticated, yet that is exactly how this door appears within a kitchen.

Light grey textured kitchen door

Pale grey textured kitchen door, Natural Concretre

A far cry from images of a cement mixer or cold, stony car park that the term ‘Concrete’ conjures up (at least for me anyway!) This kitchen look is instead warm and enticing. A marbled blend of pale greys infused with subtle rustic tones produce a light and interesting textured surface finish that is pure understated class.



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