kitchen trends 2014 kitchen colour splashes

Kitchen Design Trends 2014 Part 2: Kitchen Colour Splashes

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Kitchen Colour Pops

Kitchen trend 2014, White laminate kitchen with colour pops

White kitchen with bold splashes of colour, brightening the kitchen and energising the space

White kitchens will continue to be the most popular colour choice for kitchens but a new trend for 2014 is to intersperse modern white kitchen furniture with pops of bright colour. Bright splashbacks and decorative accents are not new within kitchen design; they frequently present an attractive finish that is also effective in preventing all-white kitchens appearing too stark or bland. Taking this concept a step further is the new option for including splashes of vibrant colour within the kitchen furniture itself. Whether a gloss or matt white kitchen finish, kitchen colour splashes offer the means for expressing personality, instantly energising a room and introducing a feeling of fun! The modern and lively ambiance created will work particularly well for families where the bright kitchen colours appeal to both adults and children alike.

Kitchen colour splashes within a two-tone kitchen arrangement

Kitchen colour trends 2014

Pops of colour will instantly enliven an otherwise all-white kitchen

Two tone kitchen arrangements continue to be popular and the contrast of different textures such as a smooth high gloss lacquer with textured wood grain is a sound basis for an elegant and successful kitchen design. The emergence of kitchen colour splashes will by no means detract from this but conversely, careful selections will further enhance a kitchen’s appearance. For example, the cheerful new ‘Curry’ hue highlights wood tones, producing a warm and inviting kitchen feel.

Kitchen Colour Splashes with a single accent colour

kitchen trends 2014 kitchen colour splashes

Two tone kitchen arrangement with Natural Oak rough cut finish and white matt, emboldened with a turquoise splash of colour

You may wish to include a number of kitchen colour splashes or alternatively restrict your selection to a single accent colour such as in the example shown below. This natural oak rough cut kitchen with magnolia laminate wall cupboard was completed with a turquoise design shelf system. In conjunction with the light wood tones the vibrant blue colour creates a more modern kitchen feel but without overpowering the kitchen. Colour pops for kitchen furniture are also ideal if you wish to continue a theme that exists within the rest of your home, such as from kitchen through to living room.

Kitchen Colour Splashes on Splashbacks

kitchen trends 2014 kitchen splashback colour pops

Bright pops of colour look very effective within a kitchen splashback

As previously mentioned coloured glass splashbacks are a popular option for kitchens but increasingly for 2014 is the inclusion of vivid imagery upon the glass. As an alternative to the furniture colour pops, colourful prints and images on glass create stunning feature pieces. Particularly for white kitchens the coloured prints impact for a stunning modern finish.


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