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Celebrating LWK’s new improved kitchen design software: See our stunning new look!

LWK Kitchens strive to bring your dream kitchen to life, beginning as early as possible within the planning stage.   Our skilled designers specialise in the use of kitchen design software to combine ideas and possibilities, letting you plainly see how your new kitchen might look within various layouts, colours and styles.

The decisions you make for achieving your ideal kitchen have to be right for you.  With the help of quality CAD drawings you can ensure your kitchen’s look and layout is exactly as you want it before making any commitment.  Recognising how important this is, LWK Kitchens have recently introduced an innovative new kitchen design software program.  With this we can bring you better quality kitchen designs, graphics, viewing opportunities, and all of which we can now return to you in a shorter space of time!

  • Better Quality
  • Clearer Concepts
  • First Class Designs

As our Design team have now been using our new kitchen design software for a few months, we want to celebrate its success by sharing some of their stunning new creations!  So whether large, small, open plan, or for challenging rooms with curved or wonky walls, here are a selection of kitchen designs recently produced for the benefit of our clients…

Kitchen colour ideas and inspirations

Whilst not all designs make it to fruition, it is still exciting to see collections of light, dark, bold and beautiful kitchen colours!  We have kitchen colours to suit all tastes,  or else for a more modest look, ideas on how to successfully accent with colour:

  • White and cashmere Satin lacquer kitchen design
  • Two tone glass kitchen in Blackberry and white finish
  • Grey and white kitchen with bold red accents
  • Black gloss kitchen design in lacquer finish
  • Laser kitchen design in gloss white finish
  • Curved kitchen design with Polar white lacquer base units and Blackberry gloss glass wall units
  • Blue and white kitchen with Shaker doors
  • Bold red kitchen in a gloss laminate handleless kitchen finish
  • High gloss lacquer white kitchen with laser edge
  • Terra Oak matt real wood veneer
  • Blue country kitchen design
  • Ocean Blue metallic gloss lacquer kitchen with kitchen island
  • Terra Oak & laser white kitchen design


White kitchen design delights

Here is a selection of  kitchen designs featuring the much-loved white kitchen. Gloss, matt, curves, islands, breakfast bars….we have designed them all within this appealing tone over the last few months, yet pride ourselves on still being able to offer our clients a unique look, to satisfy unique tastes:

  • Polar white matt lacquer kitchen CGI Render
  • Polar white matt lacquer kitchen with kitchen island
  • Two tone kitchen in laser gloss white & basalt grey finish
  • Open plan kitchen island CAD design
  • White laser kitchen 3D imagery with Curry yellow shelving
  • Polar White high gloss lacquer kitchen with lasered edge
  • White gloss lacquer handleless kitchen 3D imagery
  • Brilliant white laser kitchen CGI render
  • Polar white gloss lacquer handleless kitchen
  • Planning ideas: White gloss kitchen island with seating area
  • Handleless white gloss kitchen design by LWK Kitchens
  • Curved island kitchen design in 3D CAD imagery
  • White satin laquer kitchen design
  • White high gloss island kitchen design, 3D imagery
  • Laser brilliant white gloss kitchen design
  • Gloss white lacquer island kitchen design
  • High gloss white lacquer kitchen design
  • White high gloss lacquer kitchen design ideas
  • Kitchen design ideas: white kitchen with breakfast bar


Small kitchen ideas

LWK Kitchens specialise in small kitchen design and know exactly how to make the most of a small kitchen space.  We achieve maximum use, storage and efficiency, all within an appealing design.  Here are some recent examples of small kitchen image renders, produced by the LWK Kitchens Design team:

  • Small metallic kitchen in gloss 'Cubanite' finish
  • White gloss lacquer small kitchen design
  • High gloss Cashmere kitchen design
  • Small G-shape kitchen design
  • Small Agate Blue Shaker kitchen
  • Small two-tone 3D kitchen design in white and cashmere laser finish
  • Small U-Shaped kitchen design
  • Small open plan kitchen in Cashmere Satin lacquer finish
  • Polar white matt kitchen CAD design
  • Two tone kitchen with Grey Acacia base units and Cream laminate wall units
  • Kitchen design with curved wall
  • Small laser kitchen in Polar white handleless finish
  • Small laser kitchen design in Cashmere finish


Textures, woods and neutrals

Natural woods and neutral kitchen colour tones appeal for the warm and inviting ambience they usually create. Whether light or dark and varying in texture, their accommodating nature also makes them perfect for mixing and matching, creating interesting and tasteful kitchen designs:

  • Laser Edge Cashmere lacquer kitchen design
  • Kitchen island design with breakfast bar
  • Basalt grey and gloss white lacquer kitchen design
  • Two tone handeless kitchen design CGI
  • Laser satin white kitchen design
  • Metallic kitchen in high gloss Cubanite finish
  • Natural Concrete laminate kitchen with textured surfaces
  • Terra Oak & white satin lacquer two tone kitchen design
  • White satin lacquer kitchen units with anthracite laminate kitchen island
  • Laser soft white kitchen with Grey Acacia kitchen island
  • Laser soft kitchen design renders
  • Cashmere high gloss lacquer kitchen with island
  • Natural oak rough cut kitchen design with island
  • Oxford Ash effect lacquer kitchen design


If planning a new kitchen we strongly recommend using a professional and experienced kitchen designer.

The Design Service offered by LWK Kitchens is complimentary and there is absolutely no obligation to proceed beyond the design stage.  If you would like to make use of this service please don’t hesitate to Get in touch. 


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