Kitchen trends 2015: Grey kitchen design ideas

Kitchen Trends 2015: What’s new for grey kitchens? (Part 3)

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Citing grey kitchens as a popular kitchen trend for 2015 may not seem like ground-breaking news, but there is certainly much to be said about the continually changing nature of the grey kitchen, an evolution which is definitely still occurring!

Basalt grey kitchen finish

The smooth matt Basalt grey kitchen finish

Put simply, ‘Grey,’ a colour that is sadly still associated with negativity and dreariness, is actually one of the most popular kitchen colours around!  It is certainly the hottest neutral tone, and not just for the kitchen but for home interiors in general.  Homeowners know it, designers know it, suppliers know it, and of course kitchen manufacturers know it too…which is why they have been busy preparing a range of brand new grey kitchen options in various colours, textures, tones and styles.  This can only mean continued popularity for the grey kitchen in 2015.

Why do grey kitchens work so well?

Essentially, Grey is a neutral and stable colour tone.  It effects a calming atmosphere, which is perfect for a kitchen, and at the same time carries an innate air of elegance and sophistication.  Implemented with due care, these qualities will carry through beautifully into the home.

Grey and red kitchen

Grey kitchen tones work brilliantly for anchoring bold colours, ensuring they won’t overpower a space.

Second to this, a breadth of grey kitchen colour options allow an extensive versatility within design.  Whether alone or else in combination with other finishes in the same arrangement, grey tones can effect a multitude of different kitchen looks and facades.  As the sole colour choice for a kitchen Grey is an example of understated elegance.  Yet by nature, Grey doesn’t actually draw attention to itself.  A positive attribute, this also makes it the ideal support act for bolder colours such as reds, yellows or blues.  These may be overpowering by themselves, but perfectly balanced in combination with a stylish grey kitchen tone.   Its flexible and accommodating nature leaves plenty of room for personalisation, creativity and diversity within any kitchen design that incorporates it.

What’s new for grey kitchens in 2015?

In recognition of the grey kitchen’s popularity and a continued demand for it, LWK Kitchens is launching an impressive selection of new grey kitchen finishes across our range of gloss, matt and wood kitchen doors:-

  • LWK Kitchens new gloss and matt grey kitchen tones

High gloss lacquer grey kitchen

The new high gloss lacquer Pearl light grey kitchen

LWK Kitchens offer a choice of 10 different grey kitchen tones within their gloss range, and 6 in the matt kitchen range; with a further selection of grey ceramic and wood kitchen finishes.  This ensures that whether light, medium, dark, metallic or fully opaque, there is a grey kitchen door option to suit every taste.   Further to the recent addition of a Carbon gloss lacquer and Silver grey metallic glass kitchen finish, a new Lava Grey kitchen tone has been introduced within both the gloss and matt kitchen finish. A yellow base makes the Lava grey a warm rather than cool grey tone, effecting a solid kitchen look with a definite warmth about it.

Similarly the Pearl Grey kitchen door is a new addition to the laser kitchen selection and available in both a gloss and matt kitchen finish.  The Pearl Grey is a delicate light grey kitchen colour which simply radiates finesse for a highly sophisticated kitchen look.  Please see examples of these doors below, as well as other examples of our gloss and matt grey kitchen collections:-

  • Kitchen design trends, Pearl grey kitchen
  • Kitchen design trends 2015, Lava grey matt kitchen in a satin lacquer finish
  • Kitchen design trends 2015: Kitchen carcasses
  • Patterned grey kitchen finish
  • Grey kitchen two tone design
  • Light grey matt lacquer kitchen design
  • Carbon metallic grey gloss kitchen
  • Kithen design trends 2015: Two tone grey kitchen design
  • Kitchen design trends 2015:  Pearl grey kitchen door
  • Basalt grey kitchen door with glass segments
  • Metallic Silver grey kitchen design glass

  • LWK Kitchens Grey wood kitchens and textured tones

As discussed in Part 2 of this series, wood kitchen finishes are expected to make a big impression on kitchen design in 2015…so it naturally follows that wood kitchens and textured surfaces will also prove popular within grey colour tones. As with gloss and matt kitchen finishes, LWK Kitchens have numerous new doors within this selection. Please see below for examples of these new collections:-

  • Kitchen design trends 2015: Champagne Oak real wood kitchen veneer
  • Dark textured grey kitchen doors
  • Grey kitchen two tone ideas: Cashmere kitchen with Terra Oak
  • Kitchen design trends 2015: Two tone grey kitchen ideas
  • Kitchen design trends 2015: Two tone kitchen finish
  • Grey kitchens: Natural Tessina kitchen finish
  • Solid wood grey kitchen ideas
  • Kitchen design trends: Grey Oak kitchen
  • Kitchen design trends 201, The Black Star kitchen
  • Two tone grey kitchen ideas

Grey kitchens appeal for their stunning look but also because they are easy to accommodate so they work within the home. Finally, they are long-lasting, ensuring your grey kitchen won’t date but uphold its sophisticated charm for many years to come.

You can find more information on Grey Kitchen Colour Schemes here.    Alternatively please contact us, or better yet come and visit one of our two London showrooms to see our grey kitchen displays in person.


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