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Kitchen Trends 2015: Kitchen colour schemes and dynamic pairings (Part 5)

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Kitchen colour schemes are a very personal decision as they reflect individual taste, and can say a lot about the homeowner.   The first port of call for many people in planning kitchen colour schemes is seeing what ideas, styles and current kitchen trends are available.

Kitchen colour schemes, Bold yellow kitchen

Don’t choose a kitchen colour scheme solely because it’s on trend, choose one you really like as it’s you who has to live with it!

But whilst trends and fashions can be inspiring, there is no point opting for a bold yellow kitchen if at heart your taste lies more in the direction of greys or blues. Also remember that colours are associated with different moods.  This means that colour choice can have a strong influence on the ambience within your kitchen. The key to getting a kitchen colour scheme right, and particularly when using bold colours, is to take time in planning it. Care should be taken to ensure all chosen tones will work with other furniture and décor you have, or intend to have within your home.

Kitchen colour trends for 2015

Throughout this design series we have explored the repeated use of contrasting textures and materials within kitchen arrangements.   There has been a particularly strong focus on designs which include contrasting textures, but usually within similar colour tones.

Popular kitchen colour schemes for 2015

Kitchens with similar tones but contrasting materials will be popular in 2015

Reflecting the influences of natural and earthy materials (as discussed in Part 2) we expect a popularity of neutral kitchen colours in 2015, particularly greys, browns and whites. Such colours will always be popular within kitchens because they effect stylish designs that are practical, long lasting and create a comfortable and enjoyable kitchen environment.  But colour is important too, and so what if you want to inject more colourful tones into your kitchen colour scheme?…

Be a shade braver with dynamic kitchen pairings

…As discussed, classic neutrals and earthy natural tones and materials will dominate a kitchen space in 2015. Yet for homeowners who want to go a shade braver, these natural tones, particularly in textured wood and matt finishes, can represent the perfect backdrop for bold vibrant colour accents!

Kitchen design trends 2015, Contrasting kitchen colours

A darker kitchen colour will anchor a bolder kitchen tone.  Together the colours can create a dynamic kitchen space!

Essentially mid or dark kitchen tones will anchor a bold injection of colour.   This balances the look and prevents a single bright hue from overpowering a space. Instead the resulting kitchen pairing is both dynamic and beautiful, bringing a zesty energy to the space!  This two tone kitchen styling makes introducing bright colours into a kitchen colour scheme much easier.  This proves especially useful if you are considering going a shade braver but anxious that a bold hue might be ‘too much!’

New kitchen colours for 2015

In keeping with this new trend for pairing classic kitchen tones with bold accents, LWK Kitchens are introducing three dynamic new colours across our gloss and matt kitchen ranges.  These are a rich Red wine, a striking Teal, and the new Golden Yellow kitchen tone!  For a wonderfully bold kitchen look each can be carefully introduced as a sole kitchen colour choice.  Otherwise, we fully expect to see these arresting new colours set against a backdrop of dark tones and textures in beautifully dynamic two-tone kitchen colour schemes.

Kitchen colour schemes: The Teal Kitchen

Kitchen design trends 2015, Popular kitchen colour schemes

The new Teal kitchen colour for 2015

Teal is very on trend within current fashion and home interior, and as Dulux’s ‘Colour of the year for 2014’ it is little surprise that it is now emerging for use within kitchen design too!  Teal represents calm and balance but is also known for its rejuvenating nature.  Within kitchen design this translates to an instant boost of energy within a space!  Particularly within a kitchen colour scheme with neutral and dark tones it represents a striking splash of colour that instantly enlivens the kitchen. yet still retains a balanced look.  Its uplifting, positive qualities make the new teal kitchen door perfect for creating a feature of a kitchen island, run of units, or any other point of interest intended to stand out.

Kitchen colour schemes: The Red Wine kitchen

Kitchen design trends 2015, Popular kitchen colours

The new Red Wine kitchen colour for 2015

The new Red Wine kitchen colour is available in a choice of the gloss and matt glass, lacquer and laminate kitchen finishes.    This is a beautiful deep red kitchen tone.  By itself it is rich and strong.  Alternatively it is beautiful within a kitchen colour scheme of black or grey tones, reflecting the current trend for dynamic kitchen pairings.  This combination tends to effect a masculine quality for a kitchen space, but this can be easily softened with alternatives of lightly textured timbers, white tones and glass accents.  Whilst rich in colour, this door benefits from a versatile nature, on the basis of which we fully expect to see it incorporated within many kitchen designs in 2015.

Kitchen colour schemes: The Golden Yellow kitchen

Kitchen design trends 2015, Popular kitchen colour schemes

The new Golden yellow kitchen colour for 2015

In keeping with the current trend for colours that reflect nature is the vivacious Golden Yellow kitchen tone. Contemporary and charismatic, yet also very welcoming, this colour will make a big impact on any kitchen space!  The Golden Yellow kitchen door will create stunning accents within a dynamic pairing of earthy neutral and grey kitchen tones, or else can be beautifully styled as a sole kitchen colour choice.  (Please click here for an example).


Kitchen colour choice and future trends

Whilst neutral tones are expected to dominate and create stunning kitchen designs in 2015, it is both exciting and encouraging to know there is still a place and demand for using colour within homes and kitchens! Not every kitchen colour appeals to every taste (and wouldn’t it be boring If they did?!) but by enabling kitchen options in a range of bold colours, neutrals, dark tones, accents and textures, it ensures all different tastes and preferences can be catered for.  This also allows new ideas, trends and kitchen colour schemes to continually emerge, and provide future inspiration for all of us within design:-


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