Modern wood kitchen ideas

Kitchen Trends 2015: The modern wood kitchen and natural materials for design (Part 2)

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Part One:  Relaxed Kitchen Chic

At many of the kitchen design and trade shows this year (2014) there was a very noticeable inclusion of natural materials within the kitchen designs on display, and especially the use of wood and stone.  There was an overall kitchen trend of natural forms and materials being infused within industrial post-modernist styles, creating a balanced harmony of man with nature.

Wood kitchen worktop

Natural kitchen materials can include wood kitchen worktops and slate kitchen tiles.

This enthusiasm for natural materials within kitchens reflects an increased awareness and concern for global sustainability issues. But it also coincides with a drive towards achieving a ‘relaxed chic style for kitchens’ as discussed in Part one of this series.  This is where the home and kitchen environment offer a stylish yet comfortable means for escaping the stresses of modern life.  Natural products are generally known for their healthy and enriching attributes.  So it follows that such positive and uplifting qualities should transcend within a kitchen environment, as well as creating an appealing kitchen look!

As such, we expect to see the use of lots of natural materials within 2015 kitchen trends.  Furthermore we will see a lot of mixing and layering of different materials within kitchens, creating interesting yet stylish contrasts.

Modern wood kitchen trends 2015

Dark modern wood kitchen ideas

Even in a dark wood kitchen tone the setting is both stylish and comfortable.

One of the most frequent natural materials for use within a kitchen is wood. The appeal of wood kitchens, whether real or wood-effect, is that no matter the style or colour, it tends to introduce a warmth and softness to a setting.  This makes wood kitchen doors especially popular for traditional and country kitchen styles.  Yet in 2015 we expect to see many more modern wood kitchen settings, with a variety of wood kitchen grains and colour stains frequently infused with contrasting kitchen finish materials.

Aside from a stunning kitchen look a definite advantage of mixing and matching woods with other finish materials (natural and otherwise) is that there are so many different possible kitchen looks you can achieve!  This allows much room for personalisation within a kitchen design. For example, a rough cut modern wood kitchen veneer could be  juxtaposed with a smooth matt lacquer, and beautifully accented with industrial metal accents.

Modern wood kitchen; two tone kitchen ideas

The Grey Oak real wood brushed veneer is exquisite in combination with a white high gloss lacquer kitchen finish

Alternatively, the new pale Grey Oak kitchen veneer is the perfect complement for a white high gloss lacquer.  It effects a stunning two tone modern wood kitchen design, but with a definite softness about it.  With its white surface etchings, the Grey oak veneer door has heart; it brings an appealing energy to a kitchen within a stylish yet comfortable space.  This is ideal in a room used for relaxing and sharing company with friends and partners, rather than used solely for cooking.

You might also consider the textured ruggedness which encompasses the Dark Pine wood kitchen veneer (pictured in slider below). The appeal of the outdoors is all wrapped up within this wood, making it perfect by itself for a shabby chic kitchen finish.  Yet beautifully opposing this characterful rustic door with a sleek polar white gloss finish will add an instant modern wood kitchen twist.  Its versatile and accommodating nature ensures a multitude of different looks can be created from this finish.

Light with light or dark with dark, virtually anything goes! Here is a selection of some of our other favoured modern wood kitchen designs juxtaposed with contrasting materials:-

  • Wood kitchen two tone design ideas
  • Dark Pine wood kitchen veneer
  • Two tone metallic kitchen design
  • Two tone modern wood kitchen design
  • Modern wood kitchen ideas
  • Wood kitchen with high gloss white finish
  • Wood kitchen finishes
  • Modern wood kitchen ideas
  • Grey Oak Pore real wood veneer
  • Silver Oak rough cut modern wood kitchen finish
  • Modern wood kitchen finishes
  • Modern wood kitchen ideas
  • Stone kitchen door
  • Gold green real stone kitchen door


Natural kitchen materials: The new Stone kitchen door!

Reflecting the inclination towards natural materials within the kitchen, LWK Kitchens are introducing two brand new statement kitchen doors, an exciting rarity as they are made of real stone!  The Gold Green real stone veneer and Black Star real stone kitchen veneer are beautiful to look and will make a real statement within any kitchen space.   They also have a coarse dark textured surface which is both fascinating and irresistible to the touch.

Natural materials for kitchens

Natural materials for kitchens: the Gold real stone kitchen veneer is made from real slate and has a beautifully textured rich surface finish.

As stone kitchen doors you might imagine these doors are thick and heavy?  Conversely their surface has been machined to a thickness of only a few millimetres, and then reinforced for strength and durability.  This makes them perfectly suitable for a kitchen environment. Whilst making a big impression on a kitchen space, our expectation is that these doors will mostly feature alongside contrasting finishes within solid two tone kitchen designs.  The Gold Green real stone is impressive by itself but equally exquisite when contrasted against a black gloss kitchen tone. Alternatively matt grey tones reminiscent of earthy, natural colours ensure a continuity of preferred natural influences within the kitchen setting.   The Black Star stone veneer will also compliment a wide range of kitchen options, for an equally stunning kitchen look, and of course within a highly practical kitchen design!


Natural materials within kitchen décor

Natural materials for kitchen decor

Kitchen decor can also include raw materials to contrast the furniture, such as a stone veneer wall, brick flooring or wood beamed ceilings.

As well as kitchen furniture, natural materials such as stone, wood and ceramics are also featuring heavily within kitchen décor. If keeping units simple for a contemporary look this affords you the option for including contrasting materials elsewhere.  This might be wallpaper to imitate exposed brick or stone (if a real brick or stone veneer is out of the question), laying raw plank effect flooring, reclaimed wood for open shelves, or of course natural material choices for kitchen worktops.

What do natural materials really mean for kitchen design?

As stated, we are set to see a heavy and recurrent use of natural materials within 2015 kitchen trends, particularly kitchen furniture and worktops engineered from wood and stone.  Alongside environmental considerations, the mass appeal of this is the versatility and freedom that nature’s extensive palette of colour, texture and quality allows.  This provides the opportunity for many unique, exciting and beautiful kitchen looks, perfectly tailored to meet the tastes and needs of every individual homeowner.


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