Textured matt kitchen finish

Kitchen Trends 2015: Textured matt kitchens (Part 4)

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Over the past year kitchen trends have seen a definite move away from gloss kitchens in favour of matt kitchen finishes. Increasingly this shift has also moved towards textured matt kitchen surfaces.  The mixing and matching of different textures and styles within kitchen design has become extremely popular and is something we are certain to see more of within kitchen trends for 2015.

Why are textured matt kitchen surfaces popular?

As explored in Part 1 of this series ‘Relaxed chic for kitchens’ people are inclining towards kitchen spaces that are stylish and sophisticated but at the same time, comfortable and enjoyable.

Textured matt kitchen finish

Smooth matt and textured matt kitchen finishes compliment within the same design.

Textured matt kitchen surfaces encompass all of these qualities, bringing warmth, interest and amiability to a setting.  But Matt kitchens, and particularly textured matt kitchen doors are also popular because their pristine look is easy to uphold and maintain.  Whilst easy to clean, smudges and fingerprints are much less visible, if at all, compared with a gloss surface.  This ensures they easily preserve a fresh and clean kitchen look whilst encouraging, rather than deterring, touching of the doors!  Again this makes for a more comfortable and enjoyable kitchen space.

Finally, and of equal importance, textured matt kitchens are popular for their appealing look!  The availability of a diverse range of materials can be used to create the most stunning of kitchen designs, all of which are interesting and unique, as well as beautiful!

Mixing it up!

Earlier this year at ‘EuroCucina 2014’ (Europe’s largest kitchen trade show) the LWK Kitchens team were extremely impressed by the imaginative use of materials in kitchen displays.  This included but wasn’t limited to stone, ceramic, timber, glass and stainless steel.

Kitchen design trends 2015, Mixing materials

Combining different textures in all areas of a kitchen can make a real statement!

As mentioned in Part 2 of this series, natural materials such as wood made a particularly noticeable appearance. And matt textures were frequently layered and contrasted with reflective surface materials including metals, high gloss kitchen finishes and glass accents. These highlighted design elements, creating stunning kitchen features.  Such arrangements adorned not just the cabinetry or worktops but were present at various kitchen localities from the floor through to the ceiling.  This mixing and matching of materials within the kitchen paves the way for homeowners to easily achieve the same. In so doing you can create dynamic and thrilling kitchen designs, which are at the same time practical and easy to maintain.

What’s new for textured matt kitchen surfaces in 2015?

The popularity of textured matt kitchen surfaces has led to the introduction of an entirely new range of kitchen furniture and accessories, embodying pattern, texture and varying contours.  Here are some examples of textured matt kitchen surfaces and designs to expect in kitchen trends for 2015:-

  • Stone veneer kitchen doors

A door front which highlights natural contrasts but within a straight-cut contemporary design, the Gold Green and Black Star real stone kitchen veneers represent a real delight for 2015!  Unusually, these doors are made from real slate! Whilst you might expect this would make them heavy to operate, they are deceiving in looks and have been machined to a more light weight thickness of only a few millimetres.  This makes the stone kitchen door highly practical and easy to look after.  It also encourages tactile engagement, and to touch it is to appreciate its pleasing but coarse, rutted surface.  At the same time the real stone kitchen’s look is dramatic yet eloquent and tasteful.

An alternative to this door but exuding a similar stone fascia is the new ‘Terra’ stone effect laminate kitchen.  Rich and dark, this door also appeals for its beautifully textured surface finish, assuming the appearance of real stone.   All of our textured matt kitchen stone doors work beautifully in tandem with contrasting surfaces such as a smooth gloss lacquer or laminate kitchen finish.  Lighting effects and glass accents can further heighten the sense of drama associated with these kitchen finishes, for an increasingly stunning design.

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  •  Ceramic effect kitchen doors

Fitting the trend for textured matt kitchen surfaces is a range of multi-layered pressed laminate kitchen doors, highly comparable with ceramic materials.  This collection of light to dark finishes includes the Natural Tessina, Natural Concrete and Salento Beige grey kitchen doors (all as pictured below).  Each of these doors has a beautiful surface finish which replicates the colours and patterns that would naturally form within clay soil. For example, the Natural Tessina kitchen’s pale surface is an amalgamation of delicate light colour inflections.  Each of these finishes can work harmoniously with other materials within a single kitchen arrangement, creating beautifully pleasing and balanced contrasts:

  • Matt textured kitchen doors, Ceramic kitchen doors
  • Textured kitchen doors, Ceramic kitchen doors
  • Textured matt kitchens, The Natural Tessina kitchen
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  • Natural Concrete Kitchen design by LWK Kitchens

  • Statement matt textures

Whether bold and dramatic, or subtle yet understated, there is a textured or patterned door to suit all tastes, and effect the desired kitchen look.  For a bold statement, you might consider the new Maritime matt kitchen door (also available in a gloss finish).

Statement matt kitchen finish

The new Maritime matt kitchen door makes a statement in the kitchen because of its bold surface pattern.

This has a smooth profile with a surface of sculptured tessellations that appear as fluid as a painting! The swirling configurations draw the eye, but in doing so dictate that this door is best contrasted with a smooth flat surface that won’t compete for attention.

Alternatively for a more subtle look, yet a textured door that still makes a statement, you might consider the subtle contours of the Canyon textured matt kitchen door.  This matt finish has a continuous pattern which flows across the surface of all units for a flowing, congruous kitchen look with an undeniable elegance. Below are some other examples of statement textures within kitchen design:

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The future for textured matt kitchens

The popularity of matt finishes will continue to rise, along with an increased used of textured surfaces within kitchen arrangements.  In turn, the mixing and matching of contrasting materials will further propel the existing propensity for two tone kitchen designs; that is kitchens comprised of two or more different colours and/or surface materials.

Sophisticated mixing of textures will occur not just in kitchen doors but also in splashbacks, worktops, flooring and décor too  (…and LWK Kitchens can’t wait to see the end-results!)

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