Kitchen Storage Solutions: Why Choose Kitchen Pocket Doors?

The look of a kitchen is extremely important but essential to achieving a desirable kitchen look is ensuring a well-laid out kitchen that is clean, tidy and makes the most of the available room space.

Why would you choose kitchen pocket doors?

Relatively new but increasingly popular is a sliding door system for kitchens known as kitchen pocket doors.  This innovative kitchen design system is a stylish kitchen feature within itself, high in quality and appearance but also extremely functional.  Kitchen pocket doors are intended for housing but also concealing storage and/or appliances within tall kitchen units, more-often within open plan kitchens or studio apartments.  Here is why kitchen pocket doors are so desirable and effective in creating a clean kitchen look…..

Kitchen pocket doors, kitchen storage ideas

Gold bronze metallic design glass kitchen pocket doors

How do kitchen pocket doors look?

Kitchen pocket doors house and conceal appliances such as ovens and microwaves, as well as smaller appliances such as a kettle or toaster. (NB.  They cannot conceal appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine that are floor-based).  They can also contain interior pull-out drawers and cupboards for providing additional storage.   When the pocket doors are closed, all of these goods are completely hidden from view, ensuring a clean worktop space and overall sleek appearance. It is this stylish and uncluttered look which makes pocket doors so popular, as well as the seamless flow of furniture from kitchen into living room within open plan spaces.   In larger kitchens or island kitchen designs, the pocket doors create a completely clear look, bar a sink and hob.  This makes them an ideal choice for homeowners with a preference for a ‘non-kitchen look’, that is, a kitchen with an emphasis on the space as a stylish site for relaxing or entertaining. 

Kitchen pocket doors, Kitchen storage solutions

Kitchen pocket doors glide backwards into a lateral pocket on opening

Kitchen pocket door design features

The sleek kitchen pocket doors allow easy access and use of the contents within.  The clever design of the pocket doors is such that on opening, the rotary doors slide outwards but then glide backwards into a lateral pocket (hence the name).  This arrangement ensures the working area is fully accessible with clear walkways, unobstructed by cabinet doors.   An efficient design, this makes pocket doors workable for smaller kitchen spaces, but as well as this they are also very durable.  The quality is such that the door will last and won’t start to stick over time, as some other models can. 

Kitchen pocket doors, Kitchen storage options

Kitchen pocket doors might conceal storage options and a work station

Available Kitchen Finishes for Kitchen Pocket Doors

Kitchen Pocket doors are available with either one or two sliding doors and can be fitted for a run of tall units or else as a freestanding module,  entirely dependent on space and personal preference. The doors are fresh, clean and sleek in appearance and available in a wide range of finishes including gloss metallic design glass, matt glass kitchen doors, gloss lacquer kitchen doors, structured lacquer kitchen doors, satin lacquer kitchen doors, real wood kitchen doors (including rough cut wood finishes) and ultra matt laminate kitchen doors.

Kitchen pocket doors, Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen pocket doors may be used to conceal a range of appliances, hiding them from view for a sleek kitchen finish





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