Industrial kitchen trend with stone veneer

Current kitchen design trends: The Modern Industrial kitchen look, Part 1

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One of the looks that has taken interiors by storm this year is the industrial look, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, particularly within kitchen design.

Davey Lighting Copper factory reflector

Industrial kitchen lighting: Spun pendant light polished copper exterior, with cable, chain. Source

The term ‘Industrial’ refers to anything which has to do with the business of manufacturing products.  More specifically this is factory generated products, so the phrase ‘Industrial’ typically conjures imagery of factories, machinery, metal, pipework etc.  Such imagery is the basis for the current industrial kitchen look wherein period, heavy duty and worn articles are incorporated within a more modern and often minimal kitchen setting.  The result is a sleek kitchen look. An industrial modern kitchen definitely has character, style and ‘edge’ but so too it is functional and practical, and space permitting they create a great setting for any homeowner who likes to entertain!

Think of your own home and you might conclude you don’t have the right setting or sufficient space for creating the modern industrial kitchen look.  But even without a spacious warehouse setting, there are numerous ways and means in which you can introduce this theme; here are some of the ways in which you might achieve this:

  • Industrial kitchen cabinetry

    Industrial Kitchen look

    Natural Tessina kitchen doors are a lighter alternative for achieving an Industrial Kitchen look

    If you truly want to effect an industrial kitchen look the basis for achieving this is selecting appropriate kitchen cabinetry. A cool grey and black palette is typical of industrial kitchen cabinetry colours.  Simple ‘no frills’ units will create desirable clean sharp lines.  These can be combined with different metals and furnishings to complement and enhance the look.   Textured surfaces such as LWK Kitchens new Stone veneer kitchen door reflect the popular trend toward natural influences in kitchen design, but it’s roughly textured green/gold appearance also makes this door perfect for the Industrial kitchen theme.  Alternatively, should you prefer lighter kitchen cabinetry, the Natural Concrete or Natural Tessina kitchen doors with their textured, lightly patterned surface, are also a sound basis for achieving the Industrial kitchen look.

  • Industrial kitchen accessories

    Accessories can strongly influence your décor so are a great way of complimenting your Industrial kitchen theme.  Copper has been described as ‘the metal du jour’ of modern interiors because of its infectious popularity and copper accents are perfect for creating an industrial feel.   There are numerous options for including copper, such as copper cookware on display, (which is also beneficial as very durable), copper light switches, taps, copper pipes etc.Other metals such as stainless steel will also add to the look.  You could include metal shelving or wall-mounted hanging rails.  Alternatively statement bar stools will stand out, or even cast iron radiators which can be painted in whatever colour you require to suit your new kitchen’s appearance.

  • Industrial kitchen Decor

Industrial kitchen theme

Wall art offers an inexpensive and non-permanent means of introducing an Industrial kitchen theme to the home

You don’t need a concrete floor or warehouse setting for your industrial kitchen look.  Instead you could easily introduce this for just one of your walls, making a feature of it with wallpaper which replicates the look of exposed brickwork, wood beams or concrete.  Such wall art is highly effective but also easily removable and replaceable should you later decide to update your look. Similarly for the Industrial kitchen theme, New York subway tiles (whether real or papered) are also a highly popular option.  Amongst more dated, period goods these keep the kitchen look feeling stylish and fresh.

  • Industrial kitchen lighting

    Choice of lighting has a big impact on a space and the feel of your kitchen.  For the industrial look, oversized pendant lights are a great fit, particularly when hung low over an island to create a feature.  Decorative and statement light installations including black factory style lights and stainless steel indoor lanterns are also highly effective.

  • Industrial kitchen appliances

    Industrial kitchen appliances

    Appliances such as this solid 8mm stainless steel sink will compliment the Industrial kitchen theme.

    One of the main traits of the modern industrial kitchen look is metal accents and these are very easily introduced with the choice of stainless steel appliances.  Stainless steel upholds the stylish modern industrial look against more traditional furnishings.  It also compliments most kitchen door styles and other materials such as the popular copper accent.

  • Ducting

    Copper pipeworkor exposed stainless steel ducting are highly effective in achieving the desired look but we would advise you approach with caution if it means making any drastic changes to the existing layout of your home.


Is the modern Industrial kitchen look set to stay?

In our opinion, yes!  This is a look that creates a real statement within the home, and simply bursts with intrigue and elegance.  Aside from the aesthetic appeal however the fixtures and trappings that enhance the look are also all highly durable and functional, ensuring an all-round striking, practical and thoroughly enjoyable kitchen experience.


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