Current kitchen trends: The Minimalist kitchen look, Part 4

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A long set but continuing trend is minimalist kitchen designs. Minimalism is achieved by stripping a room space of all that is not needed. The end result and appeal of this style is a modern or contemporary space which often makes the kitchen look larger than its actual dimensions. A minimalist space also presents a clean kitchen setting showing the true beauty of both the design and the doors. To this end, high quality materials and finish are essential as with nothing to detract from it, the kitchen must to speak for itself.
Here are a number of means for achieving a minimalist kitchen look:-

Minimalist kitchen cabinetry

As stated the key to achieving minimalism is high quality but also simplicity.  For a kitchen this means simple, clean lines to effect a fresh, sharp kitchen look.  The handleless kitchen style is ideal as it is in keeping with the concept that less is more, and kitchen handles are a choice not a necessity.

Minimalist kitchen appliances

Appliances within a minimalist kitchen such as this pop up extractor should be carefully chosen so they will reinstate the seamless kitchen look when not in use.

The kitchen should flow from one area to the next but essentially you must remember that it is a working real-life kitchen.  This means aside from how it looks it must still accommodate all of your kitchen needs.  Work with your kitchen designer and be sure to tell them all you require from a kitchen including what you use it for, who else uses it, how it is used etc.  With this information the designer can incorporate all the kitchen cabinetry, appliances, storage and other kitchen essentials that you need but ensure a seamless fit so they do not impede on the visual appeal of your kitchen’s appearance.   The reality is maintaining a minimalist kitchen look can be difficult amongst the day-to-day uses of a kitchen, but there are many design solutions and features that will go a long way towards facilitating this.

Minimalist kitchen colours

Minimalist kitchens exude an uncluttered appearance and your choice of colour and décor contributes to this.  Too many different colours within a design may compete for attention and will disrupt the minimalist feel so it is better to work with only one or two colours in total for your doors.  That’s not to say you can’t contrast colours, whether a bold or soft distinction.  You might choose understated tones for the main décor but then choose a bold vibrant hue for a striking stand-out statement.  Alternatively a classic contrast such as black and white holds timeless, long-lasting appeal.   You might even decide on a collection of subtly contrasting tones and textures.  You can blend modern materials with colour to add warmth and depth, or introduce warm woods which are highly effective in preventing a kitchen feeling cold.

  • Handleless white minimalist kitchen design
  • Image render for handleless gloss white minimalist kitchen
  • Minimalist matt glass kitchen island design
  • Matt white minimalist kitchen design
  • Image render for white minimalist kitchen island design
  • White minimalist kitchen design
  • Curved minimalist kitchen island design
  • Silver-grey minimalist kitchen design
  • Minimalist wood kitchen design
  • White gloss minimalist kitchen island design

Minimalist kitchen lighting

Minimalist kitchen design

Blackberry and white design glass is ideal for the minimalist kitchen style as it is chic and elegant.

Lighting is important within any kitchen design and so too it is important within a minimalist kitchen.  Remember that lighting is functional so ensure you have sufficient lighting to work under and then in conjunction with this you can add ambient and feature lighting to compliment the type of look you wish to create. This is usually very modern so lighting offers the opportunity for ultra-stylish chandeliers or pendants that would stand out against the more minimal setting to enhance the look.  Alternatively you might choose discreet recessed lights or backlights that enhance the feel of space but continue your minimalist kitchen theme.

Minimalist kitchen glass

Glass is a popular choice for splashbacks within modern minimalist kitchen designs as its presence creates an elegant and sophisticated look, whilst its light-reflecting qualities enhance the impression of a larger space.   Mirrors create the same effect so mirrored glass also frequently appears within minimalist kitchens, and metallic glass is also a desirable option for enhancing a contemporary feel.

Minimalist kitchen accessories

Minimalist kitchen storage solutions

Effective storage solutions are essential for minimalist kitchens such as this tambour unit which helps quickly and easily preserve the ‘less is more’ kitchen look.

It would be easy to say that there is no place for accessories within a minimalist kitchen but that’s simply not true because everybody has and needs them.  Indeed items such as a kettle, toaster or mixer are seen by many as items they cannot live without, yet where do they fit in the scheme of a minimalist kitchen? The solution for accessories is to find a place to house them so they can be easily accessible but just as easily hidden from view when not in use.  Through such means you can easily preserve your kitchen’s uncluttered look.  Tambour units or hidden shelving are great possibilities for this, and particularly for housing larger kitchen accessories. Ensuring sufficient storage within a kitchen is key, including integrated storage solutions such as internal cutlery drawers, bins, shelves and spice racks; These options will ensure everything has its place, and also that everything stays in its place.

The future of Minimalist kitchens

Minimalist kitchen designs are sleek, modern and very beautiful to look at.  They continue to appeal to and inspire any homeowner looking to replace their existing kitchen. But essential to them is a design that is functional yet easy to keep clean and minimal; As long as there are experienced and capable kitchen designers who can achieve this, minimalist kitchen designs will continue in popularity.


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