Compac Carrara Quartz kitchen worktop

Kitchen worktop trends for 2015

The kitchen is widely referred to as the heart of any home. Busy places, kitchens are usually intended as multi-purpose, functional areas for working, socialising, cooking and dining.  Of course, any quality kitchen design should also be highly attractive in appearance!  A kitchen should be appreciable as much for its aesthetic as for the pleasure gained from using it.  In both these respects the kitchen worktop plays a very important role.


Quartz kitchen worktops: The worktop of choice

Polished quartz kitchen worktop

Polished quartz kitchen worktop

Worktops have come a long way in the past few years alone, and Quartz is fast becoming the worktop of choice for many designers and homeowners.  Quartz is a robust and non-porous material, which makes it extremely hygienic and durable.  Consequently it is an excellent material for use as a kitchen worktop.  As well as affordable, quartz is available in many different colour options and a variety of patterns.  This includes colours and styles reminiscent of more expensive finishes such as marble kitchen worktops.

Marble vs. Quartz kitchen worktops

Dekton Aura Kitchen worktop

Dekton’s Aura quartz kitchen worktop

Marble is usually considered a luxury item for the home.  But whilst many people love the look of marble for their kitchen worktops, it is a very costly option.  As such, quality alternatives are highly popular.  The manufacturer Consentino have recently brought out a new product called Dekton.  This is made of 100% stone but is specially engineered to speed up the “metamorphous” stage that stone would naturally undergo.   The end-result is a product proclaimed as the most scratch resistant worktop on the market, and available in a beautiful range of colours and textures. This includes their new ‘Aura’ finish, a stunning worktop with a strong vein pattern running across its surface.  This finish closely resembling the look of a marble countertop and  is expected to be very popular in 2015.

Textured kitchen worktops for 2015

Dekton Ananke kitchen worktop

Dekton Ananke kitchen worktop finish

Just as use of texture is set to make a big impact on kitchen furniture in 2015, we also anticipate a lot of texture appearing in worksufaces.   Textured kitchen worktops with patterns and different consistencies can bring character and added interest into kitchen designs.

For example Dekton’s ‘Ariane’ and ‘Ananke’ both exude soft uniform etchings throughout the surface of the quartz.  Resembling a rich grain effect, this texture brings a new dynamic to the design, and entirely without the need of any extra colour.


Silestone Kensho kitchen worktop

Silestone Kensho kitchen worktop finish

Alternatively, Silestone (a natural quartz surface) have a stunning matt kitchen worktop colour called Kensho.

This is a soft dove grey tone with a very delicately textured surface.  Again, this texture brings a unique element to the design.  Through layering such finishes with other tones and textures you can create a highly distinguished and appreciable kitchen look.

2015 Worktop colour trends

2015 colour trends for kitchen design are typically muted grey and cream tones with small surface flecks, or mottling, within irregular patterns. In contrast, brilliant white and deep black hues are ones to watch out for, along with big repeating patterns such as large flowing waves or swirls flowing across the entirety of a worksurface.

Compac Carrara Quartz kitchen worktop

Compac Carrara Quartz kitchen worktop

Dekton, Silestone and Compac all have marble-effect quartz in their ranges which exude such patterns including the indiscriminate surface veins of the Compac’s Carrara stone.


What worktop should you choose?

Brilliant white kitchen worktop

Whether plain, patterned, or brilliant white, choose a worktop to suit your taste, style and needs

Essentially, any worktop style can be used within any kitchen design, reflecting personal taste and complimenting the other furniture.  Worktop choice can also be highly effective in bringing added wow factor, which is to be expected of these stylish new worktop styles which are sure to make an impact on the kitchen.   If you are undertaking any kitchen remodels or complete overhauls then keep an eye out for some of these worktop trends, styles which are sure to make you the envy of all who come into your home!


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  1. bertie says

    I inherited a kitchen with black granite worktops but while it looked smart I found it a bit stark for my taste. Instead of starting again from scratch I simply replaced the section used for food prep with an original oak worktop from It looks and feels so different. It complements the granite while adding warmth and life. It’s much more to my taste and it didn’t cost a fortune.

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