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New kitchen products: What LWK Kitchens saw and liked at kbb Birmingham 2014!

On Tuesday morning the LWK Kitchens team hopped onto the early train from London to visit kbb Birmingham (Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms).  This was an extensive exhibition of the kitchen and bathroom industry’s new products, ranges and technologies.  My colleagues and I were keen to see as much as we could throughout the day, although with over 300 brands exhibiting and 1000’s of new products on display this was no mean feat!  We cannot share all of the wonders from kbb Birmingham as there were simply too many, but we can tell you we are very excited by many of the new products and materials we saw there! We have included below just a few of our personal highlights from the show:

Gutmann iHood Extractor by Blanco

The Gutmann iHood by Blanco represents a modern design interpretation of the well known iPhone, so should look familiar!  It also has an integrated loading and playing station for an iPhone or iPod, a particular delight for the user!

Cast iron radiators

Redefined radiators by Arroll exhibit master cratfmanship!  Beautiful, functional glamour, to compliment a  range of interior styles.

kitchen worktop materials

Stunning new worktop materials!  We loved Avonite Surfaces Studio Collection: Petals  (Cirrus), and only 12 mm!  

Induction hob cooking

ABK’s i-cooking induction enables a bespoke appliance configuration, allowing homeowners to choose their own induction cooking layout.

DualCook Oven

Samsung DualCook Oven, advanced technology for cooking different food types, at different temperatures, but at the same time. 

kitchen surface ideas

Decolan’s stand-out collection of decorative and wide-ranging kitchen surface solutions.

Kitchen extractor hoods

Elica exhibited a range of decorative kitchen extractor hoods, including (but not pictured)  a number of retro brightly coloured hoods in lime green, orange, purple and baby blue! 

Induction hob with extractor

BORA Basic: the induction cooktop with integrated cooktop extractor.  The extractor draws expelled vapour downwards faster than the rate at which it can rise.

Boiling water tap

Save time waiting on a kettle boiling with an instant hot water tap. Impressive technology, with a compact heating tank to fit neatly under your sink.

BioFresh fridge

Liebherr impressed with their BioFresh technology for refrigeration, ensuring long lasting freshness for food. Their wine fridges are also carefully crafted to ensure the optimum temperatures for storing different wines, and available in a wide range of sizes.

LWK Kitchens thoughts of kbb Birmingham

Unfortunately the photos we took didn’t do justice to the impressive new colours and styles we were introduced to within Silestone, Quartz, as well as a number of other ranges, so for this reason I sadly haven’t included them above.  Whilst our photos demonstrate only a small sample of the many beautiful and innovative products we saw on the day, it is very clear manufacturers are continually working to  improve the appearance, functionality and durability of their products, and we in turn are very much looking forward to being able to bring these to our clients.

Thank you kbb Birmingham for an interesting and eye-opening visit!

Jen Wilson, on behalf of LWK Kitchens



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