Marsala Pantone Kitchen 2015

How can you make the Marsala Pantone Colour of the Year 2015 work for your kitchen?

If you aren’t familiar with Pantone colours, they are an extensive palette of agreed, standard hues, recognised and used worldwide within a variety of industries.   This includes the Kitchen and Interior Design industry.  Each standardised colour within the Pantone Matching System (PMS) has a unique name and reference number, ensuring anyone can search for Pantones and match a colour exactly as required.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2015

Marsala Pantone Colour of the Year 2015

Named after the Marsala red wine, the Marsala Pantone colour is rich and warm.

So just what did the leading authority in colour announce as their ‘2015 Colour of the Year?!’….None other than the beautiful rich Marsala tone, ‘Marsala 18-1438’; This is described by Pantone as, “a tasteful hue that embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal,”

So What exactly is the Marsala Pantone?

No, it’s not a Tikka curry…but a beautiful rich warm hue identical to the Marsala red wine after which it is named!   A brown undertone gives its reddish colour an earthy quality, and this translates to a sophisticated and inviting tone, much like that of a warm umber. As Pantone’s colour of the year, the Marsala Pantone is one we are sure to see appear within fashion and interior design trends throughout 2015….but just how can you successfully work this strong colour into your kitchen?  Here we take a look…

How can you incorporate Marsala within your kitchen?

There are a number of ways you can introduce the Marsala Pantone within your kitchen and it is perfect for experimenting with. But for a bold colour such as this it is best to introduce it for just one aspect of your kitchen, whether your furniture, walls, décor or accessories.  Otherwise the drama of this powerful hue can easily become ‘too much’ and overwhelm the space.  Here we look at some ideas for incorporating Marsala within your kitchen space:-

  • Marsala Kitchen Furniture
    While not an exact colour match, at LWK Kitchens we have two warm red kitchen colour tones very similar to the Marsala pantone.  This is our Orient red laminate kitchen finish and brand new Wine red kitchen finish; the latter of which is available in gloss and matt glass, lacquer and laminate kitchen finishes (with the exception of a wine red matt laminate finish).
    • White kitchen with Marsala Pantone furniture accents
    • Wine red gloss laminate kitchen furniture
    • Wine red kitchen wall unit doors with frosted glass
    • Wine red satin lacquer kitchen and living room furniture
    • Wine red kitchen furniture with handled doors
    • Wine red gloss lacquer kitchen design
    • Wine red kitchen island with lava grey kitchen wall units
  • With equal appeal for both men and women, Marsala makes a bold and beautiful statement for kitchen furniture.  Yet it can be fully tailored to suit your personal taste and desired kitchen look.  So whether an eye-catching kitchen island, handled or handleless design, or indeed doors with a stylised floral motif, the end result can certainly be a colourful yet elegant kitchen look. Alternatively if you wanted to tone down the colour then why not combine the red wine hue with a more neutral choice of finish, something this versatile colour is ideal for! Textured woods and white tones will soften the colour tone whereas a combination with greys or black will enhance a more masculine feel for the kitchen.
  • Marsala Coloured Kitchen Walls
    Marsala Pantone accent wal

    Contemporary Kitchen & Living Room with Marsala accent wall, by San Francisco Photographers Ed Ritger Photography

     You could introduce a selection of red wine kitchen wall units for your kitchen….But then again, you could just paint your walls in the Marsala Pantone colour instead! And why not make such a declaration?…Achieving instant warmth for your kitchen, delivered within a flattering and sophisticated tone!  However, this styling should be approached with caution as its success can depend entirely on the size of your room space or whether it is open plan. For small kitchens it may be that this only suits for one kitchen wall or ‘accent wall,’ preventing the bold colour from overwhelming the space or making it feel smaller.  But this look can be carefully balanced with a complementary light toned kitchen furniture, ensuring you still achieve a light and bright look for your kitchen.
  • Marsala Kitchen Appliances and Accessories
    Rather than kitchen furniture or wall colours, perhaps you would prefer to include the Marsala Pantone in a more easily changeable, less permanent format? In this case why not introduce it as a stylish accent colour for your kitchen! This might include small appliances such as a kettle, toaster, mixer, saucepans or Marsala-coloured kitchen utensils and plates.   You can even have Marsala-topped bar stools to sit at a kitchen island.  Such bold splashes of the Marsala pantone inject welcome colour, and can easily transform a neutral décor.  They also don’t have to be expensive and will be easily replaceable whenever you next feel ready for a change of look!
Marsala Pantone kitchen accessory ideas

Marsala Coloured Kitchen Appliance and Accessory ideas

Marsala Pantone Kitchen Textures and Décor

Marsala pantone coloured lamp

Bring the Marsala Pantone into your kitchen though accessories such as this stylish hand blown lamp

Expected to make a big impact on the fashion world, it is safe to say the Marsala colour tone translates very well into textures and materials.  The use of texture and contrasting materials will be big within kitchen design in 2015, and can easily include the Marsala Pantone colour tone.  You can achieve this through the incorporation of Marsala coloured kitchen blinds, lampshades, tea-towels, a tablecloth, napkins, table mats or even soft canvas paintings.  In an open plan space you might even match your Marsala kitchen décor with a settee and sofa cushions! Or why not mix up your look with a secondary colour accent?  Marsala blended with cream tones ensures a soft elegance; greys bring a warm yet more masculine quality, whilst fusing the Marsala tone with hints of gold can bring a touch of opulent glamour for your setting.

Make a Marsala kitchen work for you!

Marsala Pantone colour of the year Kitchen ideas

Marsala Pantone Colour of the year 2015

The Marsala Pantone colour is ideal for homes and kitchens because of its natural warmth and uplifting energy.  But key to making it work is not losing sight of its intensity.  Such a rich, strong colour can easily appear ‘too much’ within a kitchen, and particularly within a small kitchen space.   Avoid this by taking the time to carefully plan your kitchen look, and focus on introducing the colour into just one area, whether furniture, walls or accessories, as discussed above.  Get the balance right and you should achieve a stylish and elegant kitchen look, complete with a relaxed and inviting kitchen feel.


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