High gloss lacquer metallic Kitchen, Ocean Blue

Kitchen Design Trends 2014 Part 4: Metallic Kitchens

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Metallic kitchens

Metallic kitchen finishes need little introduction as they are already very popular within modern kitchen design.

High gloss lacquer metallic Kitchen, Ocean Blue

High gloss lacquer metallic Kitchen, Ocean Blue

As LWK Kitchens are aware, the sparkling lustre of a Champagne or Blue Steel acrylic kitchen door front never fails to attract admiring glances; this style is as popular as it is elegant. So it is exciting to know that the metallic kitchen range is evolving!

Whereas metallic kitchens have previously only been manufactured in an acrylic finish, fresh metallic colours are to become available within high gloss lacquer and glass kitchen finishes. With this development, metallic kitchen finishes represent a kitchen trend that is certain to continue into 2014.

High Gloss Lacquer Metallic Kitchens

The refined beauty of the high gloss lacquer kitchen results from the sophisticated manufacture process that the doors undergo. This consists of a repeated spray lacquering of the door front for an extremely even finish and appreciative depth of colour.

High gloss lacquer metallic Kitchen

High gloss lacquer metallic Kitchen in Cubanite finish

The resulting surface of the door is glossy, smooth and highly reflective. Within the new metallic high gloss lacquer kitchen this finish is further enhanced by the inclusive metallic shimmer, which catches the light for an inviting and opulent finish.

The new metallic collection of high gloss lacquer doors includes colours in Carbon, Cubanite and Ocean Blue, all of which will be available in either a handled or handleless kitchen option.

Dark Metallic Kitchen Colours

Dark kitchen colours will be popular in 2014, a trend which is reflected in the emergence of dark metallic kitchen tones.

Gloss lacquer metallic kitchen door

Carbon High gloss lacquer metallic kitchen door

For dark hues to work successfully within a high gloss kitchen they require manufacture from a high quality material. Without, and they risk exuding a dimpled ‘orange peel’ effect. Consistent with this, the quality of the new metallic high gloss lacquer kitchen finish is such that it works as well for dark coloured doors as light tones. Within darker tones the metallic finish is particularly stunning as the lustrous metallic shimmer appears more prominent.

Metallic Gloss Glass Kitchen finishes

As well as new metallic kitchen colours in the gloss lacquer range there are also some fresh additions to the gloss glass kitchen collection. These are the Gold bronze metallic design glass and Silver grey metallic design glass.

Silver/Grey Kitchen Design Glass

Silver/Grey Kitchen Design Glass

Gloss glass kitchen doors are specifically designed for use within domestic kitchens. Produced from 3mm thick toughened safety glass ensures a scratch resistant surface, with the same smooth and highly reflective qualities of a mirror. It is this mirror quality that allows maximum light reflection from the door’s surface, and this in turn produces the elegant gloss shine.

All design glass doors undergo the same manufacture process but the new metallic design glass includes ground aluminium particles, and it is this that creates metallic effect with lustrous sparkle.

Bronze Metallic Gloss Glass kitchen door

Bronze Metallic Gloss Glass kitchen door

The gold bronze metallic doors exude a warmer tone than the silver grey design glass but both styles convey an elegant feel and would be well-suited for a bright and contemporary kitchen setting. The most exclusive of all our collections, the design glass is extremely eye-catching and continues to be so within the new metallic kitchen range. As a kitchen company this is definitely a style we are looking forward to seeing more of in the near future!


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  1. Sheryl Rhul e says

    What colour wall paint compliments the metallic cubanite lacquer and high gloss white cabinets.
    Thank you

  2. Pushpendra says

    What are the different colors available in gloss finish for kitchen cabinet?

    Can you please suggest some of the good combinations of two tone colors.

    • says

      Hi and thank you for your comment. We have gloss finishes available in a wide selection of colours from light to dark including:- black, cream, light blue, dark blue, blackberry, gold bronze, and a range of gloss white, grey and red kitchen tones. If you could let me know your preferred colour choice(s) I can suggest some options that will compliment? In the meantime I have added a gallery for you displaying a selection of previous two tone kitchens we have designed: http://www.lwk-home.com/kitchen-blog/two-tone-kitchen-ideas/

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