Kitchen Design Trends 2014 Part 5: Minimalist Kitchens

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Minimalist Kitchens for the Future

As kitchen design tastes continue to develop and mature there is a greater appreciation for purity of design.  Achieving purity within kitchen design requires a minimalist approach, dictating that less is more to ensure that which is not needed is not present.    Not a new concept within kitchen design this has long been evident within the minimalist, clean lines and handleless styles that are popular amongst most modern kitchens.  But the assertion that form should follow function has continued to evolve and is reflected in the latest trends and sophisticated innovations within kitchen design:

Minimalist Kitchen Furniture 

Kitchens are essential within households but increasingly present themselves less as kitchens in the familiar and expected sense but more as stylish furniture that blends in with the rest of a home’s décor, or else as statement décorative pieces   This includes the extension of kitchen furniture through to a living room space, which is now common, as well as other areas of the house.  Particularly within an open plan kitchen and living space a flow of uniform furniture enforces continuity and retains a minimalist and timeless theme: 

  • Minimalist smooth curved Kitchen design
  • White kitchen cabinets are ideal as living room furniture
  • Traditional Framed Kitchen doors
  • Kitchen and living room furniture combined
  • Kitchen pocket doors
  • Blue kitchen dresser
  • Blue kitchen and office furniture
  • Minimalist kitchen/ living room furniture

Kitchen Appliances

One of the areas of kitchen design where the purity of design is most apparent is within advances in appliance innovations.  Sophisticated designs are continuously devised but with the most simplistic means for operation.  This guarantees appliances are as user friendly and accommodating as possible.  But it is also consistent with the ‘less is more’ concept and designs themselves are becoming more minimal, clean and simplistic in appearance.

An example of this is induction hobs.  These have increased in popularity over recent years but as new models are released each has fewer buttons, dials or edging,  ensuring a smoother seam with the worktop.  Similarly ceiling extractors and decorative pendant extractors take up less space within a kitchen, or else pop up extractors retract when not in use to reaffirm a kitchen’s clean lines.  Intelligent designs but also within their ‘purity’ lies the advantage that such furniture and appliances is less likely to date with the passing of time.

  • Minimalist Miele induction hob
  • Feature flat kitchen sink within kitchen island
  • Pop up sockets retract when not in use to maintain clean kitchen lines
  • Appliances are frequently 'hidden' within modern kitchen designs
  • Seamless appliance housing
  • Induction hobs are minimal and discreet
  • Small kitchen compact appliances
  • Suspended Kitchen Extractor
  • Contemporary appliance housing


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