Modern kitchen extensions

Modern kitchen extensions: Ideas and Inspirations!

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One of the most frequent spaces we design for is modern kitchen extensions.  As a London based kitchen design company we recognise that space is often restricted in local homes and one of the ways people look to increase their personal space is through building extensions.  The most popular type of house extension for a London home is the single storey side or rear extension, purpose built for a new kitchen.

Modern kitchen extensions, especially those built onto the back of a house generally offer:-

  • Increased space for comfortable living
  • An increased range of possibilities for the kitchen design, including space for an island
  • Usually access to a garden or outdoor space
  • Increased square footage and a better layout equating to an increase in house value

Here are some examples of recent modern kitchen extensions we have installed:

This modern kitchen extension was purpose-built and intended as a bright, fresh and modern kitchen space. The all-white kitchen look is effected through fresh gloss white kitchen cabinets and Glacier white corian worktops.  The minimalist kitchen feel is emphasised through the choice of handleless finish, whilst plentiful storage space within the recess of the new walls ensures this is easy to maintain.  Natural lighting is plentiful due to the light toned cabinets, skylights, and the fully glazed door. The combination of these elements translates to a bright, airy and sociable setting, whilst still a fully functional and efficient working kitchen space.



An all-purpose family kitchen, this is one of LWK’S favourite kitchen designs!  Sleek and contemporary, this lower ground floor kitchen extension was fully intended as a highly practical yet sociable kitchen space for cooking, dining and entertaining.  With this brief in mind, all of the working areas of the kitchen were sited on one side of the kitchen island.  This created a short distance and easy access between the separate sites for storage, cooking, preparing food and washing up. The kitchen island contains a breakfast bar with seating on the far side, yet even behind this there is still a clear access route to the exterior space.  Ample recessed storage cabinets allow for the clean streamlined kitchen look to be easily maintained, whilst also ensuring the kitchen island takes centre stage as the design’s focal point.  Compared with some of the other modern home extensions we have designed kitchens for this one didn’t benefit from lots of natural light, and with a mid-dark décor it was clear a sharp white tone would have the biggest and most impressive impact on the space. The polar white kitchen finish achieves this whilst beneficing a stunning timeless aesthetic that will maintain its appeal with the passing of time.



This modern kitchen extension was designed for a family home where growing children meant a bigger space was required to accommodate and meet all of their needs. The island kitchen design incorporates a sleek minimalist kitchen feel whilst the cashmere colour (and flooring) introduce a comfortable warmth.  The design includes space at the far end for relaxing, or for the children to play safely away from any hazards of the working kitchen sites, whilst still under their parents watchful eye.  Similarly the glazed doors permit direct access to the closed-off garden.  This again means the parents can cook or work in the kitchen whilst still keeping their children in plain view as they play outside.



Two tone kitchen designs can be very beautiful and also offer a highly effective means for ensuring dark kitchen colours work successfully within a design.  This modern kitchen extension contains a deep blackberry glass splashback, blackberry glass kitchen furniture, as well as dark flooring too.  Without careful planning this colour combination could easily overwhelm a space making it dark, dim and uncomfortable to work in.  However the dark blackberry kitchen tone is offset by the inclusion of the white gloss lacquer finish.  In combination with the glazed wall and ceiling, this lifts the colour and brightens the space.  The end result is that light floods the kitchen, and with room for a kitchen table too, the overall feel is a comfortable relaxing site, desirable for both cooking and eating in.



Like many others intending to expand on their home the owners of this space knew from the outset that they wanted to include an island within their modern kitchen extension.  For a family home this kitchen design and layout must accommodate all of their needs, including cooking and eating meals, as well as establishing a sociable space for gathering as a family, or else with friends too.   The plentiful natural light source is maximised through the choice of white shiny kitchen finish, reflecting off the glossy surface for an elegant finish that enhances the feel of a bright and spacious setting.  The overall look is contemporary and stylish, yet comfortable and inviting.



An existing kitchen space can sometimes indictate that lighter finish colours are the best choice, particularly if you need to effect the feel of a lighter or larger room.  But one of the significant advantages of a purpose built modern kitchen extension is you can design it in accordance with your personal tastes. Should this mean darker colours then you can create a space that will guarantee these tones will work.  In this modern kitchen extension a beautifully dark Terra Oak handleless kitchen finish has been incorporated throughout the kitchen.  But the reason it doesn’t appear too dark is because of the overhead skylights and glazed doors which allow plentiful natural light into the room.  The dark kitchen furniture is also counterbalanced with a white décor, white flooring and white worktops, the combination of which  ensure the overall look for this kitchen works.



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