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It is exciting times at LWK Kitchens. With new products, styles and colours available for clients to choose from, it can be hard to find the time to stop, take a breath, and reflect on all that has been happening here in recent times.  But that said, our team of staff were keen to answer the question of whether the white gloss kitchen had maintained its prior ranking as the most popular kitchen colour and finish choice among our clients. 

So what was LWK Kitchen’s most popular kitchen choice in 2013?Well, we can now confirm it was not a white gloss kitchen as many expected,….but the,
Cashmere kitchen in an ultra matt laminate style!

A surprise finish to some but not all, here is a look at LWK Kitchens top 5 most popular kitchen choices of last year, including the new favourite Cashmere matt kitchen, and a look at why this choice was, and is set to continue in popularity through 2014! 

1)      The winner:  Cashmere ultra matt laminate kitchen finish

The finish: A surprise winner for some, and largely as the laminate kitchen finish suffers somewhat of an outdated stigma; Clients can be wary of laminate, largely because they expect a visibly-textured surface, common to older and/or lesser quality laminates.    Conversely our doors are ultra matt, manufactured through sophisticated means to a high standard, closely resembling the finish of Satinised lacquer kitchen doors.  As such, the ultra matt laminate kitchen makes a great choice, without compromising on either looks or quality.  The ultra matt laminate surface finish is smooth, easy to maintain, and of course both strong and highly durable.
The colour: Towards the end of last year I posted an article focusing on the Cashmere kitchen as an increasingly popular kitchen colour choice, and placed it as one of our top kitchen colour choices for 2013.  It is a refreshing but dependable alternative for the more frequented white kitchen, and shares many of the same properties which make white kitchens successful. Like the white kitchen, Cashmere is a neutral colour; understated, light, timeless, and versatile, so works beautifully in combination with other colours.   As one of our Designers put it:

‘The ultra matt laminate door is a high quality laminate with a satin matt finish; cost-effective, and gorgeous!’

  • Cashmere matt laminate kitchen
  • Cashmere Kitchen
  • Utility room furniture and appliances, Cashmere finish
  • Cashmere matt kitchen furniture
  • Two-tone Kitchen Cashmere with White
  • Two-tone Kitchen Cashmere with White
  • Cashmere matt laminate kitchen doors
  • Cashmere matt laminate kitchen design
  • Cashmere kitchen design
  • Cashmere matt laminate kitchen design

2)      High gloss white lacquer kitchen finish:

The Finish:  Our second most popular kitchen colour and style combination in 2013 was the High gloss white lacquer kitchen.  This finish undergoes a PUR Bonding process, the result of which is an extremely strong bond and durable door that is water and moisture resistant.  These square-edged doors transpire to a sleek and streamlined kitchen with a very clean and fresh look, which is simple to maintain because of the easy-to-wipe gloss surface.
The colour: We have a selection of white kitchen tones available but this white hue exudes a warm colour, comparable with ivory, and enriched by the door’s highly polished finish.  The result is a luxurious and inviting kitchen look, and herein lies this kitchen door’s appeal.  Gloss kitchen surfaces possess light reflecting qualities and can enhance the appearance of a kitchen for a lighter, brighter room that looks and feels larger than it actually is.  There is no other colour tone that will fuel this effect better than a white high gloss kitchen.

  • White high gloss lacquer kitchen
  • White high gloss lacquer handleless kitchen
  • High gloss lacquer white kitchen
  • White high gloss lacquer kitchen with island
  • Two tone kitchen with white high gloss lacquer and grey island
  • White high gloss lacquer in handleless finish
  • White high gloss lacquer kitchen with peninsula and seating area
  • White high gloss lacquer kitchen
  • White high gloss lacquer kitchen storage and shelving
  • White high gloss lacquer kitchen design

 3)       Cashmere Satin lacquer kitchen finish

The finish: If I am allowed to be biased towards one type of finish then for me, my favourite is the Satin lacquer kitchen door. To run your hand over its surface is to appreciate its high quality, uninterrupted finish, which feels silky smooth to the touch.  This door shares the light-reflecting qualities of a gloss door, but without creating a reflection.  In effect, it is a happy compromise for anyone who cannot decide between a gloss or matt kitchen finish!
The Colour: The quality of the door is matched by the Cashmere door’s appreciable depth of colour. As with the Cashmere ultra matt laminate door, the same neutral tone is versatile so combines successfully with many other colours and finishes such as wood doors, yet white is frequently introduced as a colour compliment.  By itself, Cashmere also works extremely well, and its understated look introduces a serene and calming kitchen feel.  This is ideal for kitchens as a busy hub of the home, or when cooking can sometimes become stressful!

  • Cashmere kitchen with island
  • Cashmere satin lacquer kitchen with island
  • Kitchen  larder unit in Cashmere satin lacquer finish
  • Tall kitchen units, Cashmere satin lacquer finish
  • Cashmere kitchen matt lacquer finish
  • Cashmere satin lacquer kitchen
  • Handleless Cashmere satin lacquer kitchen base units
  • Cashmere kitchen
  • Two tone matt kitchen design

4)      White matt lacquer kitchen finish

The finish:  As with the Cashmere satin lacquer door, the white matt lacquer, or Satin lacquer kitchen finish benefits from a repeated spray lacquering process, the end result of which is a very smooth, even finish. The gloss-free surface is also to more resistant to fingerprint marks so it is easy to clean and maintain the deluxe appearance.
The colour: White kitchens are popular for their clean, fresh look, and one of the finishes that shows this to its best is the white satin lacquer kitchen door.  The colour and finish combination works brilliantly for a functional kitchen, easy to care for and which radiates style and sophistication.  It creates a clean, sharp look that will withhold its fresh appeal, rather than fade with the passing of time.

  • White satin lacquer kitchen island
  • White matt lacquer kitchen island with seating
  • White matt lacquer kitchen with peninsula
  • White satin lacquer kitchen finish with White Corian Worktop
  • White satin lacquer kitchen furniture
  • Two tone kitchen, White Satin Lacquer with Teak Real Wood Veneer

5)      High gloss white lacquer kitchen finish 

The finish: Similar to the high gloss white finish already mentioned at number 2, except this door has softer, rounded and continuous edges.  The surface of each door is individually lacquered with repeated, even coatings, each becoming progressively finer for an increasingly smooth and polished surface. Whilst this proves alabour intensive process, the end-result is a superior finish with a highly-reflective surface, extremely appealing in looks and quality.
The colour: As stated previously, white is the best colour in combination with a gloss surface for achieving a bright and spacious-feeling kitchen, and will work for a kitchen of any size as well as in combination with other colours and styles.  But within an all-white kitchen there is nothing to detract from the deep lacquer’s polished shine but instead this style will accentuate it.  It is a stylish, alluring but also a dependable and timeless kitchen colour that will long continue as one of our most popular kitchen options.

  • White high gloss lacquer kitchen doors
  • White high gloss lacquer handleless kitchen
  • White high gloss lacquer kitchen with island
  • Two tone kitchen, white high gloss lacquer with light Acacia laminate kitchen island
  • High gloss lacquer white kitchen finish
  • High gloss lacquer white handleless kitchen
  • L-Shaped handleless white gloss lacquer kitchen
  • High gloss lacquer white kitchen with island

What do you think to our top 5 kitchens? Do you have a favourite?
Let us know…. 



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