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The LWK Kitchens website has a brand new look!

After much hard work, long hours, the odd technical hitch, and quite a few ‘I really wish we’d known that earlier’ moments, LWK kitchens are delighted to have finally launch our new German kitchen website last night! With the same name, but a new improved look, we bring you:-LWK Kitchens London

  • More images, and better quality images
  • Easier site navigation
  • Faster page and image loading speeds
  • A desktop, mobile and tablet friendly interface
  • Informative and up-to-date product detail

So why the change?

Former LWK Kitchens German kitchen website homepage

The former  look of the ‘LWK’ Kitchens German kitchen website interface.

Having felt our previous LWK Kitchens website was starting to look somewhat dated, combined with the knowledge that some of the pages and images were slow to load, we decided some months ago that it was definitely time for a makeover!

To that end, our new LWK Kitchens website dedicates much more screen space to our kitchen images, for a better visual impression of our product and designs.  Through the introduction of more (and larger) image galleries, we want our new German kitchen website to bring users as clear an impression as possible of our kitchen range….And of course, all images now load much faster, eliminating that universal frustration of staring at a screen, whilst waiting an age for anything to appear!

Improved Site Navigation

Each kitchen style whether gloss, matt, wood, stone or ceramic, is clearly and carefully broken down into categories according to the type of finish material each door is made from. Select your preferred kitchen style from the menu, and you will access a new screen (such as that shown below) detailing every colour option available within your selected finish:

LWK Kitchens German kitchen website images

From here, if you access a specific colour option you will find a gallery of images for that colour and finish (as shown below). Beneath each gallery is a detailed description of the door’s qualities, and suggestions for how you might include it within a kitchen design.  These pages also include clear links to other door colour options within your chosen finish, as well as links to other popular areas of the website:

LWK Kitchens German Kitchen website relaunch

Recent German Kitchen Installation Images

Similar to the restyling of our door options, we have improved our highly popular ‘Recent Installations’ page.  This page of the website contains over 100 galleries of kitchens we have installed.  We are aware such a quantity can prove a little overwhelming on a first visit, so for improved navigation the main page’s preview images are now larger.  This means you can quickly and easily get a good impression of each kitchen design.  You can also use the filter option provided to sort the images so you will only see those you are interested in.  For example you can filter to images of ‘high gloss kitchens,’ ‘white kitchens, ‘island kitchens,’ or else a combination of all three:

LWK Kitchens German kitchen website recent kitchen installations

From this point, if you see a kitchen installation you like the look of you can click on it to access further images as well as detail about this kitchen.

LWK Kitchens German kitchen website images

The LWK Kitchens German kitchen website now features images as well as detailed descriptions for of all of our individual kitchen finishes.

This includes what furniture, appliances and worktop have been included within the design. If you like a particular door option then knowing what it is, such as the Terra Oak laminate as pictured right, enables you to easily navigate to further examples of this finish via the ‘Kitchen Styles’ menu option.


What else is new?

As well as our dynamic new ‘Stone and Ceramic’ kitchens, we have updated the new LWK Kitchens website to include all of our available door options.

Gold green real stone german kitchen design

The new Gold green real stone kitchen door features on the revamped  LWK Kitchens German kitchen website.

And one of the areas where we have made the biggest improvement from our previous website is in our modern and traditional wood kitchens section.  This area of the website has been fully revised to provide a clearer breakdown and explanation of our 55 different wood kitchen door options.  We felt this was important as the inclusion of wood and textured finishes is extremely popular within kitchen design; and within our modern wood kitchen range alone we have 13 new kitchen doors available as of 2015. Each of these features on the new site, described in detail along with complementing pictures and/or renders produced by our kitchen design team:

German kitchen wood finishes

Of course as well as featuring new products and doors, our new German kitchen website also includes options and information in all of the following areas:

  • Kitchen Layouts
  • Worksurfaces and splashbacks
  • Design Installation and Project Management
  • Accessories, Lighting and Appliances
  • Our German kitchen showrooms

Kitchen design assistance

We very much hope that you enjoy our new-look German kitchen website, and find it very useful in providing ideas, information and assistance when considering a new kitchen.  Of course as good as any new website is, there is still no comparison for seeing a collection in person, so please Contact us.if you would like to do so, or for any assistance with your kitchen design.

 Tell us what you think…

Finally, we know the value of a fresh pair of eyes when exploring a new website, so should you find a broken link or any missing content that our fine-tooth comb has missed, we would really appreciate if you could let us know!…We may be a small team working on the website but similar to our kitchen designers, we have big ambitions and very high standards.  So whether good or bad, all feedback is very welcome and will prove extremely useful to us.

Please click here to access LWK Kitchens new German kitchen website.


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