Golden yellow kitchen in satin lacquer

LWK Kitchens new Golden Yellow kitchen door…the celebrity chef’s kitchen colour choice!

Bold and beautiful kitchens for 2015

In 2015 we expect to see bold, block colours appear within modern kitchen design and particularly for kitchen cabinetry.  Fresh for Autumn, the LWK Kitchens team have now previewed our brand new Golden Yellow kitchen tone.  This is a vibrant colour with an exterior that perfectly reflects this anticipated bold kitchen trend.

Unquestionably the Golden Yellow kitchen is a sunny and uplifting tone, but in all honesty my first feeling was uncertainty as to how well this vivid yellow might be accepted for introduction to the everyday home, or else might it be considered too ‘exceptional.’ However this unease was instantly alleviated by the recollection of having seen this vibrant tone once before- and within an absolutely exquisite and beautiful kitchen setting!…

Who lives in a house like this?

Jean Christophe Novelli's kitchen

This beautiful golden yellow kitchen belongs to the renowned Chef, Jean Christophe Novelli

The kitchen I was reminded of was a spacious farmhouse kitchen, and a hardworking one at that, given that it belonged to the renowned celebrity chef, Jean Christophe Novelli.  After being invited to spend the day at his exclusive Cookery School, I personally experienced how hardworking and practical this kitchen was- and of course I observed the kitchen’s bold golden yellow colour tone!

On first entering the kitchen there was a collective gasp of appreciation from our class as we each absorbed the beautiful rustic charm of the kitchen in front of us, including the yellow kitchen cabinets and appliances.  For me this was tangible confirmation that a kitchen composed entirely of yellow units can work successfully….and very beautifully. Even more notable is that this is not a success confined to the kitchen workspace of a professional chef but can be replicated by any homeowner (albeit with the help of a professional kitchen designer!)

How do you ensure bold colour works for your kitchen?

Jean Christophe Novelli in his kitchen

Jean Christophe Novelli hard at work in his yellow rustic kitchen

As already stated there was nothing sparing about the use of the golden yellow colour tone in Jean Christophe’s kitchen. It appeared in abundance within this space, from the large kitchen island complete with multiple yellow cookers, to the adjacent breakfast bar set up for dining.  Yet the reason why it worked so well was due to a combination of factors….

….Firstly the choice of golden yellow kitchen units including country range cookers perfectly complimented the setting. This was a picturesque 14th century farmhouse complete with stone floor, original fireplace and characterful wood beamed ceiling. The chosen yellow tone radiates warmth and ensures a friendly kitchen ambience, just right for a charming country kitchen.  At the same time, and in conjunction with glass and stainless steel accents, the flat kitchen door gives a more modern twist on the kitchen’s appearance, rather than the traditional kitchen look that a Shaker door would effect.

Golden yellow kitchen colour tone

Jean Christophe Novelli’s yellow kitchen colour tone is incorporated into a breakfast bar and seating area.  In terms of style this kitchen bridges the gap between modern and traditional.

Secondly, the yellow kitchen colour tone works because it is counteracted by the dark décor, stone floor, and black marble and granite kitchen worktops.   Together these fit the farmhouse theme whilst balancing the yellow kitchen tone to ensure it doesn’t overpower the space.  Within this careful equilibrium each unique kitchen feature can hold its own place and prominence, rather than be lost within a sea of yellow.   Achieving this balance is absolutely key to ensuring bold colour tones will work within a kitchen and this is true whether it’s a country kitchen, modern or contemporary look that you are trying to effect, and no matter the colour.

Don’t be afraid of colour…Golden yellow or any other!

Jen Wilson, LWK Kitchens at The Novelli Academy

Me (Jen Wilson) having fun whilst  making Gnocci in Jean Christophe Novelli’s cheery and colourful kitchen setting.

Our advice is to welcome and explore bold colour rather than be frightened of it!   To look at a block colour by itself as a potential kitchen option can make it a daunting prospect, particularly when looking at singular door samples.  But if you really like a colour you shouldn’t shy away from it for fear of it being too strong or ‘too much’.  Talk to your kitchen designer who can suggest feasible options and accessories for making colours work for you and your home, no matter how bright or audacious they may first seem. Even if you later decide a colour is not the right one for you it is better to have at least investigated the possibility.

After all, if a sunny yellow kitchen colour is the preferred choice of the Nation’s favourite French chef, a man of undisputed taste and skill, then this tone should surely be a happy and workable option for the rest of us too!


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