Online kitchen design tool.

Why use an online kitchen design tool?

Before approaching a professional kitchen designer for help in planning your kitchen, it is often helpful (or even just good fun!) to use an online kitchen design tool.  These will let you try out different possible kitchen layouts and arrangements for your existing or planned room space.   This should give you a good idea of what’s possible within the space available, and also help you visualise what your new kitchen might look like!

Whilst some online planners require you to install a piece of software before using them, LWK’s online kitchen planner tool is ready to go as soon as you hit the link:

Launch the Design Tool


Draw your planned room layout on a kitchen design tool

Kitchen design tool room shape templates

Choose a template or else draw your room’s dimensions using the ‘Custom’ design option.

One of the benefits of this online kitchen design tool is it is very easy to use.  To begin, you will be prompted to select a template room shape such as ‘L shape’ or ‘U shape’.  You can then easily modify the shape’s dimensions to reflect your kitchen space’s actual measurements.  Alternatively, you can choose the ‘Custom’ option which allows you the freedom to create your planned room’s shape and measurements without the use of a template.

Add your room’s fixtures, connections and electricals

Kitchen design tool fixtures and connections.

You can use the kitchen design tool to add your room’s electricals and connections

From here, you can introduce your real room space’s windows, doors, archways or internal walls into the plan, and according to their exact location and measurements.  Similarly, you can introduce other structural features such as sloping ceilings, kitchen pillars or soil pipes.

And whilst you might not yet have decided whether you are keeping their current position the kitchen design tool also an option to include your room’s existing connections.  This includes stop cocks and boilers, or electricals such as sockets and switches.   And anything you’re unsure of- or already know you don’t want to keep – simply leave off the plan and revisit once you have spoken to an expert.


Add your favourite kitchen furniture and appliances

Kitchen design tool furniture options

You can select kitchen furniture & appliances to add into your plan (above diagram for illustrative purposes only).

After setting up your planned room, you’ve reached the really fun bit which is trying out different options and furniture layouts for your new kitchen! For example, from the dropdown menu you will find each different furniture choice such as base cupboards, tall cabinets or wall end cabinets…as well as the available sizes for each. You can also add extras such as breakfast bars, or table and chairs.   This gives you the chance to try out different arrangements, customising your layout according to space and preference.  And if you’ve added something but then don’t like it, just remove it from the plan and try out something else in its place!

Save your kitchen design tool Plan

Online Kitchen Design Tool

You can edit your kitchen plan or create as many versions as you want, saving them after use.

Once you have finished using the kitchen design tool, you will be prompted to enter your email address so we can return a copy of your new kitchen plan for you to keep.  Following this, and to ensure a fully suitable and functional layout, we strongly recommend seeking advice from a professional designer before proceeding further with any design generated on an online kitchen design tool.


Meet with a Kitchen Design Expert

Kitchen design by LWK Kitchens

Wny not book LWK Kitchens expert design service?

Yes, it can be a great starting point in getting ideas for your new kitchen design, but a kitchen design tool isn’t for everyone and is also no substitute for a professional kitchen designer.  At LWK Kitchens, we know this, and so we offer a free expert kitchen design service, with no obligation to buy.  Whether working with you entirely from scratch or else working with your existing ideas, our highly skilled designers will produce a beautiful, functional kitchen design, tailored entirely to your needs.

Contact LWK Kitchens on 020 7536 9266 or email [email protected]

Book our Free Design Service

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  1. Adam says

    This is a great idea! I used one of these to plan out my kitchen before getting touch with a proper designer. I’ve found that the designer appreciated the research too as it made their job much easier I guess!

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