Cream painted wood kitchen

Painted wood kitchen ideas

For a traditional kitchen look with a modern twist, many homeowners choose a painted wood kitchen design.  Colour can beautifully enhance the sculptured fronts of a Shaker kitchen door and  translate to stunning designs, whilst maintaining the warm comfortable feel associated with traditional styles.   Please find a selection of our favourite painted wood kitchen designs as follows: 

  • Curved cream traditional kitchen island design
  • Crimson red real wood kitchen finish
  • Yellow painted wood kitchen veneer
  • Cream painted laminate traditional style kitchen doors
  • Traditional Beige Grey real wood kitchen finish
  • Cream painted wood kitchen design
  • Cashmere painted traditional kitchen
  • Blue traditional kitchen finish
  • White painted wood kitchen storage units
  • Curved Cashmere painted wood kitchen design
  • Cream painted wood traditional kitchen
  • Blue shaker kitchen cabinets
  • White ash lacquer real wood kitchen
  • Cashmere Ash effect lacquer kitchen finish
  • LWK kitchen design Oxford Agate Blue finish
  • Cream traditional kitchen doors
  • Cream shaker kitchen
  • Beige Grey Ash lacquer kitchen storage units
  • Midnight blue traditional kitchen storage unit
  • Yellow painted wood kitchen finish


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