Terra Oak kitchen finish

Popular kitchen colours 2015: The Terra Oak kitchen

As was expected, White and Cashmere proved to be LWK Kitchens most popular kitchen colours in 2014.   Time and again both tones, whether in a gloss or matt kitchen finish, have produced stylish and lasting kitchen designs.  So in 2015 we fully expect that white and cashmere will continue to dominate…But hot on their heels in terms of desirability, is our third most popular kitchen colour of 2014….. The distinguished kitchen finish that is the Terra Oak wood-effect kitchen door!

What is the Terra Oak kitchen, and why is it so appealing?

Terra Oak kitchen finish

The Terra Oak wood effect kitchen finish

Marking a refreshing change from neutral light kitchen finishes, the Terra Oak kitchen door is brown-black in colour tone.  It is a warm, modern wood kitchen door with a rich grain pattern adorning its surface.  This trait adds definition, translating to a kitchen look that is not just attractive but interesting too.   Furthermore dark wood kitchens are synonymous with luxury and refinement, which the Terra Oak finish characterises through its graceful, yet entirely effortless charm.

Terra Oak Kitchen Options and Pricing

Solid wood Terra Oak kitchen finish

The solid wood Terra Oak kitchen door has a more distinct grain pattern than the laminate Terra Oak kitchen finish.

As mentioned, the Terra Oak wood effect finish was one of LWK Kitchens bestselling kitchen doors in 2014, and exudes a high quality, stunning kitchen look.  But combined with this, it is an affordable option, and represents excellent value for money. The reason is that although its look is closely comparable with our real wood Terra Oak kitchen door, the wood effect option is instead engineered from high quality laminate.  This results in an appealing finish which is also practical, durable and easy to maintain.   Meanwhile our real wood Terra oak kitchen option is slightly darker in colour, with a more distinct grain pattern. Of course it is also engineered from real wood!  It is this last trait that makes it a more expensive door than the Terra Oak laminate.  This also applies for the Terra Oak real wood veneer in a gloss finish option.  Whilst each Terra Oak finish material has different attributes, they are all high quality finishes, and available within a choice of handled or else handleless kitchen styles.

What kitchen looks can you achieve with the Terra Oak?

Terra Oak kitchen door

The Terra Oak kitchen door has a welcoming nature, ensuring a multitude of different looks are achievable when it is combined with contrasting finishes.

Another reason for the Terra oak kitchen door’s popularity is that it is a highly versatile finish so can be tailored to achieve many different possible kitchen looks.  This door carries itself very well on its own within a kitchen setting, achieving a beautiful kitchen look. Yet it is often the case that too much of any one kitchen colour within the same space can become somewhat monotonous.  For this reason many homeowners find introducing a second colour tone within a design is a preferable option. In respect of the Terra Oak this also works because it has quite a masculine tone to it, and combining with other doors can either heighten or soften this effect, entirely dependent on the look you are trying to achieve.    That said, here are some of the colour combinations that we have designed for clients using the Terra Oak kitchen door:

  • The Classic black and white kitchen look

    ‘Black and white’ represents the perfect equilibrium of light with dark. It is a classic and timeless colour combination, which translates to a kitchen that is unlikely to tire or ‘date’ with age.  In keeping with this, the dark Terra Oak wood forms a perfect and lasting partnership with white kitchen doors in either a gloss or matt finish.  The resulting black and white look is usually fresh, clean and contemporary.  Alternatively, you can achieve this same effect without any white kitchen furniture; white painted walls, worktop and flooring, along with layers of lighting will ensure the room is bright enough, and achieve this same fresh look.

Terra Oak kitchen design by LWK Kitchens

Terra Oak kitchen design render (left) and the finished installation (right) by LWK Kitchens


  • Terra Oak with warm kitchen tones

    Soft contrasts of tone and texture make a big impact on a kitchen’s look and this is highly apparent within Terra Oak kitchen designs that include warm kitchen furniture options in grey and brown tones. Whether light grey, cashmere, basalt grey, lava grey, or pearl grey, combining the Terra Oak with a gloss or matt modern grey kitchen tone creates a look that is both stylish and highly sophisticated.  At the same time the Terra Oak’s wood texture brings a compelling warmth to the kitchen’s look and feel.  The layering of these colours and textures, which are each very refined in their own right, ensures a resulting kitchen design with the same natural elegance.


  • Dark Terra Oak kitchen island design
  • Black and white kitchen
  • Terra Oak wood effect kitchen base units
  • Terra Oak wood effect kitchen with Basalt grey laminate finish
  • Gloss Terra Oak real wood kitchen design
  • Black and white kitchen with Terra Oak and white gloss lacquer
  • Textured wood kitchen with Terra Oak base units
  • Textured wood kitchen kitchen with glass feature inset into worktop
  • Handleless Terra Oak modern kitchen design
  • Warm wood kitchen units
  • Wood and Cashmere kitchen design
  • Two tone wood kitchen with gloss finish
  • Terra Oak textured wood kitchen surface
  • Warm wood kitchen drawers
  • Terra Oak wood effect kitchen units
  • Two tone wood kitchen
  • Terra Oak wood kitchen design by LWK Kitchens
  • Wood island kitchen design
  • Multi-tone handleless kitchen design
  • Black and white kitchen design
  • Terra Oak real wood kitchen veneer

  • Terra Oak with bold colours

    Multi-tone handleless kitchen design

    The Terra Oak kitchen finish can ground bright colours, ensuring they stand out without overpowering a room space.

    We recognise that kitchen designs are very personal; some homeowners prefer a neutral and understated kitchen look, others prefer something more vibrant and colourful! The Terra oak finish is a great compliment for bold colours as it allows them the limelight, but at the same time will ground or neutralise the colour.  This pulls the kitchen look together whilst ensuring a bolder colour won’t appear garish or overwhelming within the kitchen space.   Even very bright kitchen doors such as the Teal or orient red work in combination with the Terra oak finish (although these are not the best options if you want to tone down the masculine feel of this door).


The future of Terra Oak kitchens

The popularity of Terra Oak kitchens has occurred because of its distinguished and appealing kitchen look, combined with a practical and durable nature (and in the case of the Terra Oak wood effect door, an affordable kitchen price!) Whether in this option or the real wood Terra Oak finish, on its own or else in combination with other tones and textures, the chic yet welcoming nature of this finish means it is one that will continue to impress.  As such we fully expected to be incorporating the Terra Oak within many more of our clients’ kitchen designs in 2015.


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