Pendant lighting reflecting natural tree branch formations are both rustic, and striking!

Rustic Kitchen Looks for Traditional and Modern Kitchen Styles

Rustic Kitchens

Rustic kitchen trend 2014

Rustic country kitchen with a warm homely feel

The Rustic look is very on trend right now within home décor and kitchen design.  A rustic tone is characterised by predominantly cream, brown and earthy tones, which combine for a warm and homely feel.  This holds particular appeal at this time of year as the winter months and long nights are beginning to draw in.  Winter is a time for cozying up against the cold and during this period we spend more time indoors than at any other time of the year; a comfortable and inviting kitchen feel is therefore essential.  But that said, kitchens must fulfil needs and look fantastic all year round.  Fortunately, the versatile nature of a rustic kitchen means the furniture’s very same warm tones that offer comfort in winter will conversely attract sunlight in fairer months.  The outcome is a glowing array of colour and an uplifting bright kitchen space.  

Rustic kitchen trend

Earthy colours and country textures are key to producing a rustic kitchen look.


Rustic Kitchen Influences

A rustic tone holds strong associations with the beauty and allure of rural countryside and earthiness. Within kitchen design, this rustic charm transcends into kitchen furniture that reflects natural influences within its appearance, including countryside colours, textures and patterns.    

Rustic Wood Kitchens 

Wood kitchens are the obvious, but by no means, the only choice for achieving a rustic kitchen look.

Modern rustic kitchen look

Modern rustic kitchen effect with Grey Acacia kitchen doors and Colonial cream granite worktop

  Whether a real wood, or wood-effect kitchen, a visible grain runs across a wood door’s surface, reflecting that which appears naturally.   In combination with warm colour tones, this creates an excellent basis for creating a rustic impression, whether traditional, or inclusive of a more modern twist.



Rustic Rough-Cut Wood Kitchens

For a truly rustic kitchen effect, the rough cut kitchen finish makes a very apt choice.

rustic kitchen in rough cut kitchen finish

The Cornwall Oak rough cut wood finish is ideal for a traditional kitchen setting with rustic theme.

Coarser than other wood grains, the rough cut wood kitchen has a texture, feel and appearance typical of natural wood formations, including occasional (but deliberate) knots or blemishes.  These add character and along with the rough cut kitchens solidity and rough texture, ensure it is ideal for a stylish country kitchen with an authentic rustic tone.         


Rustic Kitchens with a Modern Twist

The traditional wood kitchen style or country kitchen look is not for everyone but a wood grain effect door is also available within more modern-looking finishes, such as a high gloss wood veneer and within the handleless kitchen style.  Finishes are available in a wide range of colours including rustic tones such as the light Platinum Oak, medium toned Walnut or dark coloured Terra Oak.  Each style also works well in combination with contemporary finishes such as gloss glass or gloss lacquers, producing stylish two tone kitchen arrangements.  Through such means, and despite a ‘modern rustic kitchen’ seeming a contradiction in terms, it is perfectly possible to create a rustic kitchen appearance within a modern kitchen finish!

Modern rustic kitchen look

Walnut gloss wood veneer sliding kitchen doors above white matt laminate base units.

Similarly, if a wood effect kitchen is not to your preferred taste, other finishes will still achieve a rustic kitchen appearance.  Rather than wood, the new Natural Tessina or Natural Concrete laminate kitchen doors offer a very different look and feel from the wood kitchen.  Both are high quality doors, effective in striking a balance between a modern and traditional kitchen feel.


Rustic Kitchen Effect, Natural Tessina

The Natural Tessina is a beautifully textured laminate kitchen finish.  The door is an intricate amalgamation of pale colour tones from the cooler side of the colour spectrum.  This gives the door a more modern appearance yet a reddish brown pigment warms the hue and introduces a subtle rusticity. 

rustic kitchen natural tessina laminate

The Natural Tessina kitchen door has a pale textured surface for a subtle rustic tone. It is ideal for feature pieces or dramatic contrasts.

The colours beautifully harmonise for an elegant high quality kitchen finish and the surface texture (rather than wood grain) is likeable to a seamless light marbled effect, reflecting the patterns that form naturally within a marbled stone.  The rustic kitchen effect can be emphasised through choice of décor, lighting and accessories But the Natural Tessina finish is very versatile so whilst beautiful by itself, it works with other finishes, colours and styles too.  This includes other rustic country tones such as greys, greens or browns, or it can be contrasted with darker hues for a more dramatic and modern effect.  A modern twist on the rustic kitchen theme can also be effected through combination with gloss or lacquer finishes, entirely dependent on the look you are trying to achieve. Finally, its elegant texture also makes the Natural Tessina ideal for feature pieces designed to stand out within a kitchen, such as a kitchen island or shelving system. 


Rustic Kitchen Effect, Natural Concrete

Rustic kitchen trend 2014

The Natural Concrete laminate kitchen door has a soft rustic feel due to its rough textured surface

You might consider the Natural concrete laminate door inaptly named given ‘concrete’ implies it may be cold and/or dull!  But the Natural Concrete is neither of these, and only comparable to concrete in respect of its high quality, reliable and durable nature.   A darker colour tone that the Natural Tessina, the Natural Concrete laminate finish is a blend of colour but overall encompasses a soft warm grey hue.  It has the same rough textured surface patterns as the Tessina door, reflecting nature’s beauty and authenticity, and introducing a moderately rustic feel.  This very subtle rustic inflection can be retained as it is or else enhanced through choice of rustic kitchen décor and accessories.  

Rustic Kitchens with Glass

‘Modern’ and ‘Rustic’ are terms that appear totally at odds with each other yet even a thoroughly modern kitchen finish can still incorporate hints of a rustic theme, such as the Grey Green matt glass kitchen finish. 

modern rustic kitchen design in matt glass finish

Contemporary grey/green glass kitchen design incorporating a modern rustic feel

The style of the doors is very clean, fresh and minimal for a modern kitchen feel, yet the green tone of the glass reflects the crisp, natural colours of the countryside. As with other modern finishes, a rustic quality cannot be introduced within the furniture alone but choice of splashback, flooring, décor and accents, as well as careful planning, is key to achieving this look.  


Rustic Kitchen Décor, Lighting and Accessories

The Rustic furniture look can, and should, be enhanced through complimentary décor choices.  Key to achieving this is ensuring warm and rich accent colours such as Autumnal orange, yellow and brown hues.  Hanging copper pans, a copper splashback, exposed brickwork, ornamental handles, Aga or Rangemaster cooker, decorative wood baskets and other accent features, as well as ceramic teracotta floor tiling or rustic wood floors are all examples of how you can accentuate the rustic kitchen theme within your home.

  • rustic kitchen design ideas
  • Textured rustic kitchen splashback
  • Rustic kitchen copper saucepans
  • Cornwall Oak and White Matt Rustic Kitchen Design
  • Rustic kitchen countrystyle wine rack
  • Rustic kitchen copper splashback

A well-lit room with warm lighting tones is important but also the style of lighting too, for example overhanging pendant lighting may compliment the rustic style better than modern spot lights, depending on whether you want a very traditional or more modern impression.  Given the rustic look is also currently popular within floristry, lasting dried flower decorations are easily obtainable and make an effective finishing touch.    

Rustic kitchens for 2014 and beyond

A look inspired by the colours and textures within natural formations of the countryside mean that a rustic kitchen look is usually associated with a wood kitchen or country kitchen look. Wood kitchens and traditional country kitchens are very appreciable and beautifully effect a rustic theme….but so can modern kitchen styles too!

Rough cut rustic kitchen with modern accents

Rough cut rustic kitchen with modern stainless steel accents

The appeal of a rustic setting lies not just within an impressive appearance but within the feeling of warmth and comfort it creates, and this can transcend to modern kitchens too.  Experimentation with different colour tones and finishes can create stylish, modern and imaginative kitchen designs that fully encapsulate and reflect a rustic kitchen tone.  For us as a kitchen company it is certainly a kitchen style we look forward to being asked about and designing more of in the near future. 


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