Kitchen Trends 2015: Relaxed chic for kitchens (Part 1)

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Kitchen Trends 2015

In modern kitchen design people are moving away from a kitchen in the traditional sense of the word toward a more established, multifunctional kitchen space in which people cook but also dine, socialise, work and relax.   This is especially so for open plan kitchen and living room spaces, and over time a distinction between the two different areas has become harder to define. This fusion of space is intentional.  And the way we are designing kitchen spaces is evolving to further bridge the gap and achieve one blended, sophisticated yet casual space.  In other words, ‘relaxed chic.’

How can you achieve relaxed chic for kitchens?

There are a number of different ways in which you can achieve relaxed chic for kitchens, whether for an open plan or enclosed kitchen space.  In 2015 we expect we will increasingly be incorporating of one or more of the following kitchen styles and innovations to help achieve this:


Linear kitchen designs

The phrase ‘Tidy space, Tidy mind’ is a well-known saying. And it’s true that a cleaner, clearer space is certainly more physically (and mentally) comfortable to reside in. Of course it also looks better!  In accordance with this, linear kitchens, although not new to kitchen design, will feature heavily in 2015 kitchen planning, whether for a modern or traditional kitchen look.  In its most basic of terms linear kitchen design translates to simplistic clean lines and sharp contours, both of which are highly characteristic of the Germanic kitchen appearance.    It is the linear arrangement of units that sets a clean, unfussy and sleek tone for the kitchen, generating an instant air of sophistication. But we now expect linear kitchen units will form the basis for additional layers that will soften the look.  This might be inset worktops within kitchen islands or else island worktops that intersect and overlap at varying heights.

Kitchen trends 2015; Relaxed chic for kitchens

Curves juxtaposed against sharp linear lines soften the kitchen look and create a more relaxed setting.

Similarly floating worktop formations of curved geometric shapes both relax the space and make additional room for seating.  A move towards open shelves, and floating cabinetry rather than floor to ceiling units is becoming more apparent and creates a more casual feel.  Adorning with personal artefacts and commodities such as cookware, books and glassware will have the same effect, relaxing and personalising the space.


Hidden kitchen appliances

In conjunction with linear kitchen designs, kitchen appliances and gadgets are also contributing to relaxed chic for kitchens.  Appliances themselves are becoming more linear and less visible in the kitchen, adding to a tidy space and clean look.   Whilst appliances are incredibly useful we don’t always want to see them and have them clutter our kitchens.  Manufacturers are therefore coming up with increasingly ingenious ways of sleekly incorporating and ‘hiding’ them so they don’t distract from the stylish look of the kitchen.   For example, at the mere touch of a button, disappearing cabinets or pop up extractors recessed into a worktop will fully retract when not in use.  Like induction hobs they ensure an entirely flush finish with the worktop.

Similarly for the gas hob enthusiast, these can now be recessed deeper into worktops.  They retain the required ring burners but effect a more subtle appearance that doesn’t interrupt a kitchen’s clean lines.   The fascia and functionality of appliances themselves are also evolving towards simplistic fronts and simplistic controls. We can expect new appliance models with low profile exteriors.  These are devoid of visible handles or controls, which later appear only when switched on for use.

Such innovations contribute to a relaxed chic kitchen setting by maintaining a clean kitchen look, generating more free and usable space, and of course they are stress-free and easy to use!


Relaxed chic kitchen worktop trends for 2015

Island kitchen appliances such as hobs, sinks and taps can also be entirely hidden from view when not in use through incorporation of a sliding worktop. This will roll back or extend out to reveal them only when needed. Otherwise this cooking space will provide a stylish yet casual structure for a breakfast bar and eating area. The overall feel this brings is once again luxurious yet relaxed.

Kitchen trends 2015; Relaxed chic for kitchens

A roll back kitchen worktop enhances the kitchen look through hiding appliances and creates additional workspace and seating for added comfort.

Another worktop trend set to continue into 2015 is that of slimline kitchen worktops. Strong and durable, and available as thin as 8 mm, skinny worktops such as Constentino’s Dekton produce a clean and unfussy kitchen appearance.  As already stated these can be interspersed with thicker models.  Furthermore bevelled edges can soften the look and contribute to the desirable relaxed chic for kitchens.

 Kitchen lighting

Kitchen trends 2015; Relaxed chic for kitchens

Lighting is functional and decorative, but also helps you set the desired tone for your kitchen such as this warm lighting for a soft and relaxed kitchen ambiance.

Lighting plays an important role within the kitchen and it is essential to balance a combination of task lighting, decorative lighting and mood lighting.   Recessed lighting and above-cabinet lighting are popular options and ideal for highlighting clean cabinetry lines.  In combination with such options we expect to see a lot of ‘statement lighting’ in 2015.  Bronze and copper metallic lighting can bring balance, whilst beautiful sculptured lighting, oversized features and decorative pendant lights bring character and personality to a room.  They also soften a kitchen look, which is ideal for achieving relaxed chic for kitchens.   For open plan spaces it is common to separate your lighting options into different zones, ensuring you can achieve the right lighting for different needs at different times.  This is important for comfort and enjoyment, once again contributing to a relaxed but chic kitchen setting.


Relaxed chic for kitchens … for maximum comfort and enjoyment

Within modern busy lives, ‘downtime’ is important and the home as a sanctuary is a key concept. People need their homes to welcome them, as much as to welcome any guest! As the kitchen, open plan or otherwise, is the most frequently used room of the home it needs to be functional and meet personal requirement.   But equally we want it to be an environment that is both tasteful and comfortable. This is why we fully expect a high demand for the relaxed chic style for kitchens in 2015.

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Kitchen Trends 2015: The modern wood kitchen and natural materials for design (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Kitchen Trends 2015

Part One:  Relaxed Kitchen Chic

At many of the kitchen design and trade shows this year (2014) there was a very noticeable inclusion of natural materials within the kitchen designs on display, and especially the use of wood and stone.  There was an overall kitchen trend of natural forms and materials being infused within industrial post-modernist styles, creating a balanced harmony of man with nature.

Wood kitchen worktop

Natural kitchen materials can include wood kitchen worktops and slate kitchen tiles.

This enthusiasm for natural materials within kitchens reflects an increased awareness and concern for global sustainability issues. But it also coincides with a drive towards achieving a ‘relaxed chic style for kitchens’ as discussed in Part one of this series.  This is where the home and kitchen environment offer a stylish yet comfortable means for escaping the stresses of modern life.  Natural products are generally known for their healthy and enriching attributes.  So it follows that such positive and uplifting qualities should transcend within a kitchen environment, as well as creating an appealing kitchen look!

As such, we expect to see the use of lots of natural materials within 2015 kitchen trends.  Furthermore we will see a lot of mixing and layering of different materials within kitchens, creating interesting yet stylish contrasts.

Modern wood kitchen trends 2015

Dark modern wood kitchen ideas

Even in a dark wood kitchen tone the setting is both stylish and comfortable.

One of the most frequent natural materials for use within a kitchen is wood. The appeal of wood kitchens, whether real or wood-effect, is that no matter the style or colour, it tends to introduce a warmth and softness to a setting.  This makes wood kitchen doors especially popular for traditional and country kitchen styles.  Yet in 2015 we expect to see many more modern wood kitchen settings, with a variety of wood kitchen grains and colour stains frequently infused with contrasting kitchen finish materials.

Aside from a stunning kitchen look a definite advantage of mixing and matching woods with other finish materials (natural and otherwise) is that there are so many different possible kitchen looks you can achieve!  This allows much room for personalisation within a kitchen design. For example, a rough cut modern wood kitchen veneer could be  juxtaposed with a smooth matt lacquer, and beautifully accented with industrial metal accents.

Modern wood kitchen; two tone kitchen ideas

The Grey Oak real wood brushed veneer is exquisite in combination with a white high gloss lacquer kitchen finish

Alternatively, the new pale Grey Oak kitchen veneer is the perfect complement for a white high gloss lacquer.  It effects a stunning two tone modern wood kitchen design, but with a definite softness about it.  With its white surface etchings, the Grey oak veneer door has heart; it brings an appealing energy to a kitchen within a stylish yet comfortable space.  This is ideal in a room used for relaxing and sharing company with friends and partners, rather than used solely for cooking.

You might also consider the textured ruggedness which encompasses the Dark Pine wood kitchen veneer (pictured in slider below). The appeal of the outdoors is all wrapped up within this wood, making it perfect by itself for a shabby chic kitchen finish.  Yet beautifully opposing this characterful rustic door with a sleek polar white gloss finish will add an instant modern wood kitchen twist.  Its versatile and accommodating nature ensures a multitude of different looks can be created from this finish.

Light with light or dark with dark, virtually anything goes! Here is a selection of some of our other favoured modern wood kitchen designs juxtaposed with contrasting materials:-


Natural kitchen materials: The new Stone kitchen door!

Reflecting the inclination towards natural materials within the kitchen, LWK Kitchens are introducing two brand new statement kitchen doors, an exciting rarity as they are made of real stone!  The Gold Green real stone veneer and Black Star real stone kitchen veneer are beautiful to look and will make a real statement within any kitchen space.   They also have a coarse dark textured surface which is both fascinating and irresistible to the touch.

Natural materials for kitchens

Natural materials for kitchens: the Gold real stone kitchen veneer is made from real slate and has a beautifully textured rich surface finish.

As stone kitchen doors you might imagine these doors are thick and heavy?  Conversely their surface has been machined to a thickness of only a few millimetres, and then reinforced for strength and durability.  This makes them perfectly suitable for a kitchen environment. Whilst making a big impression on a kitchen space, our expectation is that these doors will mostly feature alongside contrasting finishes within solid two tone kitchen designs.  The Gold Green real stone is impressive by itself but equally exquisite when contrasted against a black gloss kitchen tone. Alternatively matt grey tones reminiscent of earthy, natural colours ensure a continuity of preferred natural influences within the kitchen setting.   The Black Star stone veneer will also compliment a wide range of kitchen options, for an equally stunning kitchen look, and of course within a highly practical kitchen design!


Natural materials within kitchen décor

Natural materials for kitchen decor

Kitchen decor can also include raw materials to contrast the furniture, such as a stone veneer wall, brick flooring or wood beamed ceilings.

As well as kitchen furniture, natural materials such as stone, wood and ceramics are also featuring heavily within kitchen décor. If keeping units simple for a contemporary look this affords you the option for including contrasting materials elsewhere.  This might be wallpaper to imitate exposed brick or stone (if a real brick or stone veneer is out of the question), laying raw plank effect flooring, reclaimed wood for open shelves, or of course natural material choices for kitchen worktops.

What do natural materials really mean for kitchen design?

As stated, we are set to see a heavy and recurrent use of natural materials within 2015 kitchen trends, particularly kitchen furniture and worktops engineered from wood and stone.  Alongside environmental considerations, the mass appeal of this is the versatility and freedom that nature’s extensive palette of colour, texture and quality allows.  This provides the opportunity for many unique, exciting and beautiful kitchen looks, perfectly tailored to meet the tastes and needs of every individual homeowner.


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Kitchen Trends 2015: What’s new for grey kitchens? (Part 3)

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Kitchen Trends 2015

Citing grey kitchens as a popular kitchen trend for 2015 may not seem like ground-breaking news, but there is certainly much to be said about the continually changing nature of the grey kitchen, an evolution which is definitely still occurring!

Basalt grey kitchen finish

The smooth matt Basalt grey kitchen finish

Put simply, ‘Grey,’ a colour that is sadly still associated with negativity and dreariness, is actually one of the most popular kitchen colours around!  It is certainly the hottest neutral tone, and not just for the kitchen but for home interiors in general.  Homeowners know it, designers know it, suppliers know it, and of course kitchen manufacturers know it too…which is why they have been busy preparing a range of brand new grey kitchen options in various colours, textures, tones and styles.  This can only mean continued popularity for the grey kitchen in 2015.

Why do grey kitchens work so well?

Essentially, Grey is a neutral and stable colour tone.  It effects a calming atmosphere, which is perfect for a kitchen, and at the same time carries an innate air of elegance and sophistication.  Implemented with due care, these qualities will carry through beautifully into the home.

Grey and red kitchen

Grey kitchen tones work brilliantly for anchoring bold colours, ensuring they won’t overpower a space.

Second to this, a breadth of grey kitchen colour options allow an extensive versatility within design.  Whether alone or else in combination with other finishes in the same arrangement, grey tones can effect a multitude of different kitchen looks and facades.  As the sole colour choice for a kitchen Grey is an example of understated elegance.  Yet by nature, Grey doesn’t actually draw attention to itself.  A positive attribute, this also makes it the ideal support act for bolder colours such as reds, yellows or blues.  These may be overpowering by themselves, but perfectly balanced in combination with a stylish grey kitchen tone.   Its flexible and accommodating nature leaves plenty of room for personalisation, creativity and diversity within any kitchen design that incorporates it.

What’s new for grey kitchens in 2015?

In recognition of the grey kitchen’s popularity and a continued demand for it, LWK Kitchens is launching an impressive selection of new grey kitchen finishes across our range of gloss, matt and wood kitchen doors:-

  • LWK Kitchens new gloss and matt grey kitchen tones

High gloss lacquer grey kitchen

The new high gloss lacquer Pearl light grey kitchen

LWK Kitchens offer a choice of 10 different grey kitchen tones within their gloss range, and 6 in the matt kitchen range; with a further selection of grey ceramic and wood kitchen finishes.  This ensures that whether light, medium, dark, metallic or fully opaque, there is a grey kitchen door option to suit every taste.   Further to the recent addition of a Carbon gloss lacquer and Silver grey metallic glass kitchen finish, a new Lava Grey kitchen tone has been introduced within both the gloss and matt kitchen finish. A yellow base makes the Lava grey a warm rather than cool grey tone, effecting a solid kitchen look with a definite warmth about it.

Similarly the Pearl Grey kitchen door is a new addition to the laser kitchen selection and available in both a gloss and matt kitchen finish.  The Pearl Grey is a delicate light grey kitchen colour which simply radiates finesse for a highly sophisticated kitchen look.  Please see examples of these doors below, as well as other examples of our gloss and matt grey kitchen collections:-

  • LWK Kitchens Grey wood kitchens and textured tones

As discussed in Part 2 of this series, wood kitchen finishes are expected to make a big impression on kitchen design in 2015…so it naturally follows that wood kitchens and textured surfaces will also prove popular within grey colour tones. As with gloss and matt kitchen finishes, LWK Kitchens have numerous new doors within this selection. Please see below for examples of these new collections:-

Grey kitchens appeal for their stunning look but also because they are easy to accommodate so they work within the home. Finally, they are long-lasting, ensuring your grey kitchen won’t date but uphold its sophisticated charm for many years to come.

You can find more information on Grey Kitchen Colour Schemes here.    Alternatively please contact us, or better yet come and visit one of our two London showrooms to see our grey kitchen displays in person.


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Kitchen Trends 2015: Textured matt kitchens (Part 4)

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Kitchen Trends 2015

Over the past year kitchen trends have seen a definite move away from gloss kitchens in favour of matt kitchen finishes. Increasingly this shift has also moved towards textured matt kitchen surfaces.  The mixing and matching of different textures and styles within kitchen design has become extremely popular and is something we are certain to see more of within kitchen trends for 2015.

Why are textured matt kitchen surfaces popular?

As explored in Part 1 of this series ‘Relaxed chic for kitchens’ people are inclining towards kitchen spaces that are stylish and sophisticated but at the same time, comfortable and enjoyable.

Textured matt kitchen finish

Smooth matt and textured matt kitchen finishes compliment within the same design.

Textured matt kitchen surfaces encompass all of these qualities, bringing warmth, interest and amiability to a setting.  But Matt kitchens, and particularly textured matt kitchen doors are also popular because their pristine look is easy to uphold and maintain.  Whilst easy to clean, smudges and fingerprints are much less visible, if at all, compared with a gloss surface.  This ensures they easily preserve a fresh and clean kitchen look whilst encouraging, rather than deterring, touching of the doors!  Again this makes for a more comfortable and enjoyable kitchen space.

Finally, and of equal importance, textured matt kitchens are popular for their appealing look!  The availability of a diverse range of materials can be used to create the most stunning of kitchen designs, all of which are interesting and unique, as well as beautiful!

Mixing it up!

Earlier this year at ‘EuroCucina 2014’ (Europe’s largest kitchen trade show) the LWK Kitchens team were extremely impressed by the imaginative use of materials in kitchen displays.  This included but wasn’t limited to stone, ceramic, timber, glass and stainless steel.

Kitchen design trends 2015, Mixing materials

Combining different textures in all areas of a kitchen can make a real statement!

As mentioned in Part 2 of this series, natural materials such as wood made a particularly noticeable appearance. And matt textures were frequently layered and contrasted with reflective surface materials including metals, high gloss kitchen finishes and glass accents. These highlighted design elements, creating stunning kitchen features.  Such arrangements adorned not just the cabinetry or worktops but were present at various kitchen localities from the floor through to the ceiling.  This mixing and matching of materials within the kitchen paves the way for homeowners to easily achieve the same. In so doing you can create dynamic and thrilling kitchen designs, which are at the same time practical and easy to maintain.

What’s new for textured matt kitchen surfaces in 2015?

The popularity of textured matt kitchen surfaces has led to the introduction of an entirely new range of kitchen furniture and accessories, embodying pattern, texture and varying contours.  Here are some examples of textured matt kitchen surfaces and designs to expect in kitchen trends for 2015:-

  • Stone veneer kitchen doors

A door front which highlights natural contrasts but within a straight-cut contemporary design, the Gold Green and Black Star real stone kitchen veneers represent a real delight for 2015!  Unusually, these doors are made from real slate! Whilst you might expect this would make them heavy to operate, they are deceiving in looks and have been machined to a more light weight thickness of only a few millimetres.  This makes the stone kitchen door highly practical and easy to look after.  It also encourages tactile engagement, and to touch it is to appreciate its pleasing but coarse, rutted surface.  At the same time the real stone kitchen’s look is dramatic yet eloquent and tasteful.

An alternative to this door but exuding a similar stone fascia is the new ‘Terra’ stone effect laminate kitchen.  Rich and dark, this door also appeals for its beautifully textured surface finish, assuming the appearance of real stone.   All of our textured matt kitchen stone doors work beautifully in tandem with contrasting surfaces such as a smooth gloss lacquer or laminate kitchen finish.  Lighting effects and glass accents can further heighten the sense of drama associated with these kitchen finishes, for an increasingly stunning design.

  •  Ceramic effect kitchen doors

Fitting the trend for textured matt kitchen surfaces is a range of multi-layered pressed laminate kitchen doors, highly comparable with ceramic materials.  This collection of light to dark finishes includes the Natural Tessina, Natural Concrete and Salento Beige grey kitchen doors (all as pictured below).  Each of these doors has a beautiful surface finish which replicates the colours and patterns that would naturally form within clay soil. For example, the Natural Tessina kitchen’s pale surface is an amalgamation of delicate light colour inflections.  Each of these finishes can work harmoniously with other materials within a single kitchen arrangement, creating beautifully pleasing and balanced contrasts:

  • Statement matt textures

Whether bold and dramatic, or subtle yet understated, there is a textured or patterned door to suit all tastes, and effect the desired kitchen look.  For a bold statement, you might consider the new Maritime matt kitchen door (also available in a gloss finish).

Statement matt kitchen finish

The new Maritime matt kitchen door makes a statement in the kitchen because of its bold surface pattern.

This has a smooth profile with a surface of sculptured tessellations that appear as fluid as a painting! The swirling configurations draw the eye, but in doing so dictate that this door is best contrasted with a smooth flat surface that won’t compete for attention.

Alternatively for a more subtle look, yet a textured door that still makes a statement, you might consider the subtle contours of the Canyon textured matt kitchen door.  This matt finish has a continuous pattern which flows across the surface of all units for a flowing, congruous kitchen look with an undeniable elegance. Below are some other examples of statement textures within kitchen design:

The future for textured matt kitchens

The popularity of matt finishes will continue to rise, along with an increased used of textured surfaces within kitchen arrangements.  In turn, the mixing and matching of contrasting materials will further propel the existing propensity for two tone kitchen designs; that is kitchens comprised of two or more different colours and/or surface materials.

Sophisticated mixing of textures will occur not just in kitchen doors but also in splashbacks, worktops, flooring and décor too  (…and LWK Kitchens can’t wait to see the end-results!)

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Kitchen Trends 2015: Kitchen colour schemes and dynamic pairings (Part 5)

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Kitchen Trends 2015

Kitchen colour schemes are a very personal decision as they reflect individual taste, and can say a lot about the homeowner.   The first port of call for many people in planning kitchen colour schemes is seeing what ideas, styles and current kitchen trends are available.

Kitchen colour schemes, Bold yellow kitchen

Don’t choose a kitchen colour scheme solely because it’s on trend, choose one you really like as it’s you who has to live with it!

But whilst trends and fashions can be inspiring, there is no point opting for a bold yellow kitchen if at heart your taste lies more in the direction of greys or blues. Also remember that colours are associated with different moods.  This means that colour choice can have a strong influence on the ambience within your kitchen. The key to getting a kitchen colour scheme right, and particularly when using bold colours, is to take time in planning it. Care should be taken to ensure all chosen tones will work with other furniture and décor you have, or intend to have within your home.

Kitchen colour trends for 2015

Throughout this design series we have explored the repeated use of contrasting textures and materials within kitchen arrangements.   There has been a particularly strong focus on designs which include contrasting textures, but usually within similar colour tones.

Popular kitchen colour schemes for 2015

Kitchens with similar tones but contrasting materials will be popular in 2015

Reflecting the influences of natural and earthy materials (as discussed in Part 2) we expect a popularity of neutral kitchen colours in 2015, particularly greys, browns and whites. Such colours will always be popular within kitchens because they effect stylish designs that are practical, long lasting and create a comfortable and enjoyable kitchen environment.  But colour is important too, and so what if you want to inject more colourful tones into your kitchen colour scheme?…

Be a shade braver with dynamic kitchen pairings

…As discussed, classic neutrals and earthy natural tones and materials will dominate a kitchen space in 2015. Yet for homeowners who want to go a shade braver, these natural tones, particularly in textured wood and matt finishes, can represent the perfect backdrop for bold vibrant colour accents!

Kitchen design trends 2015, Contrasting kitchen colours

A darker kitchen colour will anchor a bolder kitchen tone.  Together the colours can create a dynamic kitchen space!

Essentially mid or dark kitchen tones will anchor a bold injection of colour.   This balances the look and prevents a single bright hue from overpowering a space. Instead the resulting kitchen pairing is both dynamic and beautiful, bringing a zesty energy to the space!  This two tone kitchen styling makes introducing bright colours into a kitchen colour scheme much easier.  This proves especially useful if you are considering going a shade braver but anxious that a bold hue might be ‘too much!’

New kitchen colours for 2015

In keeping with this new trend for pairing classic kitchen tones with bold accents, LWK Kitchens are introducing three dynamic new colours across our gloss and matt kitchen ranges.  These are a rich Red wine, a striking Teal, and the new Golden Yellow kitchen tone!  For a wonderfully bold kitchen look each can be carefully introduced as a sole kitchen colour choice.  Otherwise, we fully expect to see these arresting new colours set against a backdrop of dark tones and textures in beautifully dynamic two-tone kitchen colour schemes.

Kitchen colour schemes: The Teal Kitchen

Kitchen design trends 2015, Popular kitchen colour schemes

The new Teal kitchen colour for 2015

Teal is very on trend within current fashion and home interior, and as Dulux’s ‘Colour of the year for 2014’ it is little surprise that it is now emerging for use within kitchen design too!  Teal represents calm and balance but is also known for its rejuvenating nature.  Within kitchen design this translates to an instant boost of energy within a space!  Particularly within a kitchen colour scheme with neutral and dark tones it represents a striking splash of colour that instantly enlivens the kitchen. yet still retains a balanced look.  Its uplifting, positive qualities make the new teal kitchen door perfect for creating a feature of a kitchen island, run of units, or any other point of interest intended to stand out.

Kitchen colour schemes: The Red Wine kitchen

Kitchen design trends 2015, Popular kitchen colours

The new Red Wine kitchen colour for 2015

The new Red Wine kitchen colour is available in a choice of the gloss and matt glass, lacquer and laminate kitchen finishes.    This is a beautiful deep red kitchen tone.  By itself it is rich and strong.  Alternatively it is beautiful within a kitchen colour scheme of black or grey tones, reflecting the current trend for dynamic kitchen pairings.  This combination tends to effect a masculine quality for a kitchen space, but this can be easily softened with alternatives of lightly textured timbers, white tones and glass accents.  Whilst rich in colour, this door benefits from a versatile nature, on the basis of which we fully expect to see it incorporated within many kitchen designs in 2015.

Kitchen colour schemes: The Golden Yellow kitchen

Kitchen design trends 2015, Popular kitchen colour schemes

The new Golden yellow kitchen colour for 2015

In keeping with the current trend for colours that reflect nature is the vivacious Golden Yellow kitchen tone. Contemporary and charismatic, yet also very welcoming, this colour will make a big impact on any kitchen space!  The Golden Yellow kitchen door will create stunning accents within a dynamic pairing of earthy neutral and grey kitchen tones, or else can be beautifully styled as a sole kitchen colour choice.  (Please click here for an example).


Kitchen colour choice and future trends

Whilst neutral tones are expected to dominate and create stunning kitchen designs in 2015, it is both exciting and encouraging to know there is still a place and demand for using colour within homes and kitchens! Not every kitchen colour appeals to every taste (and wouldn’t it be boring If they did?!) but by enabling kitchen options in a range of bold colours, neutrals, dark tones, accents and textures, it ensures all different tastes and preferences can be catered for.  This also allows new ideas, trends and kitchen colour schemes to continually emerge, and provide future inspiration for all of us within design:-


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