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What is a Silgranit Undermount Kitchen Sink and Why Choose It?

What is a Silgranit Undermount kitchen sink?

When planning a new kitchen people typically don’t spend a lot of time choosing their kitchen sink, yet there is a wide variety of sinks to choose from, and different sinks available to suit different requirements.  

Undermount white kitchen sink

Blancosubline 400-U undermount white sink with two bowls

Apart from style and colour it is essential to select a kitchen sink that can withstand daily and often heavy use. At LWK Kitchens, we think the undermount Silgranit sink by Blanco makes a great choice for any kitchen; and here’s why…

Silgranit Sink Durability

…Made from 80% hard granite and with a 25 year guarantee, Silgranit sinks are extremely durable and resistant to chips and scratches.  The granite is also non-porous so if cleaned as per recommendation then it will not stain.  Silgranit sinks are also heat resistant so can withstand heat up to 280 °C and ideal if washing up by hand as they hold the heat from hot water, perfect if leaving items to soak.

Undermount kitchen sink Silegranit

   Blancosubline 320-U     Silgranit® Puradur® II

Silgranit Kitchen Sink Cleaning

Undermount Silgranit sinks are hygienic, safe and easy to clean.  Harsh cleaning agents are not required for Silgranit sinks, but instead mild detergent or a cleanser such as Bar Keeper’s Friend, along with a soft scouring pad is sufficient.   Feedback has suggested that in areas with hard rather than soft water a calcium build-up can sometimes occur, leaving ‘spotting’.  This would be more visible on darker coloured sinks but will only occur if the sinks aren’t cleaned as recommended. Should this happen it can be easily fixed with a soft scouring pad to get the sink looking new again!

Cost of a Silgranit Kitchen Sink

Because of the rising cost of raw materials and different processes of manufacture Silgranit sinks are a less expensive option than stainless steel kitchen sinks.  Silgranit sinks are produced through pressurised moulds, whereas stainless steel kitchen sinks are produced from a much more labour-intensive process.

Undermount Kitchen Sink Silegranit

Blancosubline 340/60-U Silgranit® Puradur® II

Silgranit Sink Design

Silgranit kitchen sinks look very elegant and come in 21 different shapes and 9 different colours, ensuring a choice should be available to suit any given decor and colour scheme.   The sink is spacious for working at, with a large draining area and room for a soap dispenser. The sink is also designed to fill quietly, ideal for letting you carry on a conversation or listen to the radio whilst preparing meals.

So does a Silgranit sink make a worthwhile buy?

Aside from the features mentioned above optional extras are available including a cutting board or slide-away colander.   As kitchen sinks go, the undermount Silgranit sink is hard-wearing and long-lasting whilst offering value for money and looking great!   Not considered a ‘feature’ within a kitchen but given they are the most hard-working part of any kitchen it is essential to make a suitable choice, and the Silgranit kitchen sink would definitely be ours!

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