small kitchens Glass shelving

Small kitchens: 5 products for a successful small kitchen design

1)Include Integrated Appliances and compact appliances within small kitchen designs

For a small kitchen one of the best means for maximising on space is to incorporate compact and/or integrated appliances.  This could be anSmall kitchen appliance integrated microwave which would free up worktop space, or a dual function fridge with freezer drawer, rather than two separate appliances.  Alternatively a scaled down slim-line dishwasher takes up much less space than a standard-size appliance.   Through such means all required appliances may still be successfully accommodated into a small kitchen design but without compromising on space elsewhere in the kitchen. 

2) Include innovative storage solutions within small kitchen designs

Advanced technology has facilitated the developed of many innovative and extremely impressive storage solutions, created for the purpose of maximising on space and which are therefore ideal for use within a small or compact kitchen.  small kitchen german kitchen le mans unitCarousel units, pull out larders, foldout tables are to name but a few of the options available for making best use of a small kitchen space.  Kitchen units can be doubled up to provide additional storage room but still easily accessible via foldaway compact stools.  Further storage solutions for small kitchens include magnetic storage for knives or spice jars may be fixed to the wall, or hanging rails to keep your pots, pans and utensils neatly out of the way but still easily accessible.  Hanging storage free up cupboard space for alternative use and this in turn leaves a lack of clutter on counter tops, all of which contribute to a more spacious and roomy feel within a compact kitchen. 

3) Use Glass and Mirrors as a Reflective Surface

Aside from gloss kitchen furniture, glass and mirrored glass are both excellent choices for a small kitchen design as they are so highly reflective. small kitchen glass splashback Mirrors work well within  a kitchen and there are also numerous options for glass as a splashback.  This includes mirrored glass, cracked glass or glass in pretty much any shade desirable, all of which work brilliantly as they reflect light.  However glass is not restricted for use as a splashback, or even to the kitchen; it can be incorporated into cabinetry, worktops, the kitchen door(s), or for open plan kitchens, mirrors on an adjacent wall or in an adjacent room can still reflect back on the kitchen to have the same effect of lighting and magnifying the space.

4) Choose Glass Kitchen Cabinets for small kitchen designs

Stylish and elegant, a good option for helping create the impression of a larger room is to incorporate glass cabinet doors into your small kitchen design in either a fully transparent or frosted finish.  An alternative to solid doors, glass front cabinets for small kitchensglass kitchen doors are effective in two ways; firstly  when light hits it, the glass (similar to glass splashbacks) reflects the light back over the kitchen to brighten it.  Secondly, the transparency of a glass door means when looking at it the eye is able to travel through, and to the back of the cabinet, with the extra depth that is visible making the kitchen feel more spacious.  Essential for the success of this is that the cabinets are not overfilled so  consider your personal traits in your planning stage as if you’re not the sort of person who can avoid clutter then this may not be for you!

5) Open shelving 

Open shelving works well within small kitchens and often as an alternative to overhead cabinets because the weight and size of these can sometimes make a kitchen feel enclosed or smaller.  Open shelves avoid this pitfall as they expand the space and at same time offer excellent storage solutions.   They are extremely useful for larger or bulkier items such as pots, saucepans or cookbooks. 

small kitchens Glass shelving

 You might also wish to use open shelving to create elegant displays of your glassware, or hang tasteful artwork or mirrors upon the wall behind.  Even more chic is the option of floating shelves which appear to float due to the lack of brackets, perfect for a very modern finish and again enhancing the sense of space within a small kitchen design. 




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