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Small White Kitchen ….15 Big Ideas!

For a small kitchen it can be challenging to find a colour and décor choice that achieves the look you want whilst making the space feel larger rather than smaller.  Many kitchen colour tones do work for this but above all the colour choice guaranteed to work is White.  White kitchens are sometimes thought of as safe, unexciting, or even clinical but with the right thought and planning this is absolutely not true! White is a timeless colour and there are many options for making white work beautifully within your kitchen.  This is particularly so for a small white kitchen, creating the impression of a larger space….here are 15 big ideas to help you in designing your ideal Small White Kitchen!

1)      Small White Kitchen Light Reflection: It is has been said many a time but is still worth emphasising that white reflects light and so white kitchen cabinetry will make a small space feel larger, whereas darker colours (without careful planning) can draw in and enclose a room.  



 2)     Small White Gloss Kitchens: White gloss is an even better option for making a space feel bigger.  This is particularly so in a well-lit room where natural and/or artificial lighting can reflect off the highly polished surface to accentuate the impression of light and space.

High gloss white kitchens are the best option for reflecting light and making a kitchen appear bigger.

High gloss white kitchens are the best option for reflecting light and can make a kitchen appear larger.


 3)      50 Shades of White: ….well maybe not 50, but paint colours for kitchen walls and décor are available in a wide selection of different white paint colour tones, as well as white kitchen cabinetry. 

Small white kitchen

Small white kitchen colours and cabinetry are available in a range of colour tones to achieve different kitchen effects.

People sometimes worry than an all-white kitchen may look too stark or even clinical; this effect is achievable but more often people desire a warmer effect and especially in a small white kitchen. here are many softer and more inviting white tones to choose from, and choice of décor, accessories and accent colours also contributes. There are many White kitchen door tones to choose from ranging from a crisp cool polar white to softer and warmer white tones. Your choice influences the style and ambience of your kitchen but this is further enhanced through décor and accessories. 



 4)     Small White Kitchen Lighting:  As already mentioned, lighting effects are brilliant for a small white kitchen finish as white reflects light for a brighter and roomier feel.

Small kitchen lighting effects

Kitchen lighting effects enhance a space and add character

  There are endless lighting options available for kitchens including strip lights, cabinet lighting, ceiling lights, spot lights, plinth lights and so on, all of which contribute the same effect whilst adding style and character to the room.


 5)      Small White Kitchen Two-Tone Arrangements: White is the most versatile of all tones so it works with just about any other colour and texture, making it great for creating two-tone kitchen arrangements and interesting contrasts, whether subtle or bold! White kitchen finishes are beautiful in combination with warm woods, or alternatively why not energise an all-white kitchen with a vibrant colourful splashback?

Colourful kitchen splashbacks

Colourful kitchen splashbacks including block colours can instantly enliven an otherwise all-white kitchen

 6)       Small White Kitchens and Stainless Steel: Small white kitchens create a harmony with stainless steel appliances, as like white, stainless steel materials also have a light-reflecting surface and create a seamless flow.

Small kitchen extractor

Appliances such as this pendant extractor compliment the white tone and is ideal for a small kitchen as it takes up minimal space.

However, stainless steel effects are not to everyone’s taste so as an alternative you might introduce white appliances within a white kitchen.   Compact appliances such as combination ovens are ideal for small spaces as they take up less space than standard size appliances, and the good news is they are also available in a white finish as well as stainless steel.   NB. It is important to compare white tones of different appliance brands if sourcing from more than one as matching tones are ideal for a seamless finish, yet can differ significantly in colour tone.


7)       Small White Kitchen Handles:   To accompany an all-white kitchen, white kitchen handle options are available in 3 main styles: a recessed stainless steel channel powder coated in white paint to match the door (handleless), an integral J-shaped handle carved into the top line of the door, or a seamless lip handle in a curved white style.

Small white kitchen, handleless

Handleless kitchens are available in all white kitchen finishes and ideal for small kitchens as they consume less space

The popularity of white as a kitchen choice means that unlike other colours the Handleless kitchen style is available in white for every type of finish, whether a gloss kitchen finish, glass, matt, wood, acrylic etc.  A Handleless kitchen style makes a great choice for a small white kitchen as it takes up less space than a handled kitchen.



8)      Small White Kitchen Glass Accents: 

Glass accents such as glass shelving or glass fronted cabinets offer an elegant and sophisticated touch to a white kitchen. Apart from looking good, the introduction of glass is ideal for small white kitchens as it opens up the space, reflects light and adds depth.  

Kitchen glass accents

Glass shelving appears very elegant in combination with white tones and is ideal for small kitchens as it reflects light and in doing so adds depth.

Glass is less imposing than a solid mass so creates a much more open and spacious feel.



9)       Small White Kitchen Open Shelving: Similar to glass, open shelving options work well in small kitchens as the structure will not overwhelm a limited space, and it introduces an additional storage solution.  Alternatively open shelving makes for an ideal display option; you may use this to brighten and balance an all-white kitchen with bold coloured ornamen ts or decorative artwork.



10)      Small White Kitchen Worktops: White worktops are ideal for keeping a kitchen looking bright and fresh and will compliment just about any splashback choice.   For a small white kitchen it may be useful to enquire about a reduced depth worktop which is smaller than the standard size; offering the same functionality but taking up much less kitchen space.



11)      Small White Kitchen Working Triangle:

Small kitchen planning

Where possible, plan a small white kitchen so the working area of your kitchen is located in the vicinity that receives most natural light

 For a successful small kitchen arrangement it is crucial to ensure good planning.  The working triangle and traffic flow must be fully thought out and where possible ensure working space is located at the site that receives most light; again for a white kitchen this will ensure light reflection off white doors and cabinets, making for a happier more user-friendly working space.


12)      Small White Kitchen Features:  Within a small kitchen you might choose white as your sole colour choice but make this secondary to a separate kitchen feature such as an extractor hood, splashback or worktop.  White works brilliantly for supporting and setting off such features, as they stand out against it. 

Small kitchen splashback

Make a statement within a small white kitchen such as this Pepper print glass splashback

There are also different calibres of white finish that range in price so if you have a costly feature piece such as a patterned marble worktop that you do not want to detract from, then you might choose a lower price group white, which looks just as good but which won’t steal centre stage .



13)       Small White Kitchen Versatility:  White is an extremely versatile colour so whether a traditional, modern or contemporary effect that you want to achieve for a small kitchen, white lends itself extremely well to making any style possible and successful.



14)      Small White Kitchen Popularity: White is elegant, attractive and fresh, as well as being a classic colour that will never fade or date over time.  This is advantageous over ‘trendy’ colours or more select choices that may perfectly suit individual tastes but which may prove unfavourable should you come to sell your home in the future.  This will never happen with a white kitchen, a very neutral colour that is the preferred choice among e agents and buyers.



15)      Small White Kitchen Space Maximising:

Small kitchen storage

Floor to ceiling units allow maximum kitchen storage space and work best in white kitchen tones that won’t overwhelm the space.

Wall and tall kitchen furniture units can be fitted within small spaces from floor to ceiling, as well as wall-to-wall.  This enables you to maximise on storage space.However achieving this for a small kitchen can be difficult using coloured, dark or wood facia.   On the contrary white units for a small kitchen are the perfect combination of functionality, style and storage, enabling you to successfully maximise on cupboard space without cluttering the room and making it feel enclosed.











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