Two tone kitchen

Why Choose Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets?

Whether modern or traditional, single toned kitchen arrangements such as the classic all-white kitchen make for very beautiful and elegant kitchen designs.

White and gold kitchen

Two tone kitchen with white and Cubanite metallic doors.

But a uniform finish is not for everyone and with such a vast array of finishes available it is inevitable, and also very welcome, that homeowners should combine different colours and styles within two tone kitchen arrangements. Two tone kitchen arrangements are a popular kitchen design trend, currently very stylish and with more and more options becoming available to satisfy a breath of personal tastes, are set to continue as such.

Benefits of a two-tone kitchen?

Whether for its visual appeal or else to resolve a design dilemma, there are many reasons for choosing a two-tone kitchen arrangement:-

Two tone kitchen cabinets

Two tone kitchen cabinets in contrasting colours, Grey Acacia with Cream

  • How a kitchen looks is extremely important so one of the primary (and obvious!) reasons for choosing two tone kitchen cabinets is the aesthetic appeal of this style. Two tone kitchens offer great diversity within kitchen design enabling classic understated, or else out-of-the-ordinary designs, entirely dependent on the kitchen look you wish to create. The additional kitchen colour and/or texture adds depth and visual appeal. This, combined with increased scope for creative and exciting designs, makes two tone kitchens the perfect option if looking for a kitchen with definite ‘wow’ factor!
  • Two tone kitchen cabinets also work successfully within both traditional and modern kitchen styles so are an effective solution if you want to maintain a home’s existing theme, such as in a Georgian or Victorian home.
  • Steel blue acrylic kitchen with Anthracite

    Two tone kitchen design, gloss acrylic Anthracite with gloss acrylic Steel Blue

    Perhaps you like modern kitchen finishes but feel they are ‘too modern’ for the house? You can solve this by incorporating a modern door finish such as gloss or matt lacquer with a conventional wood grain finish, toning down the contemporary feel to better suit and reflect your home’s traditional character.

  • Price is a major factor when choosing kitchen cabinets and finishes can range significantly in cost. This might mean a preferred door choice proves too costly to include throughout the kitchen. But in a two tone kitchen you can confine your preferred door to one area such as wall cupboards, or kitchen island, and combine with a less expensive door finish throughout the remainder of the kitchen, such as a gloss glass kitchen island surrounded by gloss laminate units.
  • metallic kitchen colour

    Two tone kitchen: champagne gloss acrylic kitchen doors with gloss white laminate doors.

    You might decide on a colour option but find it overwhelming, or else underwhelming, by itself within a room. Introducing a new colour in combination with the former can break up the continuity of the hue, allowing both colours to work in successful harmony.

  • Your preferred colour choice might be too dark for the kitchen and just won’t work by itself. A two tone kitchen might not have occurred to you but combining dark colours with lighter tones is an effective and attractive solution for making dark tones work.
  • Two tone kitchen arrangements offer a suitable compromise if you really just can’t agree on a kitchen colour choice with your partner!
  • Largely, two tone arrangements (in the right colours and tone) are effective in making a room feel lighter and larger….

Two tone kitchen colour planning

Dark two tone kitchen arrangement

Light toned diamond oak veneer balances the dark tones of the beige grey satin lacquer

…When choosing kitchen colours personal preference is key but your home’s structure and layout may naturally dictate that certain colours will work better than others. For example, a small kitchen or north facing room receiving limited light predisposes that lighter colours would work better than dark tones, as light tones will make the kitchen feel larger and brighter. Dark kitchen tones can enclose a room, so need approaching and introduced into a design with caution. But they can work successfully, and a two tone kitchen is one way of making this happen.So if you have a small kitchen but desire a dark colour tone, then why not introduce this in a contrasting two tone kitchen arrangement, inclusive of a lighter colour!

Two tone kitchen cabinets

Two tone kitchen: dark Terra oak base units ground the kitchen, whilst White wall units won’t overwhelm the space.

Similarly, dark colours work well for base units as they ground the kitchen, but continue the same colour for upper wall units and they can appear imposing. This is particularly so within small kitchen designs. Instead, contrast dark base units with light coloured wall units within a two tone kitchen and they will seem less bulky and formidable. This will also make the space feel and appear larger than it is.

Two tone kitchen colours with soft/light contrasts

As mentioned, light colours can make a room feel larger and brighter, so you might opt for a two tone kitchen arrangement of light tones with a subtle colour contrast.

Two tone kitchen island

Two tone kitchen: the light acacia of the island sets it apart as a feature against the white high gloss lacquer

Neutral colours work well together and different finish materials also combine to great effect.

For example the visible grain of a wood finish in combination with a white gloss door, adds character, breaks up the colour hue, and removes the need for additional decoration as it becomes a focal point in itself.

The juxtaposition is appealing to the eye, and furthermore a light coloured two tone kitchen arrangement is unlikely to tire with age.

To date we have completed a large number of two tone kitchen installations within subtly contrasting colours and textures, including (but not limited to):-

  • Two tone kitchen wood and high gloss

    Kitchen base units in silver cherry & wall units in a gloss white kitchen finish

    High gloss white lacquer doors with cashmere satin lacquer

  • White gloss acrylic doors with steel blue gloss acrylic
  • Cashmere satin lacquer with platinum oak veneer
  • High gloss white lacquer doors with light acacia laminate
  • Cashmere high gloss lacquer with grey acacia laminate

Two Tone Kitchen Colours with bold contrasts

Subtle colour contrasts can make for extremely elegant kitchen designs. But equally, bolder contrasts of colour and texture can have high impact and add ‘wow’ factor to your kitchen.

Matt glass kitchen

Two tone kitchen in contrasting black matt glass and grey/green matt glass

The key to achieving this successfully is to ensure two tone kitchen cabinets with intentional colour contrasts! Colour contrasts heavily influence the look and feel of a room so it is essential to ensure they work in tandem to effect the kitchen look and ambience you intended. The same attention must be given to worktop, glass and flooring choices.

Two tone kitchen arrangements are particularly elegant within kitchen features such as islands or shelving systems, making them stand out from the rest of the kitchen.

Within large kitchen spaces, upper wall units in a darker colour than the base units can look very effective.

Kitchen and living room two tone furniture

Framing kitchen furniture within a complimentary tone is a popular kitchen trend and continues into living room furniture

Another popular kitchen trend is to ‘frame’ or encase some of the kitchen cabinetry for a stylish contrast.

This look also works well for kitchen islands, and for AV furniture too, which is kitchen furniture intentionally designed for continuation into other areas of the home such as the living room.

To date we have completed a large number of installations within bold contrasting colours and textures including (but not limited to):-

  • Anthracite gloss acrylic with white high gloss lacquer
  • Beige grey satin lacquer with Diamond oak veneer
  • Black matt design glass with grey/green matt design glass
  • Blackberry design glass & white high gloss lacquer
  • White satin lacquer with teak real wood veneer

Two Tone Kitchens as a Popular Kitchen Design Trend

Blue and White acrylic gloss kitchen

Blue and White acrylic gloss kitchen in two tone kitchen contrast

With so many options of colours and textures within kitchen design, and with no concrete rules regarding what ‘goes’ with what (it’s all down to personal taste remember!) the possibilities for achieving creative and exciting two tone kitchen designs are seemingly infinite. Combined with the need to satisfy an increasingly diverse range of tastes, the current kitchen trend of two tone kitchens is a look we expect to be designing much more of for a long time to come.


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